SAP to establish 50 E-Academies across Pakistan

SAP has planned to establish 50 E-academies across Pakistan with special focus on small towns to train youth particularly in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. “Two such academies are already functioning in Lahore and Karachi where SAP Pakistan offices are imparting training to a selective bunch of young persons on experimental basis.

Following very encouraging response, we have planned to extend this facility across the country. For this purpose SAP would be inviting expression of interests from different colleges and academies interested to impart this training which is a mixture of distance and on-site learning,” said Sajjad Syed, Managing Director SAP Pakistan while talking to Business Recorder here on Thursday.

He said that young people trained by these E-academies would be placed on jobs in their Singapore and Dubai offices. He said that there was a demand of 11,000 SAP experts every year only in the Asia-Pacific region. He said India was already facing SAP experts shortage, Chinese could not fill this gap due to not being well versed in English and as such there was a great scope for Pakistanis to capture this field.

He said that experts could be sent for SAP applications abroad on remuneration as higher as US 1000-1500 dollars per day. Sajjad Syed stated that there would be an entry test to these applications and students having degrees of computer sciences, B Com., MBA or other disciplines could be trained in SAP applications.

He also said that IBA Karachi had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with their organisation to include SAP courses in its curriculum for MBA students. He said at present faculty of these E-academies were being trained in their software. He said the students having SAP training, would have a chance of getting job with 20 percent more salary.

Talking about their organisation, he averred that SAP was a forty year old German company having more than 83,000 customers from over 120 countries, having SAP applications from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small and midsize companies to suite offerings for global organisations. In Pakistan, SAP has offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It has approximately 70 customers, including public and private sectors departments.

He said that SAP was committed for the development of Pakistani software industry and IT sectors, with particular focus on consultancy, education, public sector and other industry verticals. He said that they see a good market for their applications in Pakistan as they had signed some 21 new customers last year. Regarding impact of financial crunch on SAP and other IT industry, he said that although global financial crunch had left negative impact on IT sector but it was not that serious in SAP.

  • nice.. Aamir do you know that AGPR is going to start training their officers on SAP from 1st April…?

  • My first post is Saeed Qureshi’s essay to Obama about Paakistan strategy:The major goal of the April 26th event is to introduce IMPMS to a group of friends and mainly recognize you for your dedication and contributions to the community.

    Obama’s Anti -terrorism Strategy

    By Saeed Qureshi

    United States under the new administration of President Barack Obama is on the threshold of a new strategy to defeat the resurgent Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strategy puts Pakistan at the heart of the fight in its nearly a decade old war against Al-Qaida and Taliban.

    As the focus is entirely riveted on the lawless tribal belt between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Iraq war no more prominently figures in the US offensive against the international terrorist bands. America, of late, has concluded that the hub of all terrorist activities emanate from the FATA regions of Pakistan that provide safe haven and sanctuaries to the insurgents and terrorist groups to operate against both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Clearly perceiving that war on terror in Afghanistan is being lost, the United States has drastically revamped her policy of dealing with the menace of terrorism. The plan incorporates increase in the ground forces for combat and advisory roles. The new strategy looks more pragmatic and realistic as compared to that of Bush era when only use of force and mere killing of the suspected terrorists was in vogue. But understandably that one sided strategy did not pay off as Al-Qaida and also Taliban have, of late, emereged more defiant than ever before.

    It appears that the United States wants to relinquish most of its anti terrorism war baggage that it has been carrying for years now after the 9/11 tragedy. NATO and other allies’ participation by way of contribution of troops has been only token and symbolic. It is only United States that has been bearing the major burden both militarily and financially.

    Realising that war in Afghanistan cannot be won alone by military means, Obama administration has decided to adopt a strategy of wooing those factions of Taliban that would be prepared for reconciliation and thus drop or cease fighting against the foreign troops. This would lessen the burden on the allied forces in Afghanistan to exclusively target Al-Qaida. America wants to close many fronts in her on going war on terrorism.

    While in the tribal corridor, Pakistan army was combating Taliban and other die hard factions, the US is content that at least a proxy war was going on by a strong ally. If the new strategy of winning over the pliant Taliban makes headway, the pressure on Pakistan army would also recede considerably and therefore it would also be relatively relaxed to focus on Al-Qaida. But to muster popular support for the Pakistan army to carry on its military operations against the insurgents in the tribal areas, US has decided to increase Pakistan’s economic aid, threefold. If the fruits of US aid reflect on betterment of Pakistani people, the general trend of opposing US might diminish. It means that the US wants to win the sympathy and support of the people of Pakistan more than the army and the government.

    The strategy being Pakistan friendly takes off much of the pressure from Pakistan as was being exerted by the previous Bush administration to do more. An under pressure Pakistan can falter in the war as well as become suspect before the people for playing a crony’s role. The commitment of 4000 additional troops for training betokens America’s resolve to train the domestic armies of Pakistan and Afghanistan like Iraq to fight even without American or NATO forces on their own. It also indicates that US intends to keep only a token presence in this volatile area and intimately withdraw from this region as it is doing in Iraq.

    The more significant part of the new strategy is that the countries in the region are also being involved in this war that was so far confined to Pakstan and Afghanistan. Iran is being cultivated to cooperate with United States to tame and rein in the pro Iran faction within Taliban fold. Iran is decidedly against Al-Qaida and that is a plus factor for United States. India and Pakistan are being encouraged to sink their differences, defuse tension and reconcile with each at least on defeating and militating against Al-Qaida and hard core radical Islamic militants.

    America is now fully aware that the NATO countries and other allies of the coalition against terrorism will not commit more troops in Afghanistan. Of late, this reality too has dawned on America that it was not possible to defeat the militants by use of military force alone. Despite an eight years intensive war, Taliban and Al-Qaida are resurging with new vigor and vitality. The policy of physical annihilation and wearing down the militants has not worked. Instead it is the coalition military contingents that are war fatigued.

    America wants to build up a regional group to act against the insurgents. For this purpose America is in consultation with China, Russia, India along with Iran and Pakistan to form a coalition not for military purposes but to coordinate their efforts in order to isolate Taliban and other radical militants, now fighting in and around Afghanistan. At the same time America wants to undertake development of infrastructure and pump in aid for reconstruction into the tribal regions to gain support of the non combatant citizens. These are salutary measures that in the longer run would pay off.

    It is for the first time that President Barack Obama categorically pledged that US troops would not go in hot pursuit of extremists across the Afghan border into Pakistan. He has, albeit, strongly urged Pakistan to step up and intensify the anti-terrorism struggle. It clearly signifies that America is unleashing Pakistan from an expectation and commitment that Pakistan should alone was bound to defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaida. President Bush had been pressurizing Pakistan for doing what the combined military might of the NATO and US forces couldn’t do. On the contrary Obama has publicly acknowledged Pakistan’s sacrifices as an ally of America in the war on terrorism. Pakistan at its end is using cash and carrot policy. It is trying to elicit support from the tribal notables and at the same time fighting against the militants. If America wants to generate more goodwill of the people of Pakistan and enlarge its scope of influence in the tribal areas then it should forthwith stop Drone attacks that are fermenting lot of anti US sentiments both in Pakistan and the tribal belt.

    But all said and done, It is foregone that America cannot win this war on terrorism in the battlefield. At the end of the day America will have to wrap up its military operations and withdraw from Afghanistan as well. The policy of remote control and assigning the responsibility to the regional states to weed out militants and Islamic radicals would definitely bring dividends. The war against relgious fanatics is not exclusive to America and the west alone. It is also a danger to the established democratic polities and civil societies in respective countries. Even if America leaves the region, abandons her military onslaughts, yet Pakistan and Afghanistan and all other target counties will have to purge their societies of this diabolic menace. For this they will, not only have to fight but also undertake far reaching socio-economic reforms to make their societies and the people enlightnened and progressive so as to become strong bulwark against the orthodox and obscure relgious ideologies.

    Saeed Qureshi

  • Saeed Qureshi, this forum is for telecom and IT news of Pakistan and not about politics. Please refrain from using this kind of information over here.

  • Dear friends

    I am trying to locate the address for SAP Pakistan Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi as their are no details on the internet.

    • SAP Malaysia’s Liaison Office in Pakistan is located at:

      Plaza No: 113-CCA
      Sector DD, Phase IV
      DHA, Lahore
      Phone: +92 42 35694088-90
      Fax: +92 42 35694091

      Suite 106 – 108, 1st Floor
      Bahria Complex III
      M. T. Khan Road
      Tel: +92 21 520 5525
      Fax: +92 21 563 5388

      Office # 3, Executive Business Centre
      Saudi Pak Tower
      61-A, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,
      Phone: +92 (51) 280 03 97 – 8 Ext 3103
      Fax +92 (51) 280 03 99

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  • dear all,
    SAP next generation database and it is started in lahore at EDGE COLLEGE near M.A.O COLLEGE and Near PEAK SOLUTION
    but the Fee is unpayable ( 4 me ) 1 lack and 50 thousand for 1 year
    and Faheem only one company (T.C.S) is intrusted in SAP but thay will start there programing in upcoming year mean 2011 or in the mid

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  • It is pretty nice that they are planning so many academies in Pakistan but they don’t have enough jobs for the SAP consultants, who are already in Pakistan so not sure what the heck they will do with so many consultants.

  • well autospak, as mentioned in the main article, those who will go through SAP Training via the 50 e-academies will be placed in Singapore and Dubai…further meaning that there is a strong chance that the existing consultants will either move to Singapore / Dubai OR will stick to whatever they are doing at present…which is consultancy….free-lance consulting is a good option. in an overall context, SAP is a great facilitator for profit and revenue optimization. One should really go for it…………..”if anyone has done it, you can do it; if no one has done it, you must do it!!!’


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    • Authorized Academy in karachi. providing Training with complete training material and online server access. with free of charge consultancy. kindly contact WEMYT Pvt Ltd Syed Owais +92-332-365-7102

  • Dear Fellows, Does anyone knows where to get SAP training in Lahore which may be cost effective too? Thanks and regards, Kamran

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  • i need information for assistance package for families of goverment employees who die in servis

    Anwer ali panhwer

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