Mobilink’s Website Gets Redesigned

Here is this Mobilink’s redesigned website, which I would say is far better than the previous one. They tried not to copy any other operator’s website, but still theme looks somewhat similar with significant area given to featured/newly launched products.

Navigation is clearly made simple with dropdown menu while menu names are easily translatable. I don’t see any new feature added into plate; instead things are now placed in a disciplined format, that’s it.


Technically speaking, Mobilink’s new website is not up to the mark. With tons of media objects, though we know that broadband is getting popular, but still webmaster must consider reducing image sizes, such as consider following images

Original Image, copied from Mobilink’s website (Homepage) – Size: 11.94 KB


Optimized Image – Size: 6.89 KB


With current specification, download time for home page for different connection speeds is as following


I am sure this download time is not considered ideal by any webmaster, but thanks to 47 objects, including 36 images, one may end up clicking the cross button on right top. Here again, using CSS techniques such as colored backgrounds, border or spacing would be beneficial instead of using background images.

Search button is there, but search algorithm is not efficient, try searching for SMS and check out results to better understand what I mean.

Moreover, RSS feeds are not there, but wait my browser detected this RSS feed: – I wonder why it’s link is not given anywhere. Anyway, you can subscribe to this feed which is apparently working.

Rest: best of Luck Mobilink, with new design…!

You can share your thoughts in comments – maybe with some more feedback/ideas for Mobilink.

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