Mobilink’s Website Gets Redesigned

Here is this Mobilink’s redesigned website, which I would say is far better than the previous one. They tried not to copy any other operator’s website, but still theme looks somewhat similar with significant area given to featured/newly launched products.

Navigation is clearly made simple with dropdown menu while menu names are easily translatable. I don’t see any new feature added into plate; instead things are now placed in a disciplined format, that’s it.


Technically speaking, Mobilink’s new website is not up to the mark. With tons of media objects, though we know that broadband is getting popular, but still webmaster must consider reducing image sizes, such as consider following images

Original Image, copied from Mobilink’s website (Homepage) – Size: 11.94 KB


Optimized Image – Size: 6.89 KB


With current specification, download time for home page for different connection speeds is as following


I am sure this download time is not considered ideal by any webmaster, but thanks to 47 objects, including 36 images, one may end up clicking the cross button on right top. Here again, using CSS techniques such as colored backgrounds, border or spacing would be beneficial instead of using background images.

Search button is there, but search algorithm is not efficient, try searching for SMS and check out results to better understand what I mean.

Moreover, RSS feeds are not there, but wait my browser detected this RSS feed: – I wonder why it’s link is not given anywhere. Anyway, you can subscribe to this feed which is apparently working.

Rest: best of Luck Mobilink, with new design…!

You can share your thoughts in comments – maybe with some more feedback/ideas for Mobilink.

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  • Amniah

    very professional review, aamir consider providing consultancy to mobilink

  • Atif Jehangir

    Yes certainly a good review, except a few pointers:

    1. Agree with you on the search, its missing the mark in first 4 results but then it makes sense (tariffs, blocking policy, etc.) Developer should optimize by first searching all 3 brands, and then other sections as this is probably going to give the most accurate results.

    2. response speed of mobilink’s server is slow and this is why the site loads late (compare server speed to telenor’s server). I think CSS can be used more than they have but I don’t always agree with reducing the size of the images because I don’t know anyone now who uses dial-up!! So utilize the maximum throttle and give good quality to the visitor!

    3. GOOD JOB picking up the RSS feed – it works but its not on the home page!! WHY ? Hmmmm, maybe they forgot because they were in a rush to launch (is compeition also revamping their ?)

    Overall, I think the site is great, its a very clean layout with so much on display. I liked the previous site also, but this is very well planned with a nice colour palette, good use of artwork, information layout that almost makes the Search redundant (most desis don’t like asking for help, they’ll just look for stuff!).

  • Had a quick look – its nice, at least it serves a purpose unlike the site that zong launched with which was also very open and simple but it didn’t help the user get any where!! it was like a hockey field with no lines marked on it and no goal posts.

    The home page was slower than it should be, but inside pages opened fast.

    Professionally done job – you have my vote.

  • Zeejah

    i agree with the rest. search is bit off the track. as far as the RSS is concerned it is there with News updates box. perhaps developer should change the position of RSS icon so that it is clearly VISIBLE. MOST PEOPLE LOOK FOR IT IN TOP HEADER. however i think its in right place. Anyway Good job done by developer. keep it up guys.

  • ihsan raza

    Hi folks,
    I have visited the new mobilinkgsm website. i found it really amazing and cool. Mobilink has maintained there image and personality in this revamp as well.

    Very soft colors, beautiful banners, well very well organized. And the main thing which i like is that the navigation system is much more improved. Every nook and corner of the whole website is now on your finger tips.

    i am personally a big fan of their new website.
    Excellent work.