Headcount Cut Expected at Mobilink

All mobilink head office employees, who were recently promoted to higher ranks and especially the senior managers who got the company cars for becoming senior managers hosted a dinner for their colleagues at a farm house near Chak Shahzad in Islamabad on 19 June, told us inside sources at the company.

This is a tradition of Mobilink employees that every year they get together and celebrate their happiness in such a fashion. It is indeed a motivation for the rest of employees to get promoted at next available chance.

Every telecom company is facing recession and going through tough times but on the other hand these traditions must go on and should not stop for any reason.

But for some, this would prove to be last dinner with their colleagues as the company has reportedly decided to downsize the overall headcount by 20%. Who is getting the contract termination letter is a matter of only few days, this is sure the rest will be over worked and rewarded accordingly.

  • Usman Ali

    yeah tou hona hi tha cuz mobilink has alot more employees comparing wid othr companies nd dis is also becuz mobilink has an old network wich rquires more employees to run da system

    • Taimur

      Thats a very sad comment, by Mr Usman Ali. It is not that we have old systems, Mobilink is the biggest operator obviously requiring more human resource. If it was not the case companies like telenor would not request us to take services of our BTS sites (Tower sharing). The down sizing is also not on cards. If the company thinks of reducing the man power, it has nothing to do with the systems, may be you did’t hear about recession in the last 12 months. If your company is not thinking about down sizing may be the parent comapny is still donating you for your operations.

  • Usman Ali

    Taimuer u r rite bt da system of mobilink is old nd tht u shud agree!!

    cuz recently i read an article about 3G nd mobilink oposed it cuz they wil hav to completely revise thier technology 4 tht

    nd u also took da unlimited sms offer back cuz ur system cud not carry da high amount of traffic!!!

    nd last bt not da least I m ur indigo customer nd i hv sumtimes get my unlimtedf gprs on nd off frequently nd u people take one working day for tht

    matlab agr main saturday ki raat ko off karaun tou woh monday ko arround 12 oclok tk hota hai!!!!

  • Usman Ali

    nd mgae sunday nd monday 2 days k charges par gatay hain

  • pakiii

    @Usman: Mobilink never opposed 3G, actually its already on the road to 3G..and how can you say that mobilink has old equipment when it is offering you maximum VAS services..please rethink!!

    @Jazzy(Writer):This is all bullshyt…no one is being fired…kindly quote the reference as well!!


  • Tish

    I confirm too that people are going home

  • A Cellular User

    Guys – Its common for a company to experience Boom and during decline company needs to be business smart. The above discussed and other action have been observed globally during recent recession phase.

    I think people should get the point. Mobilink or no Mobilink

  • Ardisher

    Usman, why would you switch on and off your UNLIMITED gprs on weekeneds………deosnt make sense????
    Secondly due to the reccession and expected low price for 3G, PTA has shifted the auction next year

  • Fareed Azam

    i second Ardisher’s comments.

  • Mobilink management is week and biased in decesion making and always the poor employess has suffered and management relatives and unskilled persons in all areas are getting good positions and violating policies and no one cares. sn how we expect downsizing will be true.

    • mudassir ehtisham

      agree,mobilink never value talent all hiring is reference based.

  • natiq

    well i beleive a few RDs from different regions are already gone where the reason provided was faltering performance and rest are bound to follow, yet they are also hiring in sales dept. i beleive the figure quoted by a few mobilink sources reach above 700-750 employees. cost cut is also underway which has seen vehicle degradation for top brass. bonuses and increments were also trimmed as company reported loss and i think it is all shaping up effort before selling the company over.