Wateen Selects Highdeal Transactive for Pricing

Highdeal, the world’s leading provider of Pricing & Rating solutions, has announced that Wateen, a Pakistan based Telecom service provider, has selected Highdeal Transactive for the pricing and rating of their postpaid IMS services.

Wateen already uses Highdeal Transactive for the pricing, rating and balance management of their prepaid IMS services. They were so delighted with the solution that they decided to extend it to their postpaid offering.

Building on their parallel deployments of fibre optic backbones and VSAT (satellite) communications, Wateen has been deploying for the last 2 years what is believed to be one of the world’s largest WiMAX networks for fixed broadband access. On this growing network, Wateen offers a complete range of telecom and multimedia services and a host of value-added services and applications, which make for complex pricing, rating and billing requirements.

Highdeal has adopted a collaborative approach to deployment and development to support Wateen through its growth and the launch of new services. By using Highdeal at the core of its prepaid and postpaid services, Wateen is gaining the necessary flexibility to rapidly introduce new prices and packages and to create attractive promotions across its service offering.

“Wateen is committed to delivering a broad range of reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services in a competitive fast moving market. The Highdeal solution provides the pricing and rating agility and ease-of-use Wateen needs in order to fulfill our commitment to offering affordable communications services that meets and exceed our customers’ demands,” said Tariq Malik, CEO Wateen.

“We at Highdeal pride ourselves on working with innovative customers and partners and are extremely pleased to have been selected by such a forward thinking and pioneering telecommunications operator as Wateen,” appreciates Eric Pillevesse, CEO of Highdeal.

  • I do not know what wateen people are thinking coz in begning it was really an boosting stage for company as lot of people were attracted towards the company but the packages they can not even come up to challage small service providers like world call. Now PTCL with there NEW psckages is nightmare for Wateen. They even could not counter the Unlimted Cap with PTCL.
    With Too Much heavy investment etc.. what wateen managment is thinking i wonder They might be thinking when whole nation will plug with different brands like linkdot net ptcl ete………..
    They will strike back and with the help of mircle they will over shadow all the brands

    lets see but personly i feel wateen should come with better soulions,

  • Wateen is bad, i am using it its my compulsion, there are many fatigues with it. Like its not unlimited and it always Dissconnect while you you use skype for conversation.

    0 Vote for Wateen. I would celeberate the day when i get PTCL at my home.

  • after 2/3 years in the market, NOW it occurs to them to get a system for postpaid billing? talk about incompetency, the arabs should hang tariq malik

  • I don’t understand this really as neo said that why are they doing this now. Earlier there were reports in section of blogs that wateen is converting its postpaid customers to pre-paid (I m still on PostPaid as of now) then why the heck taking time out to get new postpaid pricing and rating structure.

    There is no doubt that they got huge chunk of market in Wireless but if they keep doing their work like MayBeLink (aka Mobilink) then they might end up sooner than later.

  • well wateen is expensive then ptcl broadband you are forced to use their voice services the main worst is download limit which is upload+download also connection problems from area to area. Now ptcl has doubled its bandwidth so i am thinking to migrate from wateen to ptcl

  • Oh yaar its great news regarding wateen, waise i always appreciate wateen to introduced such a wonderful technology in Pakistan. I think its a big steps to grow our IT sector and providing us a latest technology as well.

    Touu guys what do you think about wateen’s this effort?? I hope you guys agree with me. han 1 thing is that some people having problem with wateen. lekin kiaa kabi u ppl tried to find some solutions??

    Pakistan zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am using Wateen internet connection since five months.The worst thing about Wateen is downloading limit.so I am going to say goodby to wateen.It is not only expensive than PTCL but also often creates problem for me.

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