Mobilink Super Engineer Competition 2009 Begins

Mobilink has launched an inter-university competition involving teams of students from the leading engineering universities of Pakistan. The opportunity for the students to prove their mettle is named “Mobilink Super Engineer Competition 2009”, in which the students will attempt real-life engineering projects assigned by the Mobilink Technical Team.

Ali Raza Mehdi, Vice President Human Resources, Mobilink said, “This competition forms a part of Mobilink’s broad-based talent recognition drive. Being a technology driven company, we have always sought cutting-edge technological adaptations to enhance our offerings to the customers. We firmly believe in the superior aptitude and intelligence inherent in our engineering students and this initiative is an effort to unleashing the potential of our scholastic achievers”.

To encourage progressive innovations and induce technological wisdom among aspiring engineers & scientists of tomorrow, Mobilink triggered this initiative by inviting teams of competitive students from several prestigious engineering institutions like FAST, NUST, UET and GIKI. Each team was assigned a real life engineering project and briefed about the project overview, whereby the key deliverables, resources and timelines were defined. Technical mentors from Mobilink will be available to respond to any possible queries from participants, during the course of these projects.

Once the students have finalized their respective projects, and the functionality of each assignment has been ensured, the teams would be invited to present their projects at Mobilink premises. The projects will be evaluated by Mobilink’s committee of senior technical team on a criteria built around meeting project’s objectives, creativity, attention to detail, meeting deadline, innovation and overall presentation. The winners will be presented with the title of “Mobilink Super Engineer 2009”, as well as recognition by senior management and the opportunity of a guaranteed job interview at Mobilink. Efforts of all participants will be acknowledged through formal certificates.

To channel such foresight, an extensive program for promotion of scientific endeavors in Pakistan is highly desirable. Indigenous development of effective technologies can help us avoid expensive imports and technology transfers, while enhancing productivity, minimizing operational costs and reducing capital outlays for our local industries.

  • Ammar

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  • rameez

    Brilliantttttt work done at this was the need of the day…well done Mobilink…

  • technologic

    this is really going to boost up the younger lot and yes it is the need of the time that we need to encourage the capable and hardworking individuals especially on university level, this is very positive and the right minds will be put to good use

  • Ahmed

    Great initiative by Mobilink. I must say that we really need these sort of competitions to provide more opportunity to the upcoming generations. Although how it is executed is yet to be seen…

  • rahat

    this is really encouraging and will bring out the best of the best. youth is a very important part of our society and uplifting them and encouraging them is reaally beneficial. congratulations Mobilink :)

  • jamal

    i hope Mobilink continues with this coz it can be a very beneficial long term plan where it comes to avoiding expensive exports..we should definitely make our resources strong and develop them. Mobilink is doing a great job..

  • ahsan`

    does any body knows the dates and dead lines of the projects?