UTrack, Expensive but Useful Map Service by Ufone

Ufone has jumped into Navigational Services, soon after Mobilink launched its Mobile Navigational System. Backed by naqsha.net maps, Ufone has got more of what Google Maps is offering.  Though we have discussed before that community powered Google maps are getting more rich with time – however, at this point of time, Naqsha.Net has surely more points/addresses (POIs),  available with UTrack offers.

Ufone Says

“Get on the right track with UTrack Maps. With UTrack Maps its always the right way.

If you are new in town or are looking for the place everyone’s been talking about let UTrack maps guide you there. All you require is a GPRS enabled handset along with GPRS settings to access UTrack Maps.”

How to use Utrack?

Simply go to http://wap.ufone.com (Can be browsed from Phone only) click on the UTrack Maps icon and it will direct you to the UTrack Maps page. Simply choose a city from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad or Quetta & start navigating at your own will.

In search bar, you can input Specific Street, colony, road, area, school, market, airport or any other popular place to locate.

System will give you back a list of results that you can view on map.

UTrack Maps offers the following main features:

Locate a position on map –Select a city from the UTrack Maps home page, enter a street number/name of residential colony/road/ and get the target location on map. You can also locate any popular place on the map by typing the name e.g. Sea view, Mcdonalds, F-8/1, Satellite Town, banks, Gulberg, Defence, HBL etc.

If there are more than 1 matches, you will get a detailed list of all the HBL locations e.g. HBL F-7, HBL F-11, HBL Dhamial Road etc. and select the desired branch. Click on “View on Map” button and get the desired location pointed on the map. After locating a specific location on map, you can make route to another point and get driving directions or search for businesses and points of interest like Ufone Franchises, Banks, ATM’s, Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Mosques and hotels within a range of 3 km. Radius Search (Search Nearby) – After locating a specific location on the map, you can identify popular POI’s including Ufone Franchise, Banks, ATM, Restaurants, Hotel, Petrol Stations or Mosques in the vicinity. Simply chose a category and get a complete list of restaurants/petrol pumps in a range of up to 3 km.

You can also chose to make a selected POI(point of interest) or search for other POI’s near start point/end point.
Routing and Distance – UTrack maps also helps you to calculate a desired route i.e. enter a start point e.g F-10 and a destination, e.g Pizza Hut, F-7 and the route will be shown on the map. You will also get the directions and total distance (in km) for the route in text form.


For first two weeks, only standard GPRS rates will apply, however, later on, along with GPRS charges while browsing the WAP site,

  • In case you click to view a location on map, you will be charged Re. 1/- per click.
  • On clicking “View Route”, you will be charged another Rs. 2/- per click.
  • When you click on “Search” in the Search Nearby option, you will be charged another Re.1/- per click.
  • Additional Re. 1/- per click will be charged when you click on “View larger image”.
  • All prices are exclusive of tax.

That’s expensive: -s

Fore more information visit official page here

  • yar kon kon si cities main intro karaya hai cuz mobilink ka i tried it in multan tou wo multna main nai chalta~!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Find below the comparison between “Mobi Track” and “U Track”.

    o Mobi Track is a real time satellite based navigation and location based application where UTrack is a static maps application on the internet. There is no comparison of user experience.

    o No doubt they named it UTrack, there is no “Tracking” feature in it because neither user nor application knows user location on the map

    o Services similar to UTrack are freely available on the internet. They are charging it on per click basis (Location Rs. 1. POI Rs. 2, Route layering Rs. 3) while Mobi Track is only Rs. 295 for unlimited monthly usage

    Once again Ufone has displayed its “me-to” mentality by launching low grade product with very limited features. As always they didn’t hesitate to copy our brand name by naming it “U Track” after “Mobi Track” they have tried to create a perception that their product is more or less the same as our. However detailed review shows that it is no way near to our product. Few salient features are as under:

    o We are selling a complete navigation solution with all international accreditation. Our product meets all international standards of a proper GPS based navigation solution. However Ufone lacks all of these international affiliations.

    o Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation is a feature that so far is not present even in Google maps. Internationally 2D vector route layering is available free of cost by Google and other map service providers. However in those countries 3D navigation applications like “Tom Tom” are used for navigation.

    o Real time GPS guided navigation is the feature where our product unleashes its real potential. With the help of sophisticated satellite guided navigation this application can lead his user to within 5 meters of his destination.

    o House number level search feature is an other feature where we are far ahead of our competition. U-Track at its best can guide its user to the street.

    o Additional features like weather report, trip report and on-line dedicated portal for every user makes this product a choice for real navigators.

    o Mobi Track is an ideal solution for our highly exclusive BB subscriber base.

    Real time satellite based navigation with turn-by-turn voice assistance and 3D maps. Application is built on international standard and can be integrated with any other international level LBS solution.
    Normal digital maps available free of cost on internet like Google maps or (naqsha.net). Its not even an application any intelligent user can use this free of cost at (www.naqsha.net )


    Turn by turn voice assistance

    3D map display

    Real time GPS guidance and position tracking

    2D vector route layering


    Street Level Maps (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad)

    Map accuracy

    Data reliability

    Map updating frequency
    Every 30-60 days

    Map updating method
    Dedicated resources & User feedback

    Cities Covered


    House number level search

    Street level search

    Trip report

    Share location feature

    POI (Point of interest)
    50,000+ (In 3 cities)
    20,000+ (In 6 cities)

    High (international standards)

    Charging Method

    Monthly fee
    Rs. 295+ Tax

    Cost per search
    No cost
    Location: Rs. 1

    POI: Rs.2

    2D route display: Rs.3

    Additional features

    Weather report

    Trip report

    Dedicated portal with private space for every user

  • hmmm mobilink service impressive i want to know 1 thing that gprs charges are additional after paying 295+tax


  • Isn’t it strange that one day Mobilink announces the launch of MobiTrack and the very next day Ufone launches Utrack! It’s a competition about who’s got more mettle. So how are we supposed to compare? It would be unfair to say Mobilink’s product is better just because they have a larger customer base, therefore, I’ll just stick to comparing the products.

    After using both, MobiTrack and UTrack, I must say that MobiTrack is the overall winner! I won’t go into what each product offers but rather I will compare what features are available/unavailable in both.

    MobiTrack – User friendly and professional
    UTrack – WAP based

    Map browsing and display
    MobiTrack – Interactive, progressive and attractive
    UTrack – WAP based, dull

    MobiTrack – Customizable, 3D with voice guided navigation
    UTrack – User to determine start and end points
    Note that UTrack will not be able to tell its users where they are located if they get lost!

    Response time
    MobiTrack – Moderately fast
    UTrack – Slow

    Trip report
    MobiTrack – Available (on web portal http://www.trakkernav.com) with option to export to pdf
    UTrack – N/A

    Location Sharing
    MobiTrack – Option share POIs and location on map
    UTrack – N/A

    Weather forecast
    MobiTrack – 5 day forecast for any selected or searched location
    UTrack – N/A

    MobiTrack – Option to save any point or POI as favorite which will be synchronized with web account
    UTrack – N/A

    MobiTrack – Offers free 5-day trial one time for any SIM after which Monthly subscription fee of Rs. 295 + tax shall apply
    UTrack – Offer ends end of May 2009 after which you pay per click i.e. pay more if you use more. Not a good idea for navigation freaks.

  • I wonder why we have headlines like U-track expensive but useful tracking system”” where-as in reality is totally different & disappointing

    • One thing: Its “UTrack, Expensive but Useful Map Service by Ufone” not tracking system!

      Secondly, pls focus on promoting Mobilink and demoting Ufone, let’s keep the content policy of ProPakistani aside


  • Aamir, its a matter of resposible attitudes, comments were made after the detailed comparison of both however such un-authentic statments or headings violates consumers basic right to accurate product info
    Secondly i admit, some might find such outdated application useful

    • boss, you are making me laugh : – )

      I said UTrack a “Useful map service, which is expensive”, that’s it…! i bear responsibility of whatever is posted on this website, and i find this statement quite appropriate.

      Still if you differ, you ve got the right.

      Let’s close the discussion, and focus on more productive things…

  • A THUMBS UP for MOBITRACK. After trying both services from Mobilink and UFONE I have to agree that MOBITRACK by far exceeds UTRACK in comparision as the former offers real time navigation and a much more user friendly interface. Also MOBITRACK also offers on the hour weather updates which are quite useful.

  • After looking at the details posted by Ardisher, MOBITRACK is by far Miles Miles ahead from UTRACK.

    Promoting or demoting any company is actually based on its product and how correctly they market it to the consumers.

    Thumbs up Mobilink! and its 30 Million active smiling customers.

  • Hi Guys – Now you can get navigation feature on your mobile!!
    After installation its absolutly free not running charges, – I got for my Nokia E71 -really wonderful exactly like Garmin Navigator.

  • Hi Guys,

    Was looking at the comparisons above on Utrack and MobiTrack. Why are people even compairing the two when they are totally different from each other.

    – Utrack is a Wap application which only tells you the location and the route you can follow to reach that location by giving you static images, While MobiTrack is providing real time navigation. So their is no way we can compare the two.

    Now comming to MobiTrack

    -Dont you people think it a bit to expensive, firstly you pay 295+tax to get the service running on your mobile and then when you use the service you are charged additionally for using gprs.

    -Also has anybody used this service while driving, like we use garmin navigation devices, cos i think if we use it while driving it will not work properly as it is constantly downloading its maps through gprs and i think we all know how good the gprs services are in Pakistan.


    -What i think is that MobiTrack is a rich mans toy nothing more. it is useful but way too expensive as when you would be using the service it will be constantly downloading data through gprs and whats more it doesnt even save data in the mobile cache so that if some one has already visited a place he doesnt have to use his gprs connection to view that places map. and also too limited, like it works only for three cities.

    -For Utrack i would say its only a map service and not a real time navigation service. It doesnt give you live navigation but its still useful. But as its just a map service so its pricing has to be reduced.

  • Most people spend 500 per month for stuff like laundry, deodorant, soft drinks, dvds, broadband services etc. Why not this? Its a way of life we have yet to explore. Do you think such a service is less expensive in developed countries?

    FYI I was told that GPRS costs for using MobiTrack cannot exceed 5MB (even if you use the service for hours daily). 5MB costs around 100 rupees.

    I have used MobiTrack while driving and you would be amazed at the speeds at which it calculates fastest routes. I am talking REAL TIME. No delays, don’t even need to look at your handset since everything is voice guided. Mobilink’s EDGE services are recommended.

  • Arnt we all a bunch of critic cats, we would love to buy a 40,000 worth phone but would scream for Rs 100/- on calls,
    by the way Devil you must visit Mobilink Customer Care center as i am told save trip option is available in Mobitrack

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