APC and ASR Rates May get Revised

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is considering to reduce APC (Access Promotion Contribution) and ASR (Approved Settlement Rates), due to the fact that most recent increment in APC and ASR (in February 2009) caused decent increase in amount of grey traffic, told us high level official from an LDI company.

He confirmed that PTA is interested in lowering the APC and ASR rates in order to facilitate LDI companies, and the overseas Pakistanis to get lower call rates while calling to Pakistan.

Reportedly, it is proposed that APC will be lowered to 0.055 $ while ASR will be lowered to 12.5 % to 10.5 $ per minute.

LDI operators are apparently happy with the situation, however, PTCL has shown its reservation for lowering APC and ASR.

Decision on this is expected anytime with-in next two weeks.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK