Hovercraft Developed by Pakistani Students [Video]

Here is another interesting video of three 2nd year students from Sir Syed Science College, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi. They have devloped a hovercraft, that can lift 350 KG of weight.

Project is sponsored by Intel, under the name of Intel ISEF Awards. These students are nominated to visit United States to participate in International Science and Engineering Fair in May, where they will be exhibiting their project.

Let’s join Saad Hamid of Sizlopedia, who is with Mohammad Naeem Khan, Zaki Hussain and Mohammad Qasim, to know about their project, its demonstration and the benifits.

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By the way, ISEF, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair happens to be the only global science competition for students in grades 9-12. It is a program of Society for Science & the Public to represent the pinnacle of high school science fairs.

This year’s program will include a record number of 1,557 high school students from 51 countries presenting 1,241 projects. Female students comprise 48% of those entered in the competition.

Finalists are selected annually from more than 550 affiliated fairs around the world. Each affiliated fair can send its top two individual projects and one team project to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

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  • Very nice review of Hover Craft. Great job Mohammad Naeem Khan, Zaki Hussain and Mohammad Qasim. You guys have done a brilliant job and made Pakistan proud. Good luck with your future guys.

    @ Saad Hamid Great interview, I like your way of asking questions and your confidence. Keep it up!

    • safdar

      now this is the great struggle of pakistani student

  • ssg


    Masha Allaah! Well done! That’s fantastic and keep it up!

  • Shujaat

    Excellent Job Team!

    i would suggest you to integrate this hovercraft with GPS and use it as guided transportataion such as guided missiles or Drone Misslie (very well known now a days).

    once again good work and best of luck for your future!

    • K. Shahzad

      Haha how integrate with GPS, you must have seen, it still works with the electric cord intact, Yes if can get rid of electric cord by using some storage mechanism, then can easily use gps, good for automatically moving stuff inside a factory etc I think so.

  • Guys, you can download this video from this rapidshare link: http://rapidshare.com/files/226293671/HoverCraft_Made_by_Pakistani_Students.wmv.html

  • Inam Orakzai

    That’s Great to see Pakistani Innovative students.. Keep it up Dears..
    Long Live Pakistan!

  • Suhaib Malik

    Keep up the good work

  • waqas

    very good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Humza Rasul

    This design has been shown on the popular tv show Mythbusters and they have only exectued the idea and not created it.

  • @Humza Rasul

    i think to execute an idea is not a small thing … hope one day thy will develop something …. (InshAllah)

    @ProPakistani & the developers

    Good work yar … keep it up …

  • Zaki Hussain

    Thanx and plz pray for us

  • zain

    Proud to be a Pakistani

  • Good Luck…. looks very nice work
    i hope u stay in pakistan and work for pakistan.

  • Syed Atif Faheem

    The effort of students is appreciated, but Hamza said right, i have also seen that show, and the original design / idea is not of this team.

    The point is when they will go to international competition, people will reject this development. I suggest if they want to proceed with this they should mention that they have actually converted the idea into reality even then they will be appreciated and their dignity will also be maintained.

  • Zahoor

    Be Pakistani, Pro Pakistani

  • Faisal

    LUsh te Passsshhhh .. Jio meray Laal… great work .. keep it up and very BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE

  • Very Nice ,
    Thanks Guys for showing us

  • Umair

    Their effort is commendable. Those who are are thinking that Hover Craft is something new. Its very old tech. Pak army has hover crafts. Most developed and developing nations do have hover crafts in various military and civilian roles.

    However, I have not heard of Hover Train, so, this may may be a new application of the tech. Allah be with these students.

  • Khurram

    Great Work a lesson for those who wanna break Pakistan….Can see with there naked eyes that our future is bright …… not easy to defeat our next generation …what ever we did in past its passed…….Now be prepared to face our new generation….. .Masha-Allah…..Pakistan Zindabad….

  • Such a nice piece of work.
    If we do such type of things we are going to the in the TOP listing of the WORLD…

  • abbas

    Thanks Guys for showing us

  • Muzammil

    Good efforts but not for Pakistan like in the past Government of Pakistan will not take the interest (likr they have only interest to collect charity from the rich countries) We will never see these students after they will go to USA bye bye my great students go and work for America like the students of Dawood Engineering College who made solar energy cells and now Europe and America taking benefit

  • Kool Designing

    Nice video, thanks for sharing, I could not download this video form above mentioned rapidshare link.

  • Kool Designing

    Nice video thanks for sharing….

    I could not download this video from the above mentioned rapid share link.

  • omer

    i thought the plane could fly!!! :)
    anyways nice work
    i also wish i can also make this!!!!
    keep it up
    propakistani —> doing good job!!!!

  • asghar

    gud job….you guys are making us proud….keep it up friends…God bless you…pakistan Zindabaad

  • irfan

    is saal 2009 ka ka 10th ka result kab tak announce hoga

  • Ali

    very Creative Work Guys… GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!! PAKISTAN-ZONDABAD

  • Syed Shaheer

    Salam to all;
    can someone tell me metric ka result kab tak araha hai?

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    tum nay kon sa koi paper sahi say dia ho ga
    waisay yaad bhi ai meri
    yaar plz mujhay bhi reply karna

  • Syed Shaheer

    @ ufaq;
    never reply me again
    fatham or else you willbe sorry!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saeed Raja

    You Rock!
    Gr8 work do more and more and win the worlds expectations…

    Saeed Raja

  • eddy

    when r the results???????????

  • Nasir

    First of all i will like to congratulate all those brilliant students who participated and deleloped this hovercraft. Well done boys. This also shows that Pakistani Students are also capable of competing with international students if provided the necessary support and guideline. Finally all the best to you all guys for your exhibition in US and i am quite hopefull you are going to raise Pakistani flage there.

  • imran

    although the effort of the team is commendable but its nothing new the purpose of a science competition especially at this scale is to introduce new …….these guys did nothing nw… this is the the problem with pakistani science fairs if u are going to spend this much money do something whats good in making which has already been made…….. given the recources anybody coulddo that…….. im surprised they got selected