What You Should Do if Your SIM Gets Blocked?

Issue of unregistered SIMs is no more a mystery now. PTA has introduced new method for issuing new SIM after verification. But the problem remains there for old registrations. Being the largest Mobile Phone operator in Pakistan, Mobilink naturally shares the largest amount of un-registered SIMs.

Today we will discuss a parallel issue, in which users stop receiving signals or start getting “Limited Service” on their SIMs. This can happen in many cases including following

  1. First of all, insert your SIM card in another phone and make sure that it’s SIM’s issue – not your Phone’s.
  2. If Your SIM fail to register on second phone too, then your SIM was unregistered and it Got blocked by PTA
  3. You were told at time of SIM purchase that your SIM will be registered in your name but this never happened and your SIM got blocked by PTA.
  4. You are sure that your SIM is registered in your name, you have checked your ownership many times, but still it got blocked – In this scenario, there are good chances that someone (most likely to be a franchiser) issued your SIM to a customer without original CNIC and he/she has started using your SIM.


You must make sure that your SIM is registered in your name to avoid point 1, 2 and 3. It is advised to register your SIM before it gets unblocked.

How to check your SIM’s ownership

  • Send a blank SMS to 667 and find out your SIM’s ownership details
  • If the information is not correct, and your SIM is un-registered, please go to your nearest franchise or service center along with your SIM  and your original NIC/CNIC and get your ownership updated.

What if your SIM was registered but it got Blocked?

Yes, this can happen too. Despite, you are sure that your SIM is registered in your name, you have checked your ownership many times, but still it got blocked – In this scenario, there are good chances that someone (most likely to be a franchiser) issued your SIM to a customer without original CNIC and he/she has started using your SIM.

In this case, call your number and check if it is active or not. Because, if your SIM is issued to someone then he/she would be using your number and may receive/make calls from your number. Call your helpline and ask them to block your SIM immediately. Tell them your CNIC number, and other details they ask. Be informed that blocking your SIM is extremely important as someone would be receiving your call or even he/she can make calls for terrorist and illegal activities from your number.

Also be informed that excessively replacing your SIMs (by taking out one SIM and inserting another) damages the chip embedded in your SIM. In this case, simply go to Service Center and get a Brand New SIM.
Soon, after your SIM get’s blocked go to service center, show them your original CNIC and your SIM card and get a new SIM.

Below is a real story of Aamir Riaz, whose SIM got blocked twice despite it was registered. Rest he is telling himself…!

My cousin is using Mobilink JAZZ connection (0300-7074300) for the last 4 years.

In May 2008, SIM suddenly stopped and gave message that SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILED. I immediately called help line, and enquired that there is no such issue on my part, as the SIM was already issued in my name and CNIC was provided.

I was shocked when I heard from Mobilink Customer Officer, that this number was issued to someone else and he could not help until I go to Head Office and get SIM again. Next day, my cousin went to Moblink Karachi office for issuance of SIM, CRO checked documents and later on issued him, however, my cousin asked to CRO how it’s possible that my registered SIM was issued to someone else? but no proper reply form CRO, he asked to my cousin that I tagged this number in your name and now no one can change or alter or cancel this SIM.

Again on Feb 28, 2009, this SIM started showing LIMITED SERVICES and when checked through PTCL line, my number was switched on and was answered by someone.

I again called help line and got the SIM blocked. We both went to Mobilink House Karachi and meet with Mr. Mohammad Ali (Service Center Supervisor Customer Services) after all requirement and verification as per Mobilink SOP he apologized us and issued the SIM to my cousin.

But now I am not satisfied with the unprofessional attitude. I had sent them application / complaint to look into this matter and solve my problem as soon as possible.

In my view, MOBILINK is the sole responsible for this act of unprofessional, therefore, how its possible to issue a SIM to any other person and change of ownership without presence of original customer and verification, actual customer is in Karachi and all things has been done in other city by someone else. It is my moral duty to inform you all and highlight this issue to know everyone about this type of incidents.

Further, I also suggest them to secure their systems and independence given to different local franchise must be in accordance with certain parameters. The compliance department and customer service should be more communicative in order to rectify the miss-happenings.

Thank you for your concern. Take care.

Aamir Raza
Cell: 0300-5242454

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • whenever i send blank sms to 667 my balance gets deducted but i don;t get ny reply….dont know what the problem is …..have complained on helpline many times….

    • If your connection is Mobilink then send SMS, Type SMS “NAME” and send it to 300, or if you are a customer of Warid then Type SMS “NAME” and send it to 129. Otherwise in my records 667 is working fine

  • it seems like that my classmate has encountered this problem ,and then he comes to the mobile carries !

  • i knew that if sim is still not on any one name so you cant get reply go to service center ask him to check that why your sim is still not on your name or simply call service center

  • Assalaamualaikum,

    That’s very irresponsible behavior from Mobilink. He should immediately port out to another network keeping his code and number intact.

  • mein jazz cactumer hu or mein bandmash hu mein dusrou ki simein niklwa leta hu agr ksi mein jurrat hy to mujy rok ly . nai rok skty ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Zameer sahib agr to bandmash hy to apny ghar ho ga yahan teri koi bandmashi nai chaly gi. shaid k to mujy janta nai agr janta hota to aisi bat kbi na likhta . chalo mein apna taraf tumain krwata hu. Mein Punjab Police mein job krta hu or tery jesou ko to mein tlash krta phirta hu. mera khula chelange hy bhag ly jitna ho sky mein tuj ko zror pkrou ga. I Prpmis
    athar.Maqsood.punjab Police.Thana Sity Sahiwal

  • mujhe koi ye bataye aap jo keh rahe ho ke ye karo wo karo …na to franchise walay sim dete hain aur na hi help karte hain …mera sim jo mene 2 year use kiya mujhe pata nahi tha ke ye mere name pe hain halanke mene id copy bhi di thi magar jab mujhse gum huwa to ab chakar kaat kaat ke main thak gaya hoon magar wo sim nahi de rahe aur sub detail bhi de di …to ab kiya karoon?

  • Aoa…! 4randz Agr kisi ko kisi B network ki sim ka Data chahiya like.

    1. owner name
    2. CNIC number
    3. Address
    4. CNIC par registerd us kay others number
    5.full call and txt history
    6. kisi b number ko apny nam py karwaen wo b gar bhethy chahy num koi b use kar raha ho
    7. crunet location

  • am pakistan back in uk i have billling sim but i forget to cancel and stop what shall i do

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