World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Today

hd_wtisd-09-poster-eThe World Telecommunication and Information Society day is being observed on May 17 (today) which is indeed a landmark in the global community’s efforts to address the issues, related to Information and Communication Technologies world-wide.

This year, the theme selected by ITU ‘Protecting Children in Cyberspace’ is to achieve the goal of safeguarding children from harmful internet content. ‘This year’s theme is more relevant for us keeping in view of our social and cultural values.

Our children represent the future and need special attention, being the most vulnerable members of our society.  While internet exploration opens a world of possibilities for them, expanding their horizon and exposing them to different cultures and ways of life, at the same time they can be subjected to dangers, as they hit the information highway.

Parents, teachers and close associates of children should apprise them of the pros and cons of venturing in cyberspace. Public-Private stakeholders must join hands to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the threats, using all means,  including the massive awareness campaigns especially by NGOs and telecom operators and vendors under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Further, law enforcement agencies have to be more vigilant, having close interaction with stakeholders globally in protecting the children in virtual world of cyberspace. Joint efforts in this regard will yield better results for the benefits of the young generation. Efforts would be further strengthened with the backing of international community, particularly the assistance and guidance of multilateral agencies like ITU in shaping policies to protect children in cyberspace.

  • Strategies may protect child from harm on the Internet:

    Install “blocking software” with the help of local computer store. Such software prevents targeted web sites from appearing on computer.

    Keep computer in a public area in house such as the kitchen, family room or hallway. Children will be embarrassed if sexual content appears and will not want to be caught in open territory with it on the screen. Porn needs secrecy to survive. No secrecy, no porn.

    If the computer is to remain in your child’s room, the door must be open when the Internet is in use.

    Check the Temporary Internet Files and History Folder on the computer. The rule is, no deleting these files. Parents are advised to view these files periodically. These files will show you exactly what has been viewed and which web sites were accessed. They even will show date and time. No files, no computer.

    Remember, safety on the Internet is not a matter of trusting child. It is a matter of understanding childhood curiosity and the trouble that can cause. It is always up to the parents to protect children from harm and learn the strategies to do so.

    It is a major concern of many social scientists that pornographic photos and videos do not convey realistic human feelings. The focus is on the mechanics, and the personal and even spiritual dimension of sex is missing.

  • @ nazakat hussain:
    I am also in agreement with your views of installing a blocking software.
    But I think that just monitoring the web history and keeping the computer in an open gallery of home is not the complete solution for this sensitive issue. as even the opening of a fake website for just a few seconds is enough to spoil the sensitive brain of a child.
    We should also try to go to the root cause and should emphasize microsoft to take the issue of fake sites seriously. No site could be opened before it is authorised by the cyber law enforcement agencies.

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