Don't Buy Used Computer, Says Intel

Check out this interesting outdoor advert, which suggests not to risk by purchasing a used computers. It says to get a brand new computer in Rs. 12,950 and that too without Monitor.

Pic was taken near Chandani Chowk, Murree Road.


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  • Very good and interesting add. A brilliant concept to realize the people about the headache of buying 2nd hand computers.

  • Salam,

    dost… Shahid, there isn’t headache of buying old/2nd hand computer. I would recommend second hand computer, new computers are not so much stable than old second hand Dell computers.

    I’m using Dell Branded machines for long time, till now i am happy with it. I have experience with new computers. I faced power supply problems, its not very good. Second it has not good quality cooling fan, that’s why it hangs up. More… can’t use it on long term. While Dell used pcs are good to use for even production environment.

    Anyways, my experience i shared with you. I would strongly recommend every one to buy Branded second hand machines than new one. Dell is best choice if you want to buy second hand branded machines, because if you need parts of it you can purchase it easily with low cost than others vendors like ibm,hp/compaq.


    • Yes Alam, you are absolutely right, I am also using Dell PCs from long time still got no problem.

    • w. salam, excellent post. i was just thinking whether or not to buy dell 2nd hand core to dual, which i ma getting at Rs 12300 (without 3D) cards… this post of yours helped alot:)

  • recently i bought a dual-core specs:

    Motheboard: Intel DG31pr
    2.5ghz intel dualcore processor
    2gb ram ddr2
    1gb nvidia geforce8500 ddr2
    unbranded power supply 450watts

    the problem i faced that i dont know for sure but the motherboard gone bad and my computer hangs for 20 secnds and then restart itself. the motherboard was in warranty i claimed it and i got another brand new motherboard of same specs but the problem continues. interesting thing is this, i m using vista 32bit i frequently use the Aero theme when i m using this theme on this motherbord it got hang several times also media files like videos thumbnails also make this problem more frequent.
    then i contacted my vendor and bought ASUS(INTEL)P5KPL-VM
    and this motherbord is working ok since march’s 09 1st week.
    i m not saying that asus is better than intel but possibly its the power supply that is making the issue but Asus is working fine. i m also in shock that i use two brandnew motherbords of intel of same specs but the problem was also the same.

    plz do comment.


    • It is all due to ur unbranded power supply , although it is writtne on it that it is 450 W but in actuall it will be supplying less. Use some what good quality of power supply.i have same spec as urs , like DG31PR with 2.5 GHz dual core , 4 gb ram ddr2 , 1 gb GT9500 ddr2 working on A BETTER UNBRANDED POWER SUPPLY of 400 W and i have never faced any problem. Please buy a Good unbranded power supply as their prices ranges from 600 to 1500 , i choosed the one whos price was 1200 . Or you can choose from COOLER MASTER , they are the best brand for power supply.

      Best of luck and let us know , if your problem is solved or not ?

  • Hello,

    As for buying used Dell systems,I’d like to share my own experience.

    i have been using a new custom built computer for nearky three years and have not had any major problems. Sow whats all the fuss about, I agree Dell has good powersuupplies but you can just as easily buy a branded one yourself.

    So its untrue that custom built PCs are not stable.

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