How People in Pakistan are Teaching Others to Illegally Earn through ADSense

We all know that people on internet are legitimately earning thousands of dollars per month through Adsense – of course this is nothing new to you and we have discussed many case studies before on this topic.

But today, I am going to reveal those individuals and teams which are exploiting youngsters to earn illegally through Adsense. These teams are formally working in an organized manner, through which they prepare a team of around 1000 members –  where every member cross clicks other’s website and ultimately everyone earns money.

For the purpose, two investigative teams visited such so-called companies separately, and findings were really shocking for me at-least.


By the way, all this was exposed to me when I saw a classified advertisement in “Daily Jang” on Sunday, March 22, 2009; which read “You can earn from 8,000 to 30,000 per month with spending just few hours on internet, for details visit Google Link (company’s name)”

Consequently when I visited this place, I was shocked to see how crazily and eagerly innocent youngsters were gathered there to snatch their chance of earning money through internet. I am sure they didn’t know that they are going to fraudulently earn money through an illegal way. On other side, Kabeer Khan, GM of Google Link, was very expertly revealing hidden truths of Google Adsense.


He falsely claimed that he is member of Google Company; in fact he called himself distributor of Google. Furthermore, he said that Google give out free website to those who click their ads and so on…

Below is the audio that we (secretly) recorded, while Kabeer Khan was briefing a bunch of fellow. (Sorry for low audio quality – Please use headphone to clearly listen to Kabeer Khan)

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Other company is called they have a specialized website with Franchises throughout country. They have thousands of people in their Group and are exploiting and forcing people to earn through Adsense.


How and What These people do?

  • First of All a member is asked to get a 3 day training, for what they charge members Rs. 1,000.
  • Once training is done, they make Blogspot blog for their members with adsense account as well
  • Afterwards, they give out a list of 1000 Yahoo IDs to each member, and ask them to stay in touch with them for cross clicking
  • Out of 1000, members are asked to interact with specific members on a specific day of month – this way, each member will click a website after 7 days, to avoid fraud click detection
  • Members are asked to pay the company 10 percent of their first month revenues

Message for FIA

Guys get in action; this is your area as these people are misleading innocent Pakistanis. And believe me, people signing up for their membership are really innocent (they were asking Kabeer Khan, if he will pay them monthly or bi-monthly; they even didn’t know that Kabeer hasn’t got the guts to pay them at all, instead he is compelling them to make money for him)

I am uploading their website and postal address details in this ZIP file (Size: 1.43 MB) for FIA to download and grab these people.

Message for Pakistanis

Don’t go to such companies at all. Google Policy does not allow you to fraudulently click on ads individually or collectively. You can find Google’s Policy (rules) for Adsense here:

Still you can earn thousands of dollars by legitimate ways, just like many other people on internet (from Pakistan). Also note that if you can not make website, leave this thing – and work in the area of your interest. It is just like that i can’t be a jeweler, while I know they earn huge money.

Allah has written your livelihood and you gonna get it anyway; either though good or bad means; so its better if we get it through good means only.

Message for Bloggers

Please spread the word, and save this country as,

  • If these groups mature, Google may think of blocking Adsense in Pakistan as whole – and we all may end up with empty hands
  • Also those advertisers, who are achieving their targets through Adsense – are loosing their money; save them as well

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Muhammad Zahid

    good post. this is something we really need to take action against.

    • DocMood

      Aamir, while I applaud your efforts in this I think you are doing a great disservice to Pakistan for the following reasons:

      1: Through schemes such as this, more and more youngsters are learning about the possibilities of the internet and blogging and teamwork.

      2: It is Googles job to deal with these issues and they have been unable to tackle these scams ALL OVER THE WORLD and just pass the costs on to their advertisers. They really don’t care.

      3: By highlighting this issue in this way you are providing an excuse to companies such as Google, Paypal etc. to make scapegoats of Pakistan and Pakistanis and to try to keep them away from learning and understanding about the internet and it’s uses and problems.

      4: I was in the UK IT industry before email and internet became common (1989 onwards) and all of these countries went through similar growing pains which actually helped them to formulate their own policies and procedures aswell as creating experts by allowing a free culture to grow.

      Articles such as this are STAMPING on a fledgling internet userbase, internet awareness and blogging, website creation, software development, freelance writers etc.

      Remember Pakistan created the first computer Virus and is in the history books for doing so and this is actually an achievement.
      Allow Pakistan to flourish.
      There are enough external enemies adn companies such as Google can afford to handle these things themselves.

      • DocMood, thanks for sharing your ideas here and appreciating the effort

        • jeemkaaf

          aamir bhai you are awesome.

      • blogger

        You are ok supporting theivery?

        You DocMood can go to hell.

      • IT Pro since 1988-89

        (I just saw this old post)

        I agree with DocMood. Its Google’s job to handle all those loop holes in their system. If some people are using their brains to team up and earn something how can it be illegal ? If I visit your website and you visit mine, how can it be illegal ?

  • wonderful reporting!
    I think these Google Adsense scams are dime a dozen in India. They have been catching them for some time now (I do not have any reference to give here, sorry).
    And yes, the sooner an end is put to these schemes, the better. Hopefully, the cyber laws enacted in Pakistan can help solve this problem as well…

  • بدتمیز

    n now I kno y google has been so strict on account policies against accounts from pk.
    applause for motivating fia against such ppls

    • Also you guys, please expose those around you who are involved in such activities so that they are capped in better way

  • Rashid Rupani

    I really appreciate this topic

  • Atif

    This is not something new, infact this business is shamelessly advertised in Pakistan.

    2 years ago, I came across such secret groups on internet, all members are from different geographic location and gathered for same cause, i.e click on eac others adsense enables sites.

    To-date many such groups exist all over world including Pakistan. People earning a good fortune through such participation.

  • Bilal zeb

    This is the height of foolishness..these are the dirty pool of people that always makes hurdles for us & creates bad images of ours among the world. due to this we cant get growth in internet marketing, I just got the answer why paypal is still not offering their services in pakistan. india is far away from us in this case. the authorities needs to take actions agaings this. Tnx for publishing it.

  • Hidden Eye

    Look people go for easy money every now and then. This is the basic instinct. People play with innocents but in-return they are giving away money (providing income source).

    Tell me how many times you have seen advertisement about people telling others to earn legally on Google (via Adsense)?. This is the basic reason that the innocents fall to the devils den. Bring something for the innocent crowd legally and i hope they won’t mind playing with it.

    You have to teach the public that how they are being frauded. How they can do these things on their own. How can they keep their hands clean. Thats all on You (people who know adsense).

  • Anonymous

    There are more fraud out there if you see them every one is doing so. Some people now that they are doing so and some dont and still doing it.

  • @Bilal zeb
    Such groups exist in India and China too… just that they keep them low-profile are are not stupid enough to advertise in newspapers. Someone should poke Badar about this :D

  • Bilal

    Yeah. it is completely illegal. and they wont even pay you for that. I guess FIA should take strong action against them and PTA should block all their communications. I do forex trading and it is completely legal and makes money.

  • Great investigation, i also wanted to grab those guys and explose them … you did it with perfection…

    Zee Waqar

  • Riz

    I appreciate ur initiative. I saw a similar banner in our area too few months ago. I’ll search for their office and will try to further investigate.

    To create more and more awareness, If you allow, may I post this topic to my blog with credits to you?

  • Riz

    But I am sure, this is not only in Pakistan, many other will be doing similar things outside Pakistan too. So we should concentrate and highlight the problem, not the location of the problem.

  • sohail

    i want to earn money.if you say that it is not good then tell me the right way to earn money that i can use easily.plz [email protected]

    • IT Pro since 1988-89

      Good question sohail and I am sure no one will answer this :)

  • Abdul Qudoos

    :D yar tori c ash kar laynay do baycharoon ko :D

  • Ali Chaudary

    Pakistaniyo baaz aajao.. Why people use their brains for such purposes? Spoiling Pakistani and Muslims name all over the world.. And in abroad other people use to say us Paki. Rather people belong to India or some where else.. just they seems to be asian (browns) and named that Paki B######…Damn…

    People work hard to make positive impact and respect infront of other rather then doing these frauds.. DO YOU FORGET LIFE AFTER DEATH?

  • عامر یار بہت بڑا فراڈ اوپن کیا آپ نے! اب بلاگر جاسوسی بھی کرنے لگ گئے ہیں!

    Amir you did a great job!

    • : – )

    • Shoby

      Aamir sb… bht baray jsooooos(jasoos) ban gaiy hayn…


  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    Thanks a lot friends for giving us information about this topic

  • Getting Popular in Karachi as well…

  • Hidden Eye

    As aamer is hoping for Cyber Crime Wing to spread its wings and bring some nasty people under its umbrella, the senate standing committe is busy in telling us that some clauses in Cyber Crime Bill is against human rights. Now, i wonder if the Adsense fraudias were Jiyalas :P

    see for yourself

  • Great job Mr. Atta.

  • Usman

    I think we should all send an complain here:
    I hope this will work. Please Stop making innocent peoples fool. go ahead and file a complaint at FIA webste:

  • Atif

    I think that FIA do not has much to do. As such cases in terms of our culture & society are not even considered close to cyber crime.

    Secondly & most importantly FIA might not be interested in taking any action unless complaint is filed by affected party, i.e, Google.

    However, for people who didnt like practices of these guys, the good news is that google use a very sophisticated system to detect and block such accounts over a period of time.

    The only good thing that I can smell out of whole this story is that they are earning some foreign exchange, which our Govt needs badly.

  • system32

    send this link to PTA as well videos may be they take action.

  • Kazam Raza

    Thanks for giving such useful information.

  • Khurram

    First of all I must say that your article is excellent. There are many cheat companies running in Pakistan offering guaranteed money making machine business. The fact is these companies can’t guarantee their earnings how can they guarantee yours? They are misleading and using you for their own benefits, not for mutual benefits!

    I would like to convey people there is no word like “easy money” and if you try to make money easily then you may gain short-term advantages but on other hand loose long-term benefits. Another thing which I want to convey is every on-line business comes which on-line teacher i.e. search engines, just type your query (for e.g. what you want to do) and you will get as many as 100,000 results explaining how do it yourself.

    People out there, on-line business is comparatively easily to off-line business because you don’t to have request people by visiting each one of them physically, you just spread word on-line (email, facebook, etc…). You cannot become people like Microsoft or Google with these unethical business activities. You can be like these giants if choose right direction, smart business is not a problem but imprudent business is a problem.

    • thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments : – )

  • sameer

    thanks dear else i wanted to learn these things , it’s the same as the boy told me about it and i am sure no body take risk regarding this, and as i know that person so i am revealing his name and his address so just take care of yourslf and your money bye

  • Great article… very very very nice investigative work…

    I’m posting this to my facebook account, and i’m emailing it to all i know

    this is UNFAIR

    • Thanks Mubashar; yes spreading the word can best work for the purpose.

  • PTA Should be involved in this and stop this type of activities !

  • Shadow

    Please don’t pose it to only pakistan. Cuz this is a global issue cuz every body on yhis earth want money so as pakistani. Why you peples take every thing against pakistan. if you search this topic even on google search you have found as many tip from all over the world on above mentioned issue.
    Thanks Hope you will never mind. But don’t think that only Pakistans doing thing..

  • javed

    Good investigation work.
    In my experience, usually agencies response to such things very late. But PROPER awareness can play a great role to STOP such practices. Now this is our responsibility to promote this article to maximum people.

    We should not be reluctant to SPREAD this awareness. Sometimes we fell that we don’t have direct link to such companies/people, but eventually this IGNORANCE will disturb YOU. Remember! “Small things are big things”.
    Javed Iqbal
    [email protected]

  • inAm

    This is ridiculous!! I wish someone report these guys asap!



    • Farooq, Thanks for your comment;

      So you mean to say that we should not report and expose such people and activities? and let them keep doing this?

      • FAROOQ


    • @FAROOQ,

      Please suggest a better alternative…

      and of course, you can make it ALL CAPS :D

      • DocMood

        Here’s another suggestion. Report the people who lie and cheat and steal in this country and buy stolen mobiles and other goods and bring the Pakistani people into disrepute.

        Convince your fathers and brothers and uncles and sons to stop cheating and lying in their day to day lives.

        That would be worthwhile wouldn’t it? Or are you all just worried that the inovation shown by these people in making money from Google whilst staying within their published rules shames your level of innovation?

        Just a suggestion…don’t take it personally :)

  • Ali Yahweh

    We have bigger issues then this…Its not big crime while you are living in country with utmost terrorism and when Jobless rate is way high..atleast its making them work and learn may be a crime regsitered in USA not in Pakistan…

    The biggest crime is what USA is doing by monitoring all the data and voice from Pakistan…

    Next time dont post such topics which is not important at the moment , we dont live in Estonia or Sweden ok and such cases are hppening in UK,USA also..Once we slove bigger issues of this country then we may should think about this one.

    These companies are not selling drugs or weapons .

  • Khurram

    Ali Yahweh, I agree with you, that in Pakistan we don’t have major issues like selling drugs, alcohol, etc… But if you get into innocent people shoes you will then realize that people are paying these companies for free services such as blogger, google adsene accounts, etc… How do you describe these activities?

    People who would like to learn and earn money ethically; I can offer them free advice, resources for learning and earning on weekends after having permission by admin (Aamir Attaa).

  • Strict action should be taken against them

  • Tariq Niazi

    I appreciate your effors.
    Keep it up.

  • Ali Yahweh

    if thats the case then we all should be jailed for using Pirates Software and distributing serial keys to friends…NOW DONT TELL ME NONE OF YOU have ever used pirate Software…

    Using Pirate Software is Ethical? NO!

    Let not talk about Ethics and Principles here,,we are a struglling Country not even a developing country..If these two companies make you earn then let these MASSES earn…

    • IT Pro since 1988-89

      Agreed with Ali Yahweh.

      Please stop shoe polishing. Why we never asked Google to stop discrimination when it comes to click rates ?

      If bloggers in Europe and America can earn $50 or even more per click, why poor Pakistanis, no matter how good blogger they are and working their *** off, end up hardly earning $0.01 per click for the same keyword. Is this it something negligible or small issue ?

      Aamir is making a hue n cry like “WHY people are collecting water drops from a leaked main stream water pipe”.

      How can you call it illegal ?

  • Also check the brighter sides of the story where young bloggers making handsome money online legally in Pakistan..

    Young Pakistanis Included in Top 30 Earning Bloggers Globally

    Young Pakistani Duo Listed in World’s Top 3 Young Bloggers

    As far as click fraud is concerned its a global issue it happens all over the world and i guess Google has some measures to identify and blog the publishers using the click fraud..

    Please also highlight the positive aspects of Pakistan alongwith the negative sides so our global image improve.

  • Khurram

    Ali Yahweh, private software’s are illegal, understood but do you sell them on charging some buddy? You get it free and you distribute it free, isn’t it? Here what I want to establish is, companies like GoogleLink charging innocent people for free services and filling their bank accounts with innocent people money.

    • FAROOQ

      I will only say that you stop using the illegal softwares and then point your finger on these activities. After all these people are showing the unemployed persons a way to earn some money. If you can do the same for thousands of those people in a legal way, then please give suggestion, otherwise do not support things that are going to make people unemployed and stop the foreign exchange flow into the country. I think you all will get my point, in the end these people are brining in the foreign exchange…..

  • Khurram

    Ali Yahweh, *pirate software’s are illegal, understood but do you sell them on charging some buddy? You get it free and you distribute it free, isn’t it? Here what I want to establish is, companies like GoogleLink charging innocent people for free services and filling their bank accounts with innocent people money.

  • Riaz

    Now then the question is what are the legal methods of earning money through internet?

    I highly appreciate the article, but he did not suggest the right way of earning money nor did he advise those involved in wrong earnings, the right means of Halal Earnings.

    Please suggest us.

  • Khurram

    Thanks farooq for the useful, I agree with you, positive side should be highlighted as well more than negative.

  • Ali Yahweh

    Khurram: If you get drugs for doesnt mean you distribute it for free also…My point was on “ethics” We can point fingers to these poor “Adsense Companies” atleast in 1,000 rupess people are getting literate on Internet Marketing..i dont want to take this topic further as i dont see any point anymore.

    Zee Waqar:People who cannot write an essay in english you want them to BLOG!! Excuse Me.. your reference is totally IRRELEVANT..Secondly read the article carefully they both live abroad

    • @Ali Yahweh For your information, they live in Pakistan…check their websites..

      I agree with you that successfull blogging is not everyone’s game..but if they are trained to do cheating they can also be trained to do blogging professionally…

      Giving training to cheat…Its not OK!!

  • I have read a few of your posts and they are all interesting and informative…keep up the good work.

  • Ahmer Salman

    Thanks alot for giving this useful and eye opening information… Me bhi in logon ka shikar honay se bch hya kyu k boht se newspapers me in k ads dekhay hn aur me soch rha tha k kyu na in ki websites k through earn kia jaye!!! Lekin aap ne in logo ki asliat bta k sb ki EYES khol di hn…… Thanx Again…..
    best of luck and Keep it UP….

  • Najam Ahmed

    Great post! Great effort!

    No doubt, Google AdSense is the only internet-based contextual advertisement program in Pakistan that helps web site owners make real-money. Many people in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad across Pakistan are fairly and successfully making good money using it.

    But, unfortunately some bad people in Pakistan and other countries are misusing Google AdSense and misguiding others by selling some ready-made fake tiny web sites or blogs and asking them to participate in some ‘click groups’ that click each others ads. Google strongly warns their publishers NOT-TO-CLICK on your own ads or NOT-TO-ASK others to click on your ads. So, BE CAUTIOUS!

    I have noticed some ads in ‘Daily Jang‘ Classified – I realize that Jang Group should notice such people and should NOT publish such ads in thier well-known newspaper.

    Syed Najam Ahmed
    Qualified Google Advertising Professional
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Read complete article here:

  • khairullah khan



    Mr.Aamir can you just explain us that for what purpose you have opened your website and how long it have been that you are working on your website and how much you are earning from google adsense.

    i have personally visited that institut and i have found that they are just teaching people how to get legale benifits from internet through there website by google adsense such as you are earning and i think you don’t want people to enter in this competition with you because you are a narrow minded person.



    ACCORDING TO MY PERSONAL INFORMATION THEY ARE WORKING FROM THE LAST ONE YEAR IN ISLAMABAD AND THEY HAVE RECENTLY MOVE TO RAWALPINDI AND THEY HAVE PROPER ADDRESS IN PROPER LOCATION AND WELL KNOWN PEOPLE AS WELL GOOD ATTITUDE.and if they would decieving people then FIA would must take action against them around a year before and i am sure FIA is definitly awar of their duties and responsiblities to protect people from the decievers.


  • khairullah khan


    Mr Aamir is and the said institute have the same bizness.

    you all should know what kind of relations will we espect from both parties.

  • raiz


    yaar koi sahi web site nahi bata raha , koi to bataooo

    try this and tell me it really working or no

    i found it u plz also check and tell me

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    Why are they doing this bull shit.?too bad guy.I think right way is best i am also doing adsense and earn right money.If someone wants training of adsense and earn 200$-500$/monthly visit this site company is very good and tell you about the right way of internet marketing and search engine optimization.I am also the student of this company and now i earn 900$/month.They are experts and very good in adsense.Thnaks OBF.

  • Saqib Rizwan

    Very informative article. You done great job. Well done.

  • UUeMM


    Very Nicely covered topic and yes you are true this is just a wastage of time later or sooner every one doing this would get banned from adsense. I am UUeMM from The W Blog. i teach people to earn online for free through my blog.

    I have many victims calling me daily that they statted their business thru pakearn and adsense is banned. They should atleast tell people how to earn via adsense legally. And we Pakistanis Never read Terms of services. If any one of us had ever read TOS of google adsense they stricktly sayd not to do what these pakistani fakers are telling us to do. Thanks

    Kind Regards

  • Yar pakistani jannat me chaly gye to enhon ne wahan pe b fraud krny se baaz nai ana
    yar pehly hum kum badnaam hain world me jo ye pangy b shoroo kr dye hain

  • Entertainment

    yaa mostly pakitani peoples are doing fake work like a invalid clicks or link exchange its wrong do proper work and earn more money

  • haseeb

    thanx bro

  • shahbaz

    good dear Allah may u give a lot u are a great man keep it man becoz there are a a to short this type of person like u

  • asad

    Great Work Dude Thanks

  • Sadia Banu

    I am earning 400/month . Google say paisa kamana too easy then why fraud ?

  • babu

    Abay akal kay andho. anpi rozee roti kay dushmano !! jahilo !! aysee information blog par day kay tum log baqi saray pakistani bhaiyon kay bhi rozee par laat mar rahay ho !! koyon pakistan ko expose kartay ho !! koyon tum log chahtay ho kay google paksitan ko ban kar day. soochoo.. kisi kay pechay na paro . apni mehnat karoo . hasaad na karo.. mis information na phelaaoo.. vo bhi to click he kartay hain .. just way is different !! tum bhi apnay may guts paida karo ! kama kay bataoo !! had haramoo !!! Good luck from Babu

  • Kazam Raza

    Such websites are not allowed. Great work done

  • wasif

    hm…. aamir i agree 2 ur comments in this regard that fraud cliking should not be done but blogs can be promoted through alternative methods like directories, forums etc….atlest ppl can earn some thing …

  • Shahzaib

    Hi Dear …
    it was good job from you :) …

  • Note that this shameless business is not going on in Pakistan but in India, Infact India and China both are on top in list, then may be Pakistan is somewhere in Adsense FRAUD. I also want to mention some other shameless internet business which is ad placing on free sites, poor people placing ads of “get paid to place ads” so infact the product is placing ad , the ad. Just multiplication of same ad that ‘get paid to place ad’ , and usually they charge person 7 to 8 thousand to start with , and then give them lame excuses and terms and conditions which really stop people to complete the assignements, totally shameless.

  • 00 rupay main website banvaaain Ch zain 03219422139 or [email protected] or 03219422139

  • cant expose–X-Google-Fraud

    hi, Ppls dont give excuses, every little muslim who even has heard a little amount of jummahs, and some lectures on islamic viosn and idealogy, he cant be pulled into this type of fraud, but the human enemy , the shaytaan, always says man to close eyes when there is talk to close the haram earning points, lolz

    in 2006 i work on this for approx 3 months, and individually make 1.20 grands,
    and you really want to know what i have in return, I have nothing remains in my hand and i don know where i spent it, haram money is haram at all. but it is not the reason you have to stop. you people have to stop by yourself and for yourseld and in the sight of allah, not like that , I am earning becaz google is not watching or they cant get me.THey were wrong which thaught like this, allah knows every thing. the only way to get rid of this is I came close to Quran, and try to act upon it.
    so what is that i done and allah forgive me inshallah , and i have forbidden this thing on me.. may allah also give them the the same strength to come back to their real idealogy.
    There is another interesting excuse
    I get by some of my close person (cant expose him also). In his vision there is no problem frauding with google, becaz they are backed by yahoodees, so its halal to destroy them or make money from them.. hahah
    in my opinion I don think so ….first we are harming them instead making them to make more money of their advertisers.. lolz.. and you know they earn 70 dollars and averagely give us 7 dolars.. lolz.. how can we make them in loss…secondly its not halal to betray a non -muslim, as we are not representing them our ideaology but of the gods final religon, so we shouldn’t consider this excuse also…

    we have to know , our history, once hazrat ali cant able to get his armour back from a yahoodee because of not giving 2 external Gawah. and later the man reverted to islam.

    The bad things in the society s that he fear of the next, but muslim never fear of the future and never sad about the past,, and so the present is for them..

    so please do hear more of zakir naik .. and zaid hamid for spirtual purification, but don remember to read and understand the quran, daily.. plz be muslim .. and try to be a momin also.
    thanx salam..

  • Waju

    my friend wasted 3000 on this scam and he is earning nothing :(
    i think some one should request GOOGLE to lodge FIR against these frauds

  • Adnan Ali

    Amir, please accept kudos and congratulations on this great investigative piece. I started teaching a MBA elective course on Web Marketing @UMT in Fall 2008. I got great feedback outside the class from people who could not enroll in my class. Therefore I started as an online free video course to explain the business models, strategies and tools involved in earning money online including freelance work and adsense.

    I now get a phone call every week telling me how some one spent 15000 rupees to buy an adsense website but it got banned by Google as the same site was sold to many other people. I get calls from both ends of the spectrum. From students right out of metric to employees at renowned banks.

    There is an undercurrent of expectant youth who needs proper guidance. I encourage those who want to learn the basic business models, strategies and tools to earn online to have a look at my videos at It is a free course and simulates what I teach to my MBA class.

    Good work again.

    • Riaz

      Brother Adnan,

      Please give me your mobile number and email address to contact you.

  • Nasir mahmood

    Salam.i want contact no. Of aamir attaa to discuss some information.can i get?

  • Sohni

    i am engaged with adsen since 5 years…..I do agreed with following comments of MR. ………….no doubt your research is good i appreciate. as like terrirosim , robery , curruption is not happening only in pakistan its all over the world…….so making money through invalid clickds its also happening every wher specially India , UK , Philpine etc but one thing i share you and your team GOOGLE network is very strong and they definately find if any body working against their SOPs.

    Why you comment that it may be block in pakistan ….. Why dear if 10 percent of pplz are doing it in wrong way so what about remaining 90 percent .

    I am fan of propakistani but i disappoint after reading your this article.



  • james

    the writer is an idiot,.these things go on india china andothre countries.i remeber in canada a person was caught for fraud .so this isnt specific for stop ruiinh our countries image u idiot.u gave everyone the proof tehy need.dunt u think google will figure this out.

    even if they dunt then what is ur u relaay neded to give them a helping hand.u may have literally snatched the libvelihoods of so many people.shame on you.u call ur self a is becasue of people like u that we are disgraced inpaksistan.dunt tellme ur pa bought u original windows and a branded computer,an original ms.nobody in paksitan has ever bought these because they r not cheap.and yes in india tehy also use pirated stuff but u want see an indian blogger coming out and exposing them.u really are a nut case

    • Babar Hussain Khan

      The article writer thinks he is more clever than Google. They are the Daddy. They will figure it out. And even if they dont, who the hell is he?

  • K. Shahzad

    @DocMood: you are wrong, proPaksitani is doing great service to point out these kind of groups.

    They must not only be pointed out they must be pulled to courts on this fraud.

    Now we will have to understand that even if its done on internet fraud is indeed fraud. Companies like google are doing so good for Pakistan they are empowering our economy, I afraid these black fishes may end up blocking Pakistan from all these google kinda great sites.

    Now its time to face reality and take action against people abusing systems instead of just hidding the reality, thats not gonna help, I am the one against such groups…

    2. If not more if you can find some IDs, some accounts which these people use we can directly report this thing to Google. We must all work to find such stuff. These bad fishes have just stopped this country from making any good progress.

  • khan

    man what can i say to u…. u did a good post in a sence like i got the advertisment sample so i can post in newspaper :) 2nd in this jobless country why not use such method in a good way? tell me the dvd;s u buy or watch are they legal no way.. but still u watch.. u must have watched latest indian movies lols… why not use those blody americans formulas and use our pakistani brains and earn money thgrough them? i am totaly against this post and if people wana join me earn money through this way they are always welcome.. i will teach them how to earn money easily alteast 100$ /month inshallah…. contact me on +92-333-5072332 takecare

  • raja

    yar yeh koe galat kam nae hai jo bnda pora din baith k click marvai wo koe galat kam nae krta or these companies are not fraud ap ko kuch sekhati he hain na…jin bndu nay yahan comment diyay hain na bra decent mjay pata hai jo wo apni personal life main kraty hon gay
    first correct urself dont others.kisi ko koe job daina sadka hai
    aik to acha kam oper say batain tm log kaya day rahay ho pakistan ko (propakistani) website bna k khud b to adds lagai hain

    • Babar Hussain Khan

      You are damm right brother.

  • arsalan

    han sahi kaha in haram khoron ke khilaf complain honi hi chahiye complain karne ke liye CLICK IT
    plz complain here

  • arsalan
    • Babar Hussain Khan

      The FIA is sleeping….Do not disturb…To wake them up

  • khan

    it is completely illegal. and they wont even pay you for that

  • younas

    Really awesome article man excellent job, i completely agree with you. FIA should stop these criminals. Thank you for the awareness may allah bless you. I want to give a message to all pakistani bloggers to please spread this article as much you can and increase awareness about online marketing


    Kindly somebody tell me:
    a) How can make money from google adsense in a legal way?
    b) How can we get maximum traffic on our website?
    c) Would anyone please send me the contact number/ URL of any company, who guide me to google adsense??
    d) other related help??

    • IT Pro since 1988-89

      Contact Admin :)

      When we call something wrong we should also know and give the right solution, don’t we ?

  • Babar Hussain Khan

    Looks like you are jealous. Its not your job to catch these kind of people. You should do your job, whatever that is. Don’t act like a detective company if your job is something else. Don’t know why you are so worried about Google? just mind your own business.(I donot know these people, but I think they are doing whatever they can to make a living) If you want to stop them then may be they sould come to steel your car or something. You may become quiet then.

  • ZG

    Hi All,

    Well, leave this to FIA or government.
    Will you all please tell me one thing? This is the same like licensing, if we go to purchase License the cost will be the bigger or similar than the cost of a P4 computer (Windows + MS-Office). So, how many of you have purchased the Windows and Office License only (rather than, we are using more software than that). But, I am just talking here the mandatory softwares i.e. (Windows & Office). THis is also illegal and everyone knows about that. So, if FIA would consider copyright policy, then how many of you’ll be in jail or some sort of penalty will be imposed. (Including me).
    So, keep in mind, in Pakistan, there is some different rules, if copyright law is not well implemented by the govermnet, we cannot do so much to prevent those things. And, I am assure, that FIA doesn’t know about google adsense or something like that very much. Just, filling the complaint, will wake them up and I assure you that they’ll or they have already contacted with their companies and ask them for the percentage.

  • Thank you for this very interesting report. I have a non-commercial website (poems, art, etc.) that I run as a hobby, not to make profit. I thought it would be nice to have more visitors after all the work I put into it, so I recently started advertising it through AdWords (the arm of AdSense for advertisers.) I have been very disappointed with the huge amount of clicks that come through 1. India, and 2. Pakistan, in that order. Though it only costs me a few cents each time someone in India clicks one of my ads, it ads up and is a waste of money for me, so I no longer advertise in these countries. This makes me sad, because I love the culture of India and Pakistan, have many friends there, and would most welcome legitimate visitors from these countries to my website.

    As a webmaster who has Adsense ads on my site, I can say for sure that you can earn money with the ads, but the amount for most people is small if you do it legitimately.

    I wish Google did more to quell fraudulent clicks, because this issue is driving small advertisers like me away from using their services.

  • I agree with you guys, One of the biggest scam in Pakistan is the E-Earn

    I think that Pakistani Webmaster are taking full care that Google Adsense should be banned in Pakistan.

  • emaan

    he is basterd he voliated people for other what kind of bizz he have you dont think about that your artical show your mind level to basred i flag your site ok

  • alvia taylor

    This thing is wrong for sure but yeah its not the duty of any individual to point a finger at someone who knows it might hurt all the bloggers this type of things are really crucial and must be tackled in a very careful manner..!

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  • Originative

    This is not happening only in Pakistan it has been practice all over the world… and i dont think is illegal …

  • Usman Sial

    Well Aamir its cheating with cheaters.

  • Mudassar

    Hi AoA how r u thnax for sharing . I really appreciate this topic. We are Muslim & Pakistani. I m with u for this purpose we Can send u all links who give this Idea. Save himself & save pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Mudassar

    I aksed a Pakistani Peoples that plz voliated Google Polocy othervise Pakistan has also be beaneed og Google like China. So Plz dont voliated Goolge polciy.

  • Asad Jawwad

    yeah i also saw these types of ads in jang lolzzz
    they are making fun of adsense program,:/
    i do agree with pro ..
    many of peoples are earning through this program,
    em also making a website which is based on legal procedure,

  • Asad Jawwad

    yeah i also saw these types of ads in jang lolzzz
    they are making fun of adsense program,:/
    i do agree with pro ..
    many of peoples are earning through this program,
    em also making a website which is based on legal procedure of adsense, what adsense program needs,

  • Raif

    good job –

  • yeh jo banda start me baten kar raha hai iska nam Sajid hai & is k sath jo hota hai mujhe uska nam yad nahi hai.yeh Commercial Market pindi me the & they minimum earned around 6 lacs coz one of my cousin went there & his receipt number was 600.means 600*1000= 600,000…zara socho in Pakistaniyo ka dimag kese chalta hai.Chor k bache.

  • zeeshan

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  • K. Shahzad

    @Aamir: You are doing a great job, please keep it up, in fact I am also going to write a post about this on my blog and point it back to your’s one. Have you personally filed a complaint against it on FIA’s website?

    @people: I have seen some comments criticizing this post, the thing is if we will hide the evil, it will prevail and sooner or later Google is going to find it and that will be too late. Its better to bring up the awareness and do whatever we can do stop these kind of people for good and tell people who even do not know it illegal and are part of it.

    For ones who said there are big crimes going on, why to address or point out this one, the crime is a crime after all, if there is something wrong going on, we need to stop it.

    Also regarding foreign exchange, we never need the foreign exchange that is earned by fraud, also we better take action against it today or it is going to hurt us tomorrow.

    The people who are part of such schemes by any means must correct them now or it will be too late, for employees who will be paid little amounts, must know that they are being used/manipulated, they can earn much more by managing their own websites/blogs, also such schemes are gonna vanish sooner or later, so they must better search for a way that is long lasting and legal income.

    • admin

      Thank you Shahzad, yes, i verbally spoke with people at FIA but it was of not much help, unfortunately

  • Muhammad Saeed

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  • Ayesha.

    Wow, great work Aamir ! I impressed by your efforts.

    FIA should take action. I don’t know about the status of google links , but pakearn still seems to be flourishing.

    The nerve!! of the person “Kabeer” to fool young Pakistanis.

    Indeed this sort of income is HARAM. How can these people be so blind and insensitive ? Giving false hopes to their innocent victims about easy money.. This should be stopped, really !!!

  • Paka Adsense

    @ khairullah khan
    Either you are the guy behind Google Link or you got any connection with them don’t prove yourself innocent. The name on the sign boards straights that you guys link yourself with Google and make student fool,
    By selling google adsense account to them because “you are linked with mightly Google” LOL Who lives in the fool paradise.
    By telling them that you make their account approved and Google work in this way that more you click more you earn and Google want that you make click on others ads and thats why they pay you. Huh!

    We are Azad and Litrate Nation Bacha. So, don’t play kid’s play.

  • Abdullah

    I just wanna say as google is promoting fake home based-data-entry-jobs sites due to which many people mostly from pakistan and south asia have lost their money and continously becoming their victim so why people shouldn’t cheat such google and earn some money from them…..

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  • Funguro

    Good Job… ap ney acha work kiya hey is mein koi shak nahi.. kush logon ko problem hoi is se koi farak nahi parta.. jo galat hey usey galat kehne mein koi burai to nahi… keep it up

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    Those few people in Pakistan who know how to work on internet do not open offices they work in their homes.

    Thankyou for reading.
    Your friend
    Saqib Junaid

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  • Topbreaking

    Great work Aamir Bahi .

  • Nice Aamir bhai…
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  • Danish

    Damn, It is so horrible, Well the Kabeer Khan’s audio has been deleted by Youtube would you please upload it somewhere else and post the link. Well if it kept happening Google Adsense will surely be banned by Google in Pakistan. Then those who work fair will also no earn anymore.

  • bashoo

    well google adsense dont allow accounts anymore for pakiz and if somebody is making money through their own blogs why the hell you have to worry it their problem

  • Hassan Ali

    Hey Guys, I want to tell you Adsense Account is Free,A new user can creat Adsense Account these Company who says that they teach you about earning online are mostly fraud, they run teaching program only, it has nothing to do with Earning online, They ask u to click on each other ads, and doing this you can only banned your Adsense account. Google gives only 1 chance for Every idiviual to make Adsense account.In Pakistan i know some people are earning Handsome Money but u can only earn money through proper means, don’t cheat google because no one can cheat them they have special filltering system which detect click fraud, so there is no chance for you to escape from click fruad.

  • Hassan Ali

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  • Hassan Ali

    Google never allow multiple account, if your account is banned then you can’t make another account, but your Relitive with different Home address can apply for adsense acount and hopefull they join you in there network,

  • Hassan Ali

    If any one asking you that he can make Adsense account for you for only 400 Rupess or More he is a big fraud, these types of People takes your Money your website and dissapear.Its unfortunate these types of People are Scaming Innocent people In Pakistan.Never ever give your money to any one who is asking you to make your account to earn online money.

  • Hassan Ali

    Thoese People who thinks that You can cheat google and Earn money, its Impossible. so don’t do that because once your acount dissable you can never have new adsense account.Use your brain and do it in proper way.

  • Really Awesome Post… but can any one tell me all the factors that causes google adsense banned… ? ?

  • Nadeem Gujjar

    Your fear that Google may act on large scale,banning accounts of our country men has become a fact.
    But it seems that Google is driving the sinners,and innocent with same stick.

  • bang

    I think google it self a fraud system . If they can’t realize who is doing fraud and who is genuine web publisher then whats quality they can offer to their adwords guys ? . Why google just settle the things like CPM ? or even fix the price for the publisher based on their content work or visitor there are lots of thing they can do but they wouldn’t implement. We see in google search engine how to increase CTR etc all those thing lead the guys to do mislead ad displacement.

  • Yah tooo bohat aachi information share kii hai app nay in loogon kay kamoon kii waja say sahii loog bhee pisss jatay hain …………

  • kabeer

    nice article !

  • Ahsan

    Another came in the DAWn CAREERS it was
    WORK at home daily 1 hour on internet and earn minimum 15000 per month, ” is this fraudulent as well get back to me

  • nomi

    good yar very good we have to beaware from these scames

  • umar

    a very helpful article.
    thanks for exposing theses companies.


    amir bai essi tara ek do or fraud batwo …hamra projct essi pr ..plz yar

  • Real Hyder

    Thank you bro.

    Fraud exposed. Google has hard policy with Pakistan due to these people. Due to their illegality, blogers are also facing.

  • Amin motiwala

    Answered so many of my questions. Thank you:)

  • i think this was not a fraud Google want clicks and those people give them clicks and the second point is that let them do their work if they are doing this ,so, because of the unemployment in this country and by the way i was also thinking of doing on a small scale for some extra income but not for total income of my blog you can visit my blog by clicking on my name and give me some suggestions as you are the admin of Pakistan’s largest I.t Website

  • inhi kuch fraud logon ki waja se poora pakistan badnaam hai..!! na khud kamaate hain na kisi aur ko kamaane dete hain.

  • Ahmed

    Admin Contact me, mene b aik kaam shuru kiya hai jo
    fraud nahi, agar aap help krien tu mai
    Pakistan mai kae berozgaar logo ki madad krskta ho, jis bande ne ye Post share ki hai wo bhai please mujhe Skype ki is ID par add krein “fbitpak”., add krne k msg k sath apna contact no b share krein takey mai free hone k bad apse contact krsako.

  • Syed Taqi Kazmi

    nice post, need to spread this because good guys also can’t work and reputation of pakistan is getting worse.

  • Khushbo Time

    O bro simple ye hay kay adsense Pakistan mein itna easily approve nai hota mnein b baut koshish karta rha akhair aek trick mery hath lag gai jis say mein jitny adsense chaoun approve kara sakta houn par hosted.

    Dear, i got a trick to approve adsense legally , hosted adsense account.

  • IT Pro since 1988-89

    Why don’t you dare to write on Google’s discriminatory policy where, for the same keywords, it pays more to people in Europe and America but not to people in Pakistan or other third world countries ? — We are all waiting for your article on this issue soon. Please help Pakistanis rather than google advocacy.

  • Sajjad

    Dear All over in the punjab there is business for last few years. You should investigate all not only khans. regards

  • you choose great topic because money of people working same think

  • Mubbashar Raza

    BTW bro you taught me how not to get banned and earn illegaly …..
    Surely this thing is illegal and person guilty should be charged with treason

  • Harris Jutt

    Great Post

  • Harris Jutt

    Keep it up

  • Harris Jutt

    Also tell us the real ways to earn

  • attaullah

    i need info