International Pleasure Trip by Mobilink

While Mobilink tends to lay off its employees in regards to reducing their overheads and by naming it ‘none-performance basis’, Mobilink also is spending millions of rupees on their lavish trip to international destinations.

An inside source confirms that a group of approximately one hundred people which include 3 Vice Presidents (traveling first class which is top most traveling cabin in a passenger aircraft) approximately a dozen Directors travelling Business Class, Senior Managers, Managers and selective Franchisees who left Pakistan yesterday for Bangkok – Thailand & Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

This is one of “those” trips where everything is paid for by the company including travel, accommodation, food & all sort of drinks, leisure & pleasure and is considered a standard practice in the company. Our source also confirm that approximately 19 million Pakistan rupees is being spent on this trip.

On one side company talks about reducing its costs and takes action by firing its staff and on the other side; the same company is taking its favorite people out on International destination for pleasure.

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  • Mobilink is neither a government agency nor a public company, rather it is a privately-owned for-profit business enterprise. They do not take taxes from us and neither do their top management rely on our vote bank. So if they have done anything against the law, let the courts handle it.

  • Although i am not a fan of mobilink but totally agree with Zeerak. 19 Million for a company like mobilink is nothing and as a profit making corporate giant they should do such trips for the staff.

  • bulshit mobilink is proving the corupt culture in pakistan. no bonus to employees,cost cuting for poor employees and lavish expemditure quitely prove they are not sincere with there employees.

  • Dear All:

    don’t u think this act from mobilink should be appriciated…. in this tough time mobilink management encourages its employees to work hard and at the end of the day they will get the reward.

    terminated employees deserves to be terminated….. just because of their corruption today Mobilink is think about cost cutting/ optimization.

  • This Trip is only for Top Frenchise, & its a parampara of mobilink,to arrange trip with Vps and Managers. the lay off is the other part for the deserving fired employees.

  • look dudes.. as kami pointed out .. It includes only Top franchisees..and top performers..n i have hands on idea how tough it is too be one..for whole year u have to work hard acheiving impossible targets.. And after that da one going on da trips truely deserves it.

    P.s Only if pro Pakistani gave save coverage to ufone too.. i won a trip to thailand.. as a franchisee on same accounts as above mentioned mobilink guys did:)

  • By sending its ‘efficient’ workers on ‘pleasure’ trips, Mobilink has justified its action of firing its employees on the basis of ‘non-performance’. :-)
    So , company ‘cares’ for its employees IF they are hardworking and away from any sort of corruption :-)

  • two thumbs up for Mobilink, reducing cost by laying off their employees who work for their families and for making both ends meet, on the other hand, having a lavish trip to foreign countries for upper management.

    You know when this happened, when the time comes for the giant to fall….

  • Mobilink is doing nothing wrong by takings its top franchisees on a fully financed pleasure trip. Its these franchises which make Mobilink be the market leader.
    I hope Warid management also has some sense, and takes care of its franchises same way.

  • come on guys, for God sake. Company is rewarding the top performing Franchisees and top management. This is the coy money and they can spend it the way they want to. Those who are not performing and just passing the time have no right to stay in company. This is not the govt. org, where u need not work at all. Every orgnaization across the globe, arrange such leisure trips for it employees and buss. partners…. so what’s the objection????

  • We should not apply the “gareeb mulk” theory to organizations. This trip is their private matter and maybe an incentive for employees to “do more”. I worked in west and this is very common practice. So the playground is open, do hard work, become successful and enjoy.

  • its not any body private property if employees r not treated equally and no bonus,cost cuts,layoffs and ayash managemet is sending a selected uttao people it means they r only providing revenue and rest r bullshit employees.pakistan is in top corrupt country and mobilink is part of it. corrupt management.

  • No wonder we paid almost double using Indigo connections.. i was feeling ripped off but what can u do they need to enjoy their lavish trips globally :)

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