Transition of '.pk' Domain Completed


The transition of county code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of Pakistan “.pk” has been successfully completed marking it as the most significant and noteworthy landmark in the internet history of the county. In this regard, Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen today visited the Lahore office of PKNIC.

PKNIC is the present ccTLD operator for “.pk” domain. The purpose of his visit was to appraise the newly upgraded “.pk” infrastructure, data center and customer services department in Pakistan.

During the visit Chairman PTA noted that the root server mirroring for “.pk” domain in Pakistan was fully operational. PKNIC has successfully implemented the root server mirroring for “.pk” and tested it with all global root servers from A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET to M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. The new authoritative mirror ( would enable local resolution of “.pk” websites. PKNIC representatives briefed the Chairman regarding mirroring techniques and provided some testing on new Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution mechanism of .pk ccTLD. Formal inauguration of new PKNIC office shall be organized in August.

It may be mentioned that Chairman PTA had a long association with “.pk” transition project and has been working vigorously for the successful transition of “.pk” domain to Pakistan. There had been numerous attempts since a decade to bring .pk operations to Pakistan; however during his efforts for “.pk” transition, Chairman PTA strongly perused and coordinated the whole process resulting in execution of “.pk” local mirroring.

On this occasion Chairman PTA said that “.pk” domain is a national asset for the country and improvement in its services would boost the local content development; subsequently encouraging enterprises to host their web content under “.pk” and ensuring smooth operations of an important internet resource. A dedicated team at ICT Directorate, PTA under the supervision of Chairman had been working on this significant project for the improvement of local internet industry.

Chairman PTA appreciated the efforts of PKNIC management especially of Mr. Ashar Nisar and Mr. Imran Anwar for this important accomplishment. He also praised the efforts of PTA ICT Directorate towards the project and commended their role during the transition project. PKNIC management highly valued the necessary endorsement of Chairman PTA in this regard.

  • OMG,

    I am really shocked to know about these virus-making guys who were running our country’s .PK domain.

    Thanks a lot, Mr. PTA Chairman.. Well done :))))))))

  • PTA Chairman, we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, we will fully enjoy .PK domains without any fear of Domain Hijacking…..

  • Where is pknic office in lahore ,And i want to make sure that they mirror the .pk domains on same site or different sites .and have a plan for DR

  • Very nice. It should be great advantage for local and international companies, who would like to represent their business in Pakistan. Good Luck PTA and PKNIC.

  • To much information man like why the hell people disclose this much information and about brain net virus thing yes they made the first :P but hey its old skool :) now things have changed they should protect there servers now couze things get bad when this kind of people comes to provide services i have seen kevin mitnick site get hacked a lot and i will keep my mouth shut :D. ;)

  • Here are few questions and comments.

    First of all it seems a good news that some change have started. But at the same time still we have to face the same old threats by the DNDRC regarding domain security.

    Interestingly Mr Zahid Jamil the owner of DNDRC is also included in the new Advisory Group of PKNIC (having only handpicked people).

    There are some rumors the the Ashar Nisar have given a big amount to PTA Chairman. Can anybody explore this information? Is there any reality? Any Proof?

  • Thats good news but I think PKNIC need to improve their customer services, I want to register a domain and I called them 5-8 times but no success so I go with, they registered my domain within few minutes, they charge me Rs.100 extra as compared to PKNIC price (Rs.2000) but they provide me excellent support.
    PKNIC must provide good support as every company providing it now a days. I would also like to see decrease in PKNIC prices, as compared to other domains PKNIC domains are expensive.

  • hello guys !
    anybody of you if guide me to the procedure “how to get a .pk domain” (in layman terms plz) , it would be a great favour …

    i want a ccTLD for my domain but dont know how to do it living in pakistan nd DONT HAVIN CC

    thnx !

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