Headcount Cut Expected at Mobilink

All mobilink head office employees, who were recently promoted to higher ranks and especially the senior managers who got the company cars for becoming senior managers hosted a dinner for their colleagues at a farm house near Chak Shahzad in Islamabad on 19 June, told us inside sources at the company.

This is a tradition of Mobilink employees that every year they get together and celebrate their happiness in such a fashion. It is indeed a motivation for the rest of employees to get promoted at next available chance.

Every telecom company is facing recession and going through tough times but on the other hand these traditions must go on and should not stop for any reason.

But for some, this would prove to be last dinner with their colleagues as the company has reportedly decided to downsize the overall headcount by 20%. Who is getting the contract termination letter is a matter of only few days, this is sure the rest will be over worked and rewarded accordingly.

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