Discounted Day Hours Against Fixed Rental: Telenor TalkShawk

Telenor has offered this discounted hour offer for Telenor Talkshawk 30 second subscribers, through which they can make calls at Rs. 0.20 (Plus Tax) per 30 seconds on all Telenor numbers between 10 AM to 5 PM, while calls made on FnF numbers will cost Rs. 0.13 (plus tax) during same time period that is 10 AM to 5 PM.

Here is the bad news, that you need to subscribe to this discount on daily basis, and this will cost you Rs. 8.37 (Including tax). Subscription SMS will cost you another 60 Paisas, so that’s almost Rs. 9 a day.



How to Subscribe

Step 1: Customer will write “7” and send the SMS to 555. Charge for SMS is Rs.0.5+tax (Rs.0.6 including tax)

Step 2: If the customer has enough balance, Rs.8.37 (Rs7+tax) will be deducted from his account and the following SMS will be sent to him:

“Your request has been completed. Enjoy making unlimited discounted calls between 10am to 5pm. Validity to use service is 1 day.”

Step 3: Depending upon the time of subscription, customer will have either the same day or the next day to avail the discount hours.

Step 4: Customer can re-subscribe to the offer after 12am at night of that day if subscription was done before 4:30pm, or after 12am at night of the next day if subscription was done after 4:30pm by writing 7 and sending SMS to 555. If customer tries to re-subscribe while his current subscription has not expired, the following SMS will be sent to him:

Dear Customer, You are already subscribed to this offer for today. To avail this offer tomorrow please subscribe again in the morning.


  • Customers on ONLY Talkshawk 30 Second will be able to avail this service
  • This is a limited time offer.

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