Jazz to Reduce Workforce to Become a Leaner Digital Firm

To keep up with the ever-changing and challenging track of digitalization by not only offering state-of-the-art services but to remain in line with global digital transformations by evolving into a constantly learning organization, Jazz is undergoing a transition that it says will involve removal of nearly 200 employees from across Pakistan.


Our sources have confirmed this development and have said that the shortlisted individuals are from all sorts of departments and range from mid to high-level resources.

While we don’t have the names, Jazz is saying that a decision has been made and that shortlisted employees will be communicated about the decision by Friday.

When asked for the comment, a Jazz Spokesperson responded:

The deliberations around creating an agile, digital and constantly learning organization has brought the management to decide on an even leaner organizational model to increase efficiency.

Unfortunately, this decision will impact about 200 Jazz employees nationwide.

The company is saying that these organizational improvements stem from its core value of being customer-centric, which allows Jazz to be adaptive and extremely agile in times of growing digital demand.

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, in a message to all employees, said:

At Jazz, we have always prided ourselves in delivering high-quality services to our customers in a fast-paced technological era.

While we continue to make progress on the business and people fronts, we must also be mindful of the rapidly changing environment in which we operate.

To continue to remain an undisputed leader, we must pre-empt the waves of change by creating a leaner, more agile organizational structure.

He further added, “While such transitions can be painful, our priority has been our people. We appreciate the part they have played in making us the country’s number one mobile operator and their contributions are highly valued and due to this reason we are committed to treating them with utmost respect as they transition to new opportunities.”


Severance Package for Outgoing Employees

Jazz told ProPakistani that all affected employees are being offered a sizable severance package that is in line with company and Group policies and above the industry benchmarks.

“We have also extended the medical benefits to all departing colleagues and their families for 2019”, the company said.

Furthermore, they can continue to avail their airtime benefit as per the ex-employee package and the same applies for their friends and family packages as well.

The exit plan for employees is better than industry standards with a support system. A Jazz Spokesperson stated that by consistently evolving its organizational structure, framework, and processes, along with developing new, innovative product offerings, Jazz is set to take on the challenges in today’s business environment and rising customer demands, constantly adapting to change.


  • So much for bringing FDI, these highly profitable, undisputed leaders of telecom industry, all foreign owned are now going to engage in massive layoffs. Pakistan ko sirf Pakistani bacha saktay hain. Not people taking instructions from Amsterdam HQ or Oslo HQ.

  • Digitalization ka rona roo rahy thy uy pichly kuch mah say , asal wajha ye the k employees layoff krny thy.

  • A ‘digital’ company still with no self care app LOL
    Layoffs are never a good think, its a growing company and to use ‘digitization’ as an excuse is regrettable.

  • it is very sad to see people being layed off, we as workers give our heart and soul to the growth of these big corporations and at the end when they have grown at sustainable position they just kick off the workers in the name of efficiency, which they had already gained by the same.

    • Agreed pehly un se khoob kaam le k Latt maar dety

      is liay apne Haq k liay larro


  • Many of my friends went jobless in the last 6 months. Our economy is going down. Naya Pakistan is destroying jobs rather than creating any new.

    • Pichle saalo mai kidhr they app??? Jazz pehli baar nai logo ko naukri se nikaal raha. yehi baat hai to Telenor ne to poori poori CSCs hi band kr k log fire krdiye the….
      Dont make any news your cheap politics.

  • i hear the number is more like 400, shouldn’t this story be about struggling workforce and the challenges we are facing instead of letting JAZZ tell their narrative – ask some of the people who were laid off if they were sitting idle and how their jobs became redundant all of a sudden & who decides who is redundant and who isn’t?

    Digitization is supposed to create a lot of jobs and new opportunities too, its not supposed to be about laying off older workforce only

    Also, the severance package offered by telecom industry is just about in line with legal requirements with a few fancy additional items bundled in. Nothing to rave about.

    People thinking of joining telecom operators in general and JAZZ in particular should mark the words of the company spokesman “The deliberations around creating an agile, digital and constantly learning organization has brought the management to decide on an even leaner organizational model to increase efficiency.

    Unfortunately, this decision will impact about 200 Jazz employees nationwide.

  • The way they did it was inuman and disgraceful. Organizations cannot succeed with such behaviours encouraging isolation and negativen politics, and IMO similar reasons were behind fall of major initiatives taken by jazz and veon in last 2 years after merger with Warid.

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