Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Game Preview

On February 2009 Infinity Ward officially announced that sixth installment of Call of Duty Series named Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – that will be launched on 10th November 2009 in America and Australia. “Activision” will publish this game n it is developed by INFINITY WARD. Game is first person shooter and sixth Episode of Call of Duty series, which is one of the most anticipated gaming series in the world.


No doubt game will made a blast after its release because call of duty fans are dying to play this episode because of two reasons. 1st call of duty World at war had a great response from its players, 2nd game is sequel of Call of Duty 4 and COD 4 had a great response in Call of Duty series. The official teaser trailer was released on 25th of March 2009.

Trailer shows that the game has got very much realistic 3D graphics and new factor and enhancement in the technology of weapons and combats is expected from this episode.

Game will be release for Windows (PC), PlayStation3, and XBOX 360. Modern Warfare 2 is set after many years of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

Game is set in Russia, Brazil and Afghanistan. According to the surroundings the story line begins where Call of Duty 4 ends, Sergeant Mac Tavish is came back but this time he is back as a non playable character because he is promoted as a Captain now and he will lead an Elite, ELITE is a multinational commando unit headed by Mac. Task 141 is for encountering resurgent Russian Ultranationalist organization. Vladimir Makarov is now leading this group which was associated with imran zakhaey in past by his own nationalistic ambitions.

Makarov was trying to bring zakhaev’s death as an act of martyrdom to acquire support for his cause. He also builds a strong and powerful base in Russia. Community from the world formed this task 141 to stop him. Roach Sanderson is the role player of the task 141.

A new mode called “Special Forces” will be introduced in the game in which isolated missions will be provided in a variety of settings. This Special Forces mode can be played cooperatively by two players at a time.

More Action, More entertainment, advanced weapons, new modes for players and much more new changes are expected in COD 6. Players have their own reviews regarding the game some are expecting the same weapons  and  online gaming mode in COD 6 with a little bit of alteration in game play, along with polished and  enhanced graphics. They are hopping for better multiplayer gaming modes and silencers on snipers.

Fans of COD are waiting desperately for the sequel because they had a great fun with COD 4 and they were expecting this kind of version after the release of COD 4, and finally now COD 6 is on its way and Fans want to get entertained by COD 6. According to players game is going to be master stroke in COD series and a top selling game as well. Well lets hope for the best and wait for the master piece of COD series

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  • Thts the game i m w8ng for,as a biggest fan of modern warfare & a regular player of modern warfare multiplayer,i hope it will rock the multiplayer envirnoment again……

  • Damn ryte man.. em also lukin forward for this game.. as i have read its review.. so cant wait to paly it.. hope itz gonna be best multiplayer game as well…

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