Samsung’s Crest Gives 2 Hours Talk-time on 12 Hours Solar Charging

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd , World’s no.1 manufacturer of semiconductors, LCD monitors, digital information technology products and a global leader in mobile handsets has launched Solar Crest mobile phone, the first of its kind which charges its battery by solar cells and gives 2 hours talk-time if its solar cells are exposed to light rays for 12 hours.

Zeeshan H. Qureshi, Head of Marketing, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, expressed his views and stated, “Samsung’s Solar Crest phone will be a very useful phone in Pakistan where we all face long duration of electricity load shedding, it will also benefit consumers everywhere by enabling significant conservation of energy.”

The phone will be available by end of 2nd quarter in Pakistan.

  • abid

    set Model No ?????

  • Rafi

    There is no set number abid, The name of the phone is Samsung “CREST”

  • Awais Kazi

    Useless I think ..
    who would put the phone in the sunlight for 12 hours??

    and I don’t think the problem is that worse that there is no electricity for more than 12 hours ..

  • Salman78

    In market there is Rs. 100 portable charger available which uses a pencil cell, but it’s not a reliable/durable solution, actual need is that solar charger should come separately which gives output directly to daily use electronic items with its own battery storage, and for portability purpose specially for cell charging such devices should be introduced. If it can be fixed in Samsung set, it can be prepared separately as well.