How People in Pakistan are Teaching Others to Illegally Earn through ADSense

We all know that people on internet are legitimately earning thousands of dollars per month through Adsense – of course this is nothing new to you and we have discussed many case studies before on this topic.

But today, I am going to reveal those individuals and teams which are exploiting youngsters to earn illegally through Adsense. These teams are formally working in an organized manner, through which they prepare a team of around 1000 members –  where every member cross clicks other’s website and ultimately everyone earns money.

For the purpose, two investigative teams visited such so-called companies separately, and findings were really shocking for me at-least.


By the way, all this was exposed to me when I saw a classified advertisement in “Daily Jang” on Sunday, March 22, 2009; which read “You can earn from 8,000 to 30,000 per month with spending just few hours on internet, for details visit Google Link (company’s name)”

Consequently when I visited this place, I was shocked to see how crazily and eagerly innocent youngsters were gathered there to snatch their chance of earning money through internet. I am sure they didn’t know that they are going to fraudulently earn money through an illegal way. On other side, Kabeer Khan, GM of Google Link, was very expertly revealing hidden truths of Google Adsense.


He falsely claimed that he is member of Google Company; in fact he called himself distributor of Google. Furthermore, he said that Google give out free website to those who click their ads and so on…

Below is the audio that we (secretly) recorded, while Kabeer Khan was briefing a bunch of fellow. (Sorry for low audio quality – Please use headphone to clearly listen to Kabeer Khan)

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Other company is called they have a specialized website with Franchises throughout country. They have thousands of people in their Group and are exploiting and forcing people to earn through Adsense.


How and What These people do?

  • First of All a member is asked to get a 3 day training, for what they charge members Rs. 1,000.
  • Once training is done, they make Blogspot blog for their members with adsense account as well
  • Afterwards, they give out a list of 1000 Yahoo IDs to each member, and ask them to stay in touch with them for cross clicking
  • Out of 1000, members are asked to interact with specific members on a specific day of month – this way, each member will click a website after 7 days, to avoid fraud click detection
  • Members are asked to pay the company 10 percent of their first month revenues

Message for FIA

Guys get in action; this is your area as these people are misleading innocent Pakistanis. And believe me, people signing up for their membership are really innocent (they were asking Kabeer Khan, if he will pay them monthly or bi-monthly; they even didn’t know that Kabeer hasn’t got the guts to pay them at all, instead he is compelling them to make money for him)

I am uploading their website and postal address details in this ZIP file (Size: 1.43 MB) for FIA to download and grab these people.

Message for Pakistanis

Don’t go to such companies at all. Google Policy does not allow you to fraudulently click on ads individually or collectively. You can find Google’s Policy (rules) for Adsense here:

Still you can earn thousands of dollars by legitimate ways, just like many other people on internet (from Pakistan). Also note that if you can not make website, leave this thing – and work in the area of your interest. It is just like that i can’t be a jeweler, while I know they earn huge money.

Allah has written your livelihood and you gonna get it anyway; either though good or bad means; so its better if we get it through good means only.

Message for Bloggers

Please spread the word, and save this country as,

  • If these groups mature, Google may think of blocking Adsense in Pakistan as whole – and we all may end up with empty hands
  • Also those advertisers, who are achieving their targets through Adsense – are loosing their money; save them as well

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK