Pakistani Print Media and its Boldness

Just saw this story appearing in ‘The Nation’ and released by Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), entitled, “Pakistanis enjoy cheapest broadband service worldwide”. As this story is released by a news agency, there are good chances that it will be picked by other newspaers as well.

The reporter at APP falsely claims that this is a survey report, instead it was a research done by a user at WiredPakistan, which were further coupled with input from other users. Moreover, tsihe reporter copied all the comments from the post that was done by Aamir Attaa at ProPakistani.

This reporter at APP didn’t bother at all to reference the original content producers; instead he/she changed the names of commenter, and cited them as his/her references.

This hasn’t happened for the first time, I keep on watching several stories appearing in main stream media that are lifted from ProPakistani and other online resources, in entire or partial form, without any credit.

I am just wondering, why do we shy/hesitate to give the credit to the original source? We journalists do not produce stories at our homes, we hear/read them from different places/sources, what’s wrong in telling the audience about where they heard/read/lifted this story from? (unless sources request to remain anonymous, or they allow journalists to report without quoting)

I leave this question open for you to discuss in comments!

  • I don’t believe this !!!!!!!!!!! What were they thinking! Lifting up a story like that??? It should be written to them.. has a letter been sent? If not, inform me..

  • before pointing fingers at others, you should look at yourself. your site contains shamelessly lifted material from other blogs and sites without any decency of credit.

    don’t ask me to provide you with ‘evidence’ or proof. you don’t want to go down that road because you know it will get dirty. so live with it.

  • such a lam excuse Dude there is a piracy law in which which says lifting any news without asking permission is crime you even cant post some one pictures or use someone else name AtTaa bahi you can take this to court yes you can don’t hesitate about this couze this is not 1st time and if you dont do it now then it will be never.

  • Mostly aisa nahi kiya jata, Story us author ne compile ke apke aur users ke posts ko parh kar, Usme us ne reference day diya hai k wo kisi blog per aik survey se copy ke gaye, I think thats enough, Zaroori nahi hai k blog ka link day kar uske advertising ke jaye.
    Mostly newspaper administrations yeh pasand bhi nahi karti han k kisi website ka ya blog ka complete link post kiya jaye, uskay bajaye story ko read kar k uska content re-write kar k post karna hi Pakistan ka standard hai.

    Ap esko content copying nahi kah sakta, yeh story different sources se data lay kar re-compile ke gaye hai and I think its ok.

    Faraz Ahmed

  • @Faraz Ahmed: acha jee? very logical, bara socha bhi hoga app nay comment karnay say pehlay

    par bura nahi manaye ga, sab hansay gay app par, waja tu pata hi hogi app ko logon kay hansnay ki

  • yes i’m very desperate! don’t worry Ch.Sajid or Tariq or all-anon ;-) i’ve already started collecting “evidences” from this blog. in just 5 mins i discovered 8 posts (long live google advanced search!) which were posted after original stuff on other sites. btw i wont start a fight on the Net. i will patiently compile my results then prepare a document for the media and wait for the right moment. look for newspaper articles “pro pak? case study to make big money using stolen content in pak IT blogging” or something like it sooner or later. u can start editing ur posts now ;-) but timestamped snapshots are taken…. shucks! ;-D

    • person like you should sham rather been bold yes if you have some info like this and you are waiting for some good moment then go a head couze you are again mistaking you go 1st then it will be my turn to point out. this is show how sick you are you know very well that you have done something wrong but you are again blaming others let the right moment come then i will see. This blog is doing good work as far as i know and person like you or should i say thief like cant do anything to do some damage to it.

  • come On Guyz!!! grow up !!! its not a rocket science!!! simple is that whether he’s stolen or not…whther we have law or what ever…

    but where our morale value stands? we must qoute reffered name…our even if you dont want to qoute then ask poster about for same decesion.

    but Again!! it was not a morally good and qouting some ones effort is always good and morale job. So Pls dont Mess in these posts or whatever…

    This is for sure , that this blog is serving Pakistani community in positive way…educating them not only in telecom but in I.T , Gadgets Review, New tech Stuff and alot more… This is good…

    Please do not use aggressive language in the posts. As A nation it is our responsibility to build fruitful negotiations atmosphere. where we always come up with better results…lot of examples present in our country…

    so, if u want to deny the fact or accept try to accept or deny it morally.

    Hope no one will take it as lecture…It is my , your , and our Duty to build Pakistan in progressive way and informative way… What this Blog and many other Blogs are doing… Even All of Pakistani Media!!! So Cheers!!!

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