Do you know how to Use 6 Connections with Single SIM?

Post by Jawad Zubair Sheikh from Sialkot

You must be wondering, how is it possible to use 6 cellular connections with single SIM? My friend you have missed a great gadget so far.

Let me introduce this Magic SIM that can have multiple connections in it. Basically comes with no data in it (such as audio cassette comes blank first, but you can record songs on it), then loaded into a SIM card reader to load SIM data into it.

For instance, this blank SIM can be loaded with data of your Mobilink SIM, Telenor SIM, Zong and Warid SIM simultaneously.

Blank SIM Price in Market: Rs. 250
Cost of Loading 6 SIM’s data: Rs. 250

So you need to take along 5 SIMs to a Mobile market (where someone offer such services) to get 1 SIM in return that has all connections in it for Rs. 500 only.


NOTE: You can keep one connection switched on at one time, you will have to restart phone in order to switch from one connection to another. Also note that Warid and Telenor may not get copied on Same SIM. (Meaning that, if a SIM has Telenor’s data in it, then Warid’s data may not get copied and vice versa)

Advantage: If you use multiple SIMs with one mobile phone, than you can avoid opening phone and replacing SIMs with this 6 in 1 SIM.

These SIM Card readers are available in all major markets of Big Citites, including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Sialkot etc

Important Note: Never give out your SIM to any shopkeeper for copying your SIM. Instead get this USB SIM Card Reader/Copier and do this at your home. Otherwise, Shopkeeper may keep a copy of your SIM and use it later on.

  • OMG! Best thing I ever got. But, won’t that affect our normal communication on single sim? And, can we use more than one connction at one time? And, is that MAGIC SIM working on all mobiles?

    • Asalam U Alaikum
      Dear Brother
      Ao Aik Waqat Per Hi connection chala saktay hain
      or ye bilkul normal kam karti hay

      • yar mere sath super sim hain. likin wo khale para hain moje os ka istimal nahe ahtha k main os ko kis tara sims convarat karlo. aur kaha se softwere download karlo. bare mehrabane moje tarika bathae. aur moje is number par sms karle=03149180571

      • jawad bhai kya haal hai mein telenor ki sim clone krwana chahta plz contact me this number 03017844381

  • Yea I have this But Now A days New Mobilinks Sims are not copying i checked many shops but no body can help me

  • Yes it a nice service, but it is prohibited by the telecom companies and sometime it stuck.

  • Best thing I ever got. But, won’t that affect our normal communication on single sim? And, can we use more than one connction at one time? And, is that MAGIC SIM working on all mobiles?

  • And what about the protection of your sim data what if they copy your normal sim and save data and later on clone your simcard on another black sim ? did you guys ever think of that ?

  • salam to all
    but the problem is someone clone your sim n make an extra copy for his future use than what will any one can do…

    the best thing is v should buy sim reader n buy blank sim card n try to copy it ourselves..

    not from sadar or any other market place..

  • It is very easy to make copies of these SIMs and write them on any blank SIM. I’d Suggest that never ever give your SIM to a shop keeper for preparing this SIM even if he doesn’t charge you. Because once if he prepares back up of your SIM on his computer, he would be able to use your SIM as if you yourself would be using it. moreover, he can make as many copies as he wishes. not only that, no one would be able to help you not even that mobile company whose SIM are you using! or PTA either! worst of all, if he activates your SIM and anyone calls you he can answer your call and rest you can imagine yourself!

  • You cannot copy every sim by this copier, it can copy only old sim and can never copy new sims, as new sims has better technology.
    I also bought this copier from bahawalpur in Rs.450 but it never copy my three ufone, zong and jazz sim as all my sims have new technology agains copying.

    New sim circuit is small than old ones, as old sim circuite is big So first check your sim to copy and if it is small then it will not copy.

  • Assalam-o-Alykum,

    I was used this sim but the problem is that they can not make copy of telenor sim, but Jazz and Ufone easily copied.
    If any one use this and copy easily telenor sim tell me.


  • Blank Sim has been available in Pakistan(Lahore) for at least 2 years now and the number of sims that can be copied to 1 has grown to 25!(not 6)

    It has been useful for International Traders who travel a lot, they dont have to carry local sims for each nation anymore.

    You can easily purchase the sim with its device and driver with the instruction manual from Hall Road, Lahore.

    Its a simple 1,2,3 process to copy all your sims.

  • in karachi u can find it from sadar or in lahore i think it will b available in hafeez centr

    i think the procedure of copying sim is available on youtube or anyone can find it on google

    if some1 found it plz share here


  • Aray yar magic sim par just ufone or jazz chalti hai us ka data copy hota hai mian ne yeh use ki hai. May b abhi koi latest magic sim ho market mian jo warid and telenor zong pick karay.magar jaha tak mera personal experience hai to just mobilink and ufone sim chalti hai. powertools par option aa jatay hian STK ka option waha se sim ko switch kar saktay ho. thats it

    • if any one …….make Zong clone sim
      meray saath raabta krin main zong cloned sim use kr raha hoon

  • Shabir Muhammad u r wrong. Shop keep dosnt use ur sim data if he copy ur sim data then ur sim is not active in ur mob. coz one sim is on at one time. okz

    • ZehF, The beauty of this thing is that you won’t have any clear indication if another copy of yr SIM is activated. yes there is one, that incomming calls would receive on that Copy from which last call or SMS was made. but what if someone activates your SIM, makes obnoxious calls or curticy to him, that only transfers your ballence to another SIM and turns it off? Then to whom you would blame for this? Most importantly, will your mobile company or law enforcement agencies believe you that these calls or ballence transfer wasn’t made by you?

      • I do agree with you and you are saying right, as I have been using this thing for three years. And it can only copy UFONE and MOBILINK old sims, not the new ones.

      • shabbir bhai ap mjhy ye btain k mai apny personel no per msg krta hn tu mery friend ko pta chal jata hai k mai msging ker raha hn ya kya msg kya hai i dont know k how but its happening kya possible hai k jis personnel no per mai msg krta hn wo clone hue ho r mery friend ny ki ho r usy pta chal jata ho ap plz meri help kro mjhy reply zaroor krna r apna contect no b btain plz

  • well using this sim reader/copier you can only clone the sims of version 1 which has hexa decimal encryption and can easily be craked using many softwares available and these sims were brought by ufone and mobilink before 2005 but new sims of all companies are of version 2 and 3 and has alpha-numeric encryption and no any software is available to crack these sims so they can not be cloned, wait untill a new software comes…

  • I agree with Saqib,


    if you have Old Mobilink or Ufone SIMs (2 years old) you can copy that. A lay man identification of such SIM card is that they have bigger CHIP on them.

    Copying such SIMs takes at least 4 to 7 hours depending on Reader & you PC. I have 4 SIMs in my Magic SIM cards, all Old Ufone & Mobilink.

    Copying Warid, Zong, Telenor, & new SIMs of Ufone & Mobinlink is NOT possible.

  • Well Its Quite Old thing

    2nd If U r Not Copying By Yourself than Beware of Shop Keepers They May backup Of ur Sim And use ur balance After making Another Copy Of ur Sim

  • Anybody care to share the software used for cloning sim?
    I have sim reader as well as blank sim, but I am not successful in copying telenor/zong/warid sim at all, just got success with 1 old ufone sim, even that takes almost an hour. so anybody recommends any software for faster usafe?

    Thanks in advance:)

  • who need this magic sim to restart mobile every time …

    why not buy a dual sim mobile …

    • dear you dont have to restart the mobile phone to change your number. Actually your power tools menu is replaced by a menu of sim numbers you have copied on magic sim so to change the number just go to the power tools and select your desired number and it will search for the network and your new number is on.. also not only 6 in one but 16 in 1 sims are also available

  • I think this is a wonderful thing. but i am thinking if it is a good ethic? will not it will be damaging the mobile industry?

  • Very nice info, can you please tell me any website or online store from where we can purchase this device and black sim cards?

  • i think this is not upto good because when u want to talk on other sim you have to restart your fone

  • I bought that sim Reader USB device from saddar Abdullah harron Road mobil market saddar karachi from Qadri Electronics, I bought the Device at Rs 300. its was the wholesale price as it is a whole saler shop.
    but the drivers cd is not working rigthly so i need the drivers software of that USB device,if any one can provide?

    • bhai koi ya batoo ka mare mobile mai mamori card laga hoa tha,wo phly hang hogay pher maina restart kia par jab re start hoa to mare 1000 sms auto matic delet hogay.but actually wo delet nai hoa.ab mai Mamore card ko mobile mai show karwata ho to nai hotay.or agar computer mai lagoo to wo all formats ka option ajah ta hain plz all brother help me without formating & without loss data.

  • I think i have to do somthing for you people………….wait a little………….till then i will be back………..!

  • I have bought 6 in 1 sim with usb card reader, as by following instruction, I have tried to copy several sims, but only ufone old sim god copied however rest of sim doesn’t copied.

    Might be it will be working on selected sim, even I have download latest driver from manufacturing site, but doesn’t working.

    someone told me that, due to slower card reader process may not possible to copy all the sim cards.

    and shopkeepers can do this easily because they have highspeed advance card readers, but becareful if they kept encrypt key of your Sim, then they can use with any other Sim.

  • its gud yar but aap apna cntct to do na yaaaaaaaaaaaaar i need it me ne kafi check kia but didnt get it for zong and already using 12in1.but only wid ufone and jazzzzzzz.plz tx me on 03338770875 if u c this response plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • if any one want to know about magic sim sim reader
    and software and its shopkeeper names call me 03006983537 i will try to help you

  • well its great new and advance technology, but i do hope that their will be a new version of sim copier available, which will clone all new sims as well.
    but when?…………….
    we have to wait and see.
    and yes if some one knows about the arrival of new sim copier plz do let me know, by replying to my this message.just click on “reply”

  • Can any one tell me that is there any side effect by using six in one sim card….. on your mobile or battery timing…….
    if yes then i should avoid to use it…..
    if no… then its really a great package for our teen agers…. :)

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