Telenor TalkShawk’s Hidden Package Got Exposed!

It is becoming quite regular now that cellular companies come up with hidden packages. This is done mainly to offer (very) attractive package to limited customers – can be for specific school, area, industry and so on.

Here in this example, Telenor TalkShawk 30 second Discount Package is one of such packages, which can be extra treat for many subscribers – especially for those who make long calls during day time. Following are the details:
This package is only for Talkshawk 30 Second subscribers – With this promo customers can talk at Discounted Rates for as low as 22 paisa per 30 second (F&F numbers) & as low as 37 paisa per 30 second to all Telenor numbers.

By the way, when we asked Telenor’s CSR (via helpline) about why this package is not updated on website, she said that these bundle services are not advertised on website, as part of policy, however, subscribers can check helpline for such packages.

Eligibility Criteria: Must be a Talkshawk 30 Sec Subscriber
Offer: 50% discount on all calls to Telenor numbers (F&F or others)
Discount Timing: 1PM to 5PM

On-net (Telenor to Telenor): Rs.0.46 (inclusive of Tax)
On-net FnF: Rs.0.28 (inclusive of Tax)

Activation Charges: Charges Rs.49+Tax (Rs.59.29)

Yes, activation charges are high – so its good only if you make long duration and greater amount of calls.

How to Subscribe:
Dial 555
Press 6
Press 1 (Feature is called “Call Discount” on IVR)

Service Facts:

  • Discount timings are between 1 PM to 5 PM
  • Only Talkshawk 30 second subscribers can activate the offer
  • Each subscription has a validity of 7 days from day of subscription
  • The offer will be visible in feature 2 of Bonus Feature in ChrissXpress
  • Discounted tariff is only applicable to Telenor FnF and All other Telenor numbers
  • All calls starting before 5 PM and continuing after 5PM will continue to be charged at Discounted rates
  • Only calls starting at or after 1PM will be charged on discounted Rates, if call starts before 1 PM standard charges will apply

Validity and Confiscation:

  • Validity of each subscription is 7 days
  • On change of package plan the service will be deactivated
  • Customer can re-subscribe to the service once the first subscription ends
  • If validity of main prepaid account expires customer will not be able to make calls unless account is recharged
  • If balance of main prepaid account goes to 0 (zero), customer will not be able to make calls unless account is recharged

Important information:

  • Limited time offer for Talkshawk 30 Sec subscribers
  • Offer for Telenor to Telenor calls only between 1PM to 5PM
  • Subscription will last for 7 days
  • Service will be deactivated on package plan change

Thanks to Humayun Khan for updating us on this Package

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK