Ecommerce Gateway Coming to Pakistan This Month

There is this landmark achievement and a great news for Pakistanis that e-commerce gateway (Payment processing engine) is expected to surface Pakistan this month. Raseen Technologies, a part of Dhabi Group of UAE is being crowned for this triumph.

A representative from Raseen Technologies, while speaking with us confirmed that they are launching e-commerce gateway in collaboration with a local bank, very soon, most likely in same month. He was reluctant to name the bank, but I suppose it will be Bank Al-Falah, being the sister concern of Raseen Technologies – but no official words on it.

He said that with the emergence of e-commerce gateway, Pakistani businesses will be able to get merchant accounts, with a solution that their online sales will go into their local bank accounts directly. For instance, you will be able to open a merchant account, and using this ecommerce gateway, you will be able to sell services/products online – through credit cards. This sale will go into your bank account directly, which was not possible before.

We are told that PayPal will remain missing – however, this ecommerce gateway (Payment processing engine) will resolve the missing ecommerce infrastructure for online businesses of Pakistan.

Some expected features of this gateway are:

Payment Cards Supported

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
  • Debit cards (Visa and MasterCard )

Authorisation of Credit and Debit Cards: It will support on-line real-time authorization of credit card payments over the web, in the call centre and in retail environments. It will also provides “authorization code” together with the transaction result within a secure environment.

Fraud Prevention: System will perform CVV2 checks on authorizations to reduce fraud in the Card Not Present (CNP) environment. This is supported in both call centre and Internet environments.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): Raseen will deliver Authorizations using SSL encryption. This provides authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography.

Other Salient Features:

  • Ability to authorize and settle transactions
  • Web based reporting and transaction management
  • Routing of transactions based on amount, credit card ranges
  • Additional customer data support with transaction
  • Black-Listed cards blocking

By the way, Raseen’s this ecommerce gateway has no connection with PTA’s expected gateway, that they are going to deploy – PTA is still looking for some company to get them the solution.

If you are looking for payment gateway integration on your store then contact FMExtensions, renowned for offering steller services in Pakistan.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Great news, about time pakistani people get a payment gateway. great news for pakistani based air lines, cinemas, online shopping websites etc etc.

      • Paypal has two main financial transactions (1) Payments of goods & services and (2) Funds Transfer. First one is covered in Raseen Service while the 2nd one is coming soon (Raseen Team).

  • I would be sceptical with the success of this service if they intend to follow the footsteps of how Citi Bank’s E-Commerce / E-Payment was a major failure. The earlier gateway was a process to converting trade and exports into e-trade and e-exports. You still had to follow all the chambers of commerce rules and had to have a registered company for over 2 years, should have board of directors with one appointed for the e-commerce dealings and the gateway could only be accessed through Cybernet and the payments and fees amount up to say 1 lac.

    In short, the earlier effort was a true failure, Raseen will have to answer all the pitfalls of the previous one and the critical e-commerce mass of Pakistan is its young knowledge workers. Whether they have or don’t have a company, they should be allowed to access merchant accounts with NTNs and carry out garage ventures as well as SMB initiatives. That’s what I would term as an useful E-Commerce Gateway otherwise, its just another shot like Ammana and Citi Bank. Pakistanis currently have more liberty with 2Checkout, all you have to do is open a bank account at UBL and organize all electronic payment/wiring activity. Raseen has a big challenge to counter.

    • Dear Fouad,
      Thank U for your vey relevant post. We have studied these market dynamics,associated challenges and other considerations of historical significance.

      We have developed a comprehensive go-to-market roadmap for deploying/marketing this service in a systematic manner. This includes separate value propositions for large merchants, small merchants and individuals which will be roled out in phases.

      As an example, our service is 3DSecure compliant that follows Verfied By visa and MasterCard SecureCode rules to shift the liability away from merchants…..

  • IT is a smart service by smart Team. What i know that people at Raseen Technologies knows how to make a secure transaction. I beleive that it will be a success.

  • Not related with this post but with blog.
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    Amir, Do you think it is good stance by Zombie_KSA? Targetting the websites that are only for information purposes for students. and This is not any other but unfortunately a PAKISTANI.


  • Has anyone tested the Raseen E-Commerce Gateway as of yet? Is there any news for individual internet or knowledge workers? Any evidence in the market? I would like to study such information about any installations in the local market in Pakistan?

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