Wi-Tribe Coming up with USB Wi-MAX Dongle

USB_wimax_Wi-tribe is making sparkling new addition to the Wimax competition, a USB gadget for Wimax connectivity. Inside sources in Wi-tribe have revealed to us that Motorola has already supplied the USB dongles to the company and Wi-Tribe is testing these gadgets these days.

Motorola has came up with USB dongle last year and they have received huge applause for this USB based WiMAX device. USB based Wi-MAX device will bring real sense of mobility for Wi-MAX users.

According to the press release,

“Our new USBw 100 adaptor will let people enjoy desktop-like performance while on the go with their laptop computers by giving them wireless connectivity to a WiMAX service provider’s broadband wireless network,” said Charles Riggle, senior director of strategy and business development, WiMAX devices, Home & Networks Mobility.

“With hundreds of thousands of commercial WiMAX CPEs shipped to date, the USBw 100 is the latest addition to our portfolio of award-winning devices that are providing fixed, nomadic and mobile connectivity to our WiMAX customers around the world.” This dongle will hit PTCL EVDO badly as we are already hearing the gossips that people are experiencing lower download speeds due to the increase in user base.

For more on USBw 100 adaptor, visit Motorola

Moral: Healthy competitions are always good for the end users…

  • perfect! i hope that means the startup cost of getting a wimax connection goes down!

  • Sameer Ismail

    How could they, Wi-Tribe reduce the cost, The trial package even cost double dan the competitors.
    I wonder what is in the mind of Wi people. They advertised a lot but their packages are not competitive.
    I took the trial package, but it was pathetic.

  • Sounds pretty good, I am just scribing to it.

  • Usman Ali

    yar da main prblm wid wimax in pakistan is tht its initial cost is high nd nd it has limitd download for users i thanbk wateen taking a very gud step to to provide unlimited download!!

    bt wimax will always remian behind dsl (Precisely Ptcl Dsl broadband) until or unless they bring thier initial costs down by giving discounts on cpes or making thm like ptcl has its modem free

  • Shahzad Khan

    Not only Wi-Tribe, but wateen guys are also testing the same dongle,…

    Both have same provider and both are in competition with each other, but because of wi-Tribe’s huge cost of service, it is depreciating users to get into it,

    Best of Luck, WIMAX Pakistan ;)

  • Rehan

    Stay away from USB dongles for now because they are in testing phase of their product lifecycle at present. These devices work well only if your computer is 200 meters or less from the Wimax tower. But at distances of 300 meters or more (which is usually the case for most home broadband users), the speed is slow. Hence, these USB dongles will not give good speeds at present.

    • Iftikhar Awan

      I agree with you Rehan, i am using wi-tribe 512Kbps and paying a lot equal to broadband’s 1MB. its totally pitiable. I wish they start working on improving their services rather than false claims.

  • Farhan

    Are they giving out the USB Adapter for free to test just like they gave the CPEs ???

  • Usman

    Can somebdy tell me what is the price of Wi tribe usb?

  • Khayam Khan

    256kbps Rs 1200 (Activation) monthly rent 1000
    512kbps Rs 1200 (Activation) monthly rent 1500

  • Jeddy

    I became a subscriber of Qubee. The amount of data I can access is good for my PC. When I was going to subscribe I was told that the range of the device is 30 meters – that sounded great. However when the device set up – I was disappointed to find that only on the floor the device is on that is where it can be used. So my laptop has to remain on the same floor. Strangely enough why I had a wireless DSL I could use my laptop anywhere in the house. Qubee technicians told me to buy a router and attach to the device they have given. Which is an additional expenditure. The Wimax signal should be strong enough to cover the entire house, why should I have buy a router?

  • khawar

    plz call me