Win Instant Balance through Warid's Jhatpat Balance Offer


Warid prepaid subscribers have the chance to never run out of balance! Customers can simply send an SMS to get a shot at winning free balance. The lucky winners will receive their balance immediately on sending the message.

Service Mechanics

  1. Customer sends an SMS with the word ‘win’ to 232.
  2. If the customer is one of the lucky winners to win free balance, he will be sent an SMS and be notified instantly that he has won the specified balance.
  3. There is no limit to the amount of free balance that a customer can get if he is lucky enough to win


Customers will be charged at Rs. 5+tax/sms.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid for prepaid subscribers only
  • Free balance received through this service cannot be used to make international calls/international SMS.
  • Free balance received through this service cannot be transferred through balance share or used for rental services.
  • Jhatpat balance won is valid for 10 days.

  • I am warid’s fan but just hate this gambling offer and cheap way to generate revenue PTA should take action in islamic country open gambling
    Again warid the best network but this gambling should be stopped

  • I sent a sms after seeing it on balance enquiry but after sending I realized that it was a sin and then when I got a msg that I was unlucky, I was happy :)

  • What’s the big deal? I don’t see anything wrong with this service. I got the Jhatpat Balance thrice :D It’s a great idea.

    if you’re talking about gambling, then why don’t we just go ahead and put a ban on prize bonds and stock investment as well? :P In fact, while we’re at it..why dont you guys take a look at other operator offers where they offer you the ‘chance’ to win something, like free minutes, free SMS and even free handsets through lucky draws. I’ve never seen anyone complain about that! I really think we should be a little more open minded about this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of the service.

    • Prize bond is that you original investment is not destroyed thats why its halal

      The idea is you original investment remains same

  • ass salam alaikum ye warid nay jo new offer nikali hay baqwas hay woh isliye k 232 per ‘win’ likh kar sms karo tu koi reply nahin ata k app lucky hain ya un lucky aisay hi khaa rahay hay networks walay pesay kat jatay hain sms ka reply nahin ata very good service mujhay fakhr hay warid per…..03222745920
    9208007 koi bata sakta hay k aisa kioon hay pesa khao mehem kab tak chalaygi

  • I wasted my 48 Rupees on this stupid offer and than got 20 Rs. which were not included in my balance.

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