Warid Goes Local and Remote

Guest Post by Shahzad Khan from Attock

We recently discussed on how Telenor planed to rely on MNP in order to fetch mobile phone users of other companies with incentives. We expected other cellular companies coming up with somewhat similar strategies. Today, we will discuss how Warid is penetrating into market with zero advertising budget.

Warid is offering Golden Numbers with 0321 codes at very in-expensive rates, in Rs. 100 to be exact – plus Rs. 150 Balance in it. These SIMs are being sold on mobile vans in remote districts where their sale network either doesn’t exist or it is not that sound.


These mobile vans have complete solution that a service center or franchise, such as, you can buy Cards, New SIMs, MNP or anything you will ask for…! Reportedly these Mobile Vans come from major cities and distribute in neighboring (small) cities.

We see that Warid has not been advertising at all, but this is how they are reaching their customers in far flung areas where they sell their SIMs to new customers.

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    • Warid is very much alive and active however its following a different root from its competitors, and is focusing more on the BTL side.

      P.S. Warid is part of the Abu Dhabi Group which is among the largest financial groups of the UAE.

      30% of Warid’s shares are owned by SingTel i.e. Singapore Telecom

  • Golden number on road??? dude, are you sure? because they guys recently call me to have my number in warid prefix for Rs.500, ridiculous….isn’t it ?

  • Hello, I just wanted to bring to attention of an ordinary person that an SMS is circulating on thought it network which ask the uses to dial in a specific number before dialing any international number. In most instances that I have seen that SMS it stays that you will receive Rupees 10 in credit for every minute that you use for calling your relatives friends etc. etc.

    But this is not what actually happens then you dial to call, actually you are charged 50 rupees per minute for that call. and because most of the people do not realize this in one call to try to make another call and lose reasonable amount of money but are competent authority does not look into such matters that too busy to look for illegal terminators of voice traffic which are causing billions and billions of rupees of which they get, probably a certain share.

    Then believe that this is what they should be looking at as it is causing greatest distress to people, especially those who have fallen victim to it and are not very well off financially.

    God bless Pakistan

  • Warid looks like is out of finance. Every mobile operator has been giving new call and sms packages and also have been advertising but Warid is no where to be seen. What are they waiting for ???

    • Yes i agree with u, being a regular member of warid network since the inception of the warid network, i didn’t notice any attractable sms or voicepackages.
      I think Warid is getting greedy and greedy day by day.
      all the other networks are announcing new sms and voice packages to its customers, but warid is still sleeping.
      even warid doesnt started Edge gprs so far.
      i will suggets that its time to say bye bye to warid, or warid should be owned by Zong or Ufone, so that it me be get better.

  • Dear friends,
    I wish to bring to your knowledge a few things.
    Its been 3 months since warid has not paid monthly commission to its franchisees.
    Further, there is huge amount of a pending commission since 2006. Each time franchisees protest, they are threatened that their outlet will be cancelled, and black-listed.
    Company officials force franchisees to buy stock of sims ar Rs 95/=, and sell to registered retailers arround Rs 50 to 60, thus having a loss of about 45 to 30 per sim.
    Finance Department of Warid simply refuses to reconcile the outstanding amounts of franchisee, and after every 3 to 4 months it lodges some new claim on franchisees.
    I feel that PTA and SECP should step in, and have a detailed audit for warid accounts and finance matters.

  • WARID A Rip-Off

    No wonder they got money reipping off poor people; WARID PrePaid customer should know if you go over the limit which is your security deposit then they will stop your outgoing as well as incoming calls too yes incomming calls too is’nt it non-sense it’s better to be prepaid customer atleast you get incoming calls. eventhough postpaid bring more business than prepaid paid

    Good Luck!

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