Poll: ProPakistani’s Old Green Design Vs New Design

I have received mixed response about newly adopted design on ProPakistani.com through emails, comments, phone calls and verbal communication.

Many readers welcomed this new designed, liked the layout and color mixing, but equal amount of readers said that previous Greenish Theme was good.
Readers came up with following opinions

  • There is not Green Color in this Design
  • Previous Design was simple
  • We were used to of old design
  • Previous design  was good, by all means
  • New design takes too long to load
  • We can’t see ProPakistani in any other design and many more

So I want you guys to decide me the design of ProPakistani, as I want your satisfaction more than ours’ (though we spent lot of time, resources and money on this new design)

So please participate in below poll and decide future design of ProPakistani.com


Poll will closed on February 9th, Midnight

For a glimpse, here is the snapshot of Green Design of ProPakistani


Thanks for your feedback…!

You can add your thoughts in comments

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