What Happened to Ali Zafar of LG?


You would be thinking if this picture is rotated by 180 degree by me, then you are absolutely wrong. This signboard (LG’s ad on it) is rotated by the outdoor advertiser and dispatched it this particular way as LG Mobile phone is not paying their advertising dues. Singboard comes with prominently written word “DEFAULTER” for LG’s management.
The actual poster of this image, Mudassar Jehangir states that he found this outdoor signboard right at the entrance of the Hall Road, Lahore.

To read more about LG’s story and how they turned defaulters read more at ApnaTime.com’s Blog


Oppss, seems advertisers have joined hands and giving LG not a very good time.

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  • arsalan

    advertisers kay sath panga nahi laina chiyey, agar woh app ko promote kar saktay hain tu iss ka ulat bhi kar saktay hain

    • zar

      not an ethical way by any means

      • i think its fully ethical
        one must not expect ethics from one side only
        specially when its corporate level :D

  • Adnan

    full time masti non stop fun LG

  • Asim

    LG mobiles are just like china mobiles,
    No resale value.
    They cant be repaired.
    No service centers available.
    They are waste of time and money.
    Always try to but Nokia and samsung mobiles bcoz they are best.(You guyz know this better)

  • Foundationobject

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  • My LG Expo is ready to deliver this afternoon. I feel like a latecomer to the smartphone/Expo scene, but I’m excited to learn what will be finished with it. At this point, I do not know what I do not know, so I will be spending lots of time exploring the machine and the boards. Thanks to all who contribute and assist noobs like me!