Ufone Launches Online Blackberry Store


Do you need applications for your blackberry? Here is a quick catalog available at Ufone’s online Blackberry store, where plenty of applications are available in both freeware and shareware.


You will have to pay Ufone in order to download paid applications, where prices range from Rs. 200 up to Rs. 2000.
There are certain applications that are paid one, however, Ufone will provide you with the download/key (hopefully Ufone has reseller rights for such application), for rest of applications you will get activation keys within 2 days through developer.

Applications are available in three license categories

Registration Key – No key required: After purchase, you will receive the fully functional version of this software. No registration key is required.

Registration Key – Provided with purchase: This product requires a registration key to unlock the full version.  Your registration key will be provided at purchase. It will be sent to you within your confirmation email.

Registration Key – Sent by developer w/in 2 business days: This product requires a registration key to unlock the full version.  After purchase, your registration key will be delivered by the developer within 2 business days. Email is the typical delivery method. Please note that BlackBerry Applications Store does not have access to copies of these registration keys and cannot send them out.

How are prices?

When you compare Ufone Blackberry store prices, they are pretty fair and competitive enough when compared to other stores in the world, especially Official BlackBerry Store.

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