Zong Announces Per min, Data Based and Unlimited GPRS Packages

We have covered before about Zong’s hourly GPRS packages, their unlimited and limit based internet packages for Mobile users, which really changed the way people use internet while on the go.

Now at this point of time, they are introducing couple of new incentives and reportedly a campaign to aware mobile customers about available options they have got to use internet while on the move.


Zong Internet Packages

By the way, all packages can be subscribed through SMS or IVR (whatever is more convenient to you – all options will be available on IVR after July 5th, 2009).

Details on the packages are as follows:

Default Packages Time Based Packages Monthly Packages
Prepaid Zong Free Rs. 10/MB

Charging unit 8kb

Rs 0.25 per min

Activation charges Rs10

2 GB bundle Rs 2004 GB bundle Rs 400

Truly unlimited – Rs 999


Zong 12 Anay Rs15/MB

Charging unit 8Kb

Postpaid Rs15/MB

Charging unit 8Kb

Truly unlimited – Rs 400


All rates are exclusive of taxes…!

As you can see, there are variety of packages available for internet lovers. Time bases, Size based and unlimited, both for prepaid and postpaid. Rs. 0.25 per min for prepaid looks very attractive to me, meaning that – one can check his/her email in just Rs. 1 – that’s wow.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, prepaid customers can either call IVR 905 or send the following SMS to the SMS short code 905 for the respective packages

  • Sub<space>2GB  and send to 905 – for activation of 2 GB bundle  @ Rs 200
  • Sub<space>4GB  and send to 905 – for activation of 4 GB bundle  @ 400
  • Sub<Space>Unlimited and send to 905 – Rs 999
  • Menu and send to 905 – for all commands
  • Postpaid customers can subscribe to the unlimited Internet package by dialing 905 only

Incase GPRS bundle users are interested in check how much of their bundle package has been consumed, they can simply send ‘balance’ to 130

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  • yar zong chah gaya 2gb wala anth hai!!

    par zong k gprs ka masla yeh hai k its v.slow

    i think they need to work upon thier network quality

  • amir bhai yeh buhut achi news kiyon k call aur sms rates main 50 percent say ziyada ki kami hoi laikin mobile internet wohi 16rs per mb zong k ilawa baqi sub mobile internet buhut mehenga hai,, baqi mobile oprators ko bhi internet tarrifs par nazar saani karni chahiye, kiya khayaal hai theek hai k nahin?

  • 2gb in 200rs is really nice package…but zong gprs quality is not good some time even cannot open small page like google…..

  • GPRS is a failure technology and its like running donkeys in the War. not of use , lets see 3G will be launched.

    Zong should not offer those technologies which is about to complete its life and about to disappear soon from the market.

  • Dear kami and kafeel app nay shayed mobilink ka( gprs1)packege nahe try kia its very good is ki quality sub say best hay main nay sub companies ka internet har lihaz say check kia hay mobilink mairay hisab say number one hay aur telenor dosray number pe hay aur baki sub ki speed bohot salow hay hala k mobilink nay abhi tuk edge complete launch nahe kia laiken jaha edge hay bohot super hay aur sub say bara advantage mobilink k (gprs 1)packege main ye hay k agar app nay aik mahinay may agar 10 din istimal ki kay to wo log 16.67per day ok hisab may bill may shamil karay g jis may mms har network per totaly free hay bus jub app chahay active aur deactive karay poray mahinay mai (for postpaid coustomer only)I recomend i 100 packege

  • sarhadi bhai mainay mobilink bhi use kiya aur baqi network bhi main intertnet sirf mobile pay use karta hon zong ki speed lauch k waqt buhut kam thi 5kbps say bhi kam magar ab aap yaqeen karo 40+ kbps ki speed mainay khud note ki hai north karachi main haan jab main apnay gaon jata hon rahim yar khan wahan speed maximum 2kbps hi note ki hai ZONG PLEASE EXPAND YOUR EDGE COVERAGE IF ANY BODY FROM ZONG READING THIS POST

  • Hmmmmm! i am thinking about moving to zong seriously for the first time, i am using warid postpaid with infinite gprs package, which is no more infinite… they charge me 650+ for 2gb gprs, which sucks the most… speed is also not good, you cant even watch a clip on youtube mobile.

  • I think so there is no 2gb package. It is only enhancement to 4gb. Has anyone activated 2gb package only?

    • yes i have. Its best package from zong if you have moderate amount of downloading and You dont run your computer on it.

  • The command u have written “send balance to 130” is not working, msg return from network as “Dear customer, you input error format command.” and other command “p send to 102” is giving incomplette report just remaining data for use in kb format only without last date with .50+tax per sms, they shuld keep it free and show usage report in gb, mb, kb for both remaing data and used also.

  • a.a.amir bhai zong walay abhi b jhut bol rhay hein pehlay unlimited sms ka sath 100 mms deay ow 3 rupay may the phr zong lay leay sb nay to mms b kam kr k 50 kr deay or is ka rate b 3.99 kr dea.ye jhutay hein.sb bkwas hy.agr mazeen zong ka jhut janna hy to 03143663487 per cal kr lo.jahanzaib lohani

  • Nice package but Yahoo voice in chat rooms give me error with zong internet,damn i cant voice chat which is my main activity in internet,i think ufone internet is better

  • Ufone’s pakage UrEdge speed up to 318 kbps, per masala ye hai k jo mobile edge techonology ko support hi nahi kerty wo log kya karein :-(

    Zong aur Mobilink … hi reh gaye options mein … Jitna pichly do dino mein main review ker raha hon .. sab log iss baat pe atkay hain k zong ki service bohat low hai .. jab k rates wise ye Indigo se behtar hai …

    Ab ghareeb banda karay tu kya karay :-(

    naaa edge enabled set lay paa rahy hain aur na hi ye masala hall ker paa rahy hain k konsa connection lia jaye … :-(

    Khairrrrrr .. Bismillah kertay hain Phir zong pe …

    Himat mili yahan se .. uske liye shukria ..

    Per Indigooo… emm emm per Zong ki sastiyai ne dil jeet liey :d .. Zong Zindah Baad :-D

  • Kya cheaz theak hy zong my system 27gantay may update krtay hein.tb tak na bal load kr saktay na kuch.na he in ke covg hy.bkwas hy.pta nhi ye compny hy ya mazak lanat hy aisay logon pey.

  • Mani tm keo jhut bol rhay ho.tm zong ke itni side lay rhay ho.to aik kaam to kr k dakhao.tm ye he bta do k zong k kitnay coustmers hein.bs tmhe ye pta nhi or bat kr rha hy

  • zong gprs is great i have tryed all but zong is great i get 6kb downloading speed wich is batter then telenor ufone.

  • I am 8 months old zong GPRS net user and i am still using zong 4GB net package which is normal about to browse small pages n sometimes it can open large pages but its depend on network quality but zong should to make their network quality more best..infact i am also searcging another network for fast n best net browsing..like which can enable yahoo voice chat smoothly..If any friend have good idea or better comment about ths then pls reply me must! thanks

  • at afridi! if u want the best internet speed thn go fr telenor but they r nt offring any bulk gprs to prepaid customers!! 2nd cumes mobilink followed by warid nd thn ufone! zong’s gprs is worst

  • Does someoneknow how Zong Data based internet package calculate the data and its charges.
    I am asking as I have developed a mobile app which
    – opens a socket b/w my host/server and mobile
    – sends few 100 bytes (less than 1 KB) to my server
    – receive few 100 bytes in response from server
    – close the port

    So in worst case zong should charge me for 16KB … right i.e. 15 to 18 Paisa?? But I noticed that my balance is reduced by at least .5Rs or more. Soany one have any idea how they calculate these charges. Thanks

  • @Shahzad:
    You might have activated the per hour package offered by zong. I guess that is why they are charging you .5.

  • thanks all of u frndz mere khyal se Zong hi best rhega ap ne mera mind chang kia thank God

  • itni lambi chat parnay k baad ab mari baat suno sub.

    main last 5 years say ufone use kar raha hun us main call rates sms bundle or gprs mms sub shamil hai.

    ufone best hai gprs main kun k edge mobile main main nay khud 112kbps speed use ke hai per edge sirf main cities main hai jin main
    in cities jasay baray cities hain.
    is time main ryk main hun maray pass edge supported handset hai per max download speed 35kbps hai kun k yahan gprs service available hai edge nai.

    ufone ke speed computer pay use karnay pay b 35kbps he ati hai.

    or rahi

    zong ke baat to zong ke service use karna gprs k lia fazool hai.
    local or cheap quality browsing kar saktay ho per nokia n series or e series ka ak web page open karnay main 5 to 10 min lagtay hain or wo page google hoto warna or wait karo :D
    zong ka usb net use kia 2kbps in ryk or 15kbps in karchi near golf ground in cant :P
    is say zayda speed mujhay nai mili kahien.

    Telenor use kia tha per wo b ufone jitna he costly hai 256kbps connection speed wala with 2GB limit wala package use kia main nay nokia 5320 music handset pay (non edge hai) max download speed 29-30kbps on mobile and computer both………..in Rahim Yar Khan.

    maray ghar se ufone ke tower ka distance about 250 meter ho ga or telenor k tower ka 280 meter kun k dono sath he lagay huway hain or mobilink tower 150 meters from mini tower or 600 meter from gateway.

    punjab or sindh ka (mobilink ka) gateway Rahim yar khan main hai gulshan iqbal scheme # 2 main or main b wahien rahta hun.

    signal strength sub network ke maximum hai or speed mention kar de hai main nay.

    mobilink use nai kia is lia comment nai kar sakta.

  • Nabeel Ufone zong se acha zaroor hoga lekin Zong is not bad if you get full signal strength cuz im using zong internet. Apne jo kaha ke web page khulne me 5-10 minutes lagte hain mere pas maximum 30-50 seconds lagte hain or charges bhi zara dekho sirf 230 per month. Jaise maine pehle kaha ap ko zarur Ufone walo ne sponser kya hai ;D

  • zong gprs has lowest data rate compared to all other gprs available by now. even if it is sold for nothing i will be thinking of other networks cuz customer service is so poor

  • zong speed iZ VgoOd oN pC just

    change ur apn as wap.zong.wap.pk

    change home page as wap.zong.com.pk

    In authontificaTn select ChAP onlY

    download high speEd verifier,nd instal in pc

    u will get up to 30 kbps every tim

    plSSSSS CoMmenT,,,,,,,,,

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