Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts!

rapidshareI am sure the word FREE with Rapidshare Premium Account will catch many eyes. Today I am going to tell you a 100 percent working trick that will enable you download files without waiting much from top filehosts, such as Radpisdhare, easyshare etc…!

By the way, I am not going to give you free accounts that will expire every other month, instead I am telling you an everlasting trick which will never expire.

Assume that you just downloaded 100MB file of a 700 MB application from Rapidshare, then there are good chances that you will have to wait for whole day to complete your download. But my trick goes like this that most of broadband internet service providers and all dial-up internet service providers assign you dynamic IP addresses – that means when you re-connect your internet, for both DSL and Dial-up you will be assigned a new IP. And when you will have new IP, Rapidshare will happily allow you to download your next file without waiting for hours.

By the way most of DSL routers can be restarted from internet browsers.

So, as soon as a download gets completed, just press the restart button of your modem/router and start downloading your next file from Rapidshare..!

Let me know if it worked for your or not.

  • Array yarr…. this is very old way :( , i would say you knew it lately :D. This is true and i do like that, but on Wateen it fails, because Wateen is very poor it has only ‘1’ IP that doesn’t change since last 2 months :(.

    One more thing to share, My Friend’s PTCL speed was 512 it is doubled to 1 MB. So the news published by some author was correct and it may take little time area by area or zone by zone or by city, but it will be change soon.

    Salute Pro Pakistani!

  • rapidshare is intelligent enough, you must clear browser data as well…

    and most of time, ISPs even in pakistan assign same ip address..

    • array yaar I have a very usefull trick for time skiping.

      just when you see k clock chal rahi he apne adress bar me aik baar click kr k ye code paste kr den “javascript:alert(c=-1)” (without quots) and you will se k clock 0 secnd pr aa jaegi aur bus download start.

      check kar k dekhen

  • Its old and its not 100% reliable. I second Alam on this one. Wateen is bad on this one.

    You could have come up with free rapidshare accounts .. that would have been perfect.

  • BTW, A week before, i download a software which was about 450MB through rapidshare on ptcl broadband, and it worked for me great. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Wateen.

    This is old trick, but still work like a rock! If you have PTCL broadband.


  • First i though that i shall get an account!
    Then i thought that a really handy trick i am about to know about!!
    But disappointed first time by ProPakistani!
    Anyways…ProPakistani is a great site!
    Thanx for your all efforts!

  • This is an old trick and everyone who has common sense should have got that idea long ago. It works with any net service with dynamically assigned IP address, provided the person to whom that IP was assigned previously didn’t use up its limit. And one slight problem is that it takes about 1 minute for the ADSL router to reboot fully, which can be a painfully long wait if u are in a hurry…

  • I have used it for several times, previously on PTCL broadband and now on and it works perfectly.

  • i am not recommending, i am letting u guys know , there r ways to trick and change live ip addresses.

    hmm….there is a tool named JAP, the best part is that using that ur live ip changes if u use public services mentioned in that tool. if u choose free services , 3 operators will be listed down, choose any one depending on their level of anonimity u prefer. this should fool rapidshare as ur live ip changes. i never tried it on rapidshare. lemme know if this works.


  • SSH TUNNELING is good idea but change ip address every time and guessing that ip again and again like what you are thinking or what you are telling i am familiar with this tunneling thing very well.

  • account:FreeMeNs pass:m1u9r7a3

    Here is a RS premium acc, friends their might be a prob with the download tariff..pls wait till it is reset..

    For more click my name!!

    • Hey Jaz I went to ur blog page but couldn’t get around it jejejejeje. U got an e-mail I can add on my msn???

  • Friend in the chat box you can find the account, i will b updating or posting a acc wen i get it…pls check the chat box

  • friend, pls protect the account. some selfish ppl r roaming here who change the password for their own use.

  • Friends first of all sorry tat i am not the owner or hack any acc, i just get it from one of my friends site and i share it with you…most acc r secured..some times the owner mite change it or some selfish ppl will change it…

    • hello there i also don’t know but searching for it. it can be hacked by one method that i know is go to . you will have to register then you can enter the victom’s email adress and it will send the hack email as soon as he or she check his or her email his password will be hacked…………..try it i did it many times and nowadays this link is down i don’t know whats the problem behind this so please if you know how to hack please inform me on my email adress i.e [email protected]
      thanks and try it. its really good

  • Hello every one. i see all your comments. i will give you a chance. if you find how u can change your Ip address its mean how we online with virtual ip. then i give u lot of premium account passwords. if you can do it then we will hack rapidshare. i am working on it. just contact me at my mail address [email protected]. i will give you all information about it.

    • yep i know man its very easily download you ip hider. it can be downloaded from this is the site from where you can download and you will find it at the right side of your page so its very easiy and really hides your ip and from this site you can acctually locate an ip adress too….so check it out…..thanks

  • if anyone have a rapidshare account then please share with me Please.
    I am very thankful to you.

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  • Guys – the download limit is on the IP series of the ISP, so if you’re unlucky – even on an IP change, you will not be able to download from the website.

    Also, to someone, who complained of the IP not changing, there’s a lease time to your IP – so you’ll most perhaps need to keep your modem disconnected for 5 mins to loose your leased IP. That should do the trick to get a new / revised IP.


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  • Friends nowadays getting rapidshare account is so tough. As a premium account can only be used by 3 ip’s. if the 4th person try it..the pass and the acc details get changed automatically!!

    So only way is earn online and get ur acc

  • Every link provided here is one giant FUC*ING scam. These people upload a password protected file that they say contain free accounts, but it is actually a blank file with “filler” data to give it some size. When you download their files, they get points that will extend their membership on rapidshare. It will NOT benefit you in any way. The fuc*ers who post these password protected files are the fuc*ers who take the free premium accounts and change their passwords.

    I have been looking for a free rapidshare account for months, and NONE of them have worked. Even those programs that try to find the free accounts don’t work. The only way is to buy one.

  • Thank you very mnuch it works now i have my own rapidshare premium account thank youuuuuuuuuu

  • array yaar yeh to bahut old trick hai mijhe pata hai magar aek new trick ke ab aaj kal paypal money generating soft wares a gaye hain so why should we make paypal account and began to generate money!

  • nowadays it is very diff to get a working RS account..

    dont waste ur time by downloading links which says RS accounts

    it is waste

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  • yaar AWN yehs ite 100% working hain. mujhe mera account mila uss site sey. aap kuch bhi bholon main uss bholtha hoon khey who site 100% working hain.

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