Let's Start Using MMS, after SMS is taxed!

“6A. Short Message Service (SMS) 9812.1710 Paisas twenty per SMS in addition to rate specified at serial number 6.”

This line is taken from finance bill 2009-10. Clearly word MMS is not mentioned in it. We also know Zong is offering 100 MMS a day, while Warid has a treat for its customers too with 250 MMS a day.

Question arises, if other companies can offer MMS too, at decreases rates and let the masses get familiar with MMS instead of SMS?

It will be more of like deceiving the system with technical grounds.

Comments from legal guys appriciated.

Update: SMS tax has been taken back by government of Pakistan

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  • Idea is good but main problem is that mostly mobile set do not support mms facility and mostly mobile users have not actived mms thatz why user can not reacivd mms…

  • What about the GPRS that is required to send MMS?
    I am sure that will not be free.

    It means we will be charged at least 2 rupees per MMS. not for MMS but for GPRS…………

    AM i rite?

  • MMS is not that much popular as SMS, and technically it’s more resource extensive than SMS, I’m still waiting for the first july to see what’s got implemented :)

  • Well guys i think charging 20paisas on each txt msg is just a proposal. It is not approved by the parliament as all the network companies are against it because all the packages will not be effective after implementing this tax rate.
    correct me if i am wrong.

  • A French Queen in old days went to its kingdom and asked her people about the problem. ” They told her that wheat crop is damaged so we have no bread these days, Queen Replied u shuld eat cake and pastries.. I think Its enuff to say about this article.

  • @ Aamir atta , sir u r rite, A revolution which ruined the Queen’s Kingdom, If u got Guts Write on Issues that cause revolution , not hitting or favouring Some One.

  • It wont be the end of the world if are not able to send 500 SMS everyday.. An SMS package is not worth creating further civil disturbance. We already have enough instability in this country. I definitely believe that this SuperTax is terribly wrong but also that any protest against this should be peaceful and through proper channel. And since it hopefully wont be the end of the world (or of this country) if the tax is imposed, we can wait for the next year as the Government is also under the pressure of IMF to raise its revenue and they thought that this SMS tax will be a good tree to pluck notes off. Till then, we can make do with few (important) SMS a day or use MMS instead.

    But lets hope that this tax wont be implemented in the first place.

  • companies can defeat the provisions easily because the word MMS is not clearly mentioned in the budget.

    now another race starts in the competion of cellular field.

    on the other hand i appreciate such tax on messages because the young generation was using this offer rashly to destroy themselves.

  • Ha Ha Ha ….ITs Very Funny..Bahot se Logo k Pass Sastai Mobile phone hotai hian jin maim MMS he nahi hota hai tu wo log kai karin gian..aur Ufone Telenor ab taq esi kio offer he nahi aye hai market main..haahahha

  • Why it is that ordinary taxpayers having income of more than Rs. 500,000 are required to submit annual wealth statements whereas the rich and mighty politicians, who have exempt agricultural incomes, have not yet made public declarations of their assets?

  • If this is indeed the case, then Zong and Warid will gain significant user base and soon other companies will have to offer MMS packages as well.

  • Salamz all….

    first i was also thinking to wait till the end of month…

    But after reading opinions of u people an idea came into my mind that wot if the cellular companies are unable to impress the government on taking back the F.E.D on SMS ??

    Currently we people use Daily SMS Bundles on Ufone and ZoNG and if this tax is implemented so surely the daily Bundle will be finished !!

    If some of u are aware, then i would lilke to tell u that Ufone offers 8000sms for 94Rs +tax….
    and the validity of this Bucket is a full month !!

    Why dont we people switch to Ufone and just subscribe to this 8000sms package and finish all the credit on our sim and incase if the F.E.D is implemented then surely Ufone will not empty our SMS Bucket because it will be against the terms and conditions !!

    and no extra amount will be deducted because of NO BALANCE ON SIM…>!!

    i want reviews from all of the TEXTER’Zz….!!




  • i think abt da abv post tht da msgs wont be sended lik dis nd da govt nd companies may alrealy hv thought abt it

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