Warid Brings GPRS Bucket for PrePaid Users


10 MB in Rs. 30 – to be used in maximum of 30 days. Equation looks fine to me, keeping in view regular rate of Rs. 15 per 1 MB. So you pay twice and get 10 times of GPRS data. Moreover, you can use this 10 MB quota in single or multiple internet sessions.

Moreover, you can subscribe to multiple buckets (Rs. 30 each) at a time, in case you are finished with your one bucket quota.

Postpaid users will have to miss this offer, as its only for prepaid customers.

How to Subscribe:

To keep the simplicity at the core of the service for our prepaid customers – the subscription to the service is via short-code (3282).

Once the subscription process has been completed the customer is sent an intimation for the confirmation of the bucket procured (10MB).

From Handset:

Type “Data” and send it to to 3282.

Available for:

The service is available for Prepaid customers with active GPRS services only..

Subscription Charges

Activation Charges: PKR 30 +tax

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  • Warid’s packages always make sense. Its packages are always complete i.e. Not bad in any manner.

  • u havent posted the zongs new package of rupee 100 , i saw that one in newspaper , kindly give us details of it

  • any unlimited data package of warid zem like zong? i will be sure move to warid because its edge available in our area

    • No unlimited package but their gprs/edge services are quite better. They have a so called unlimited package for postpaid customers but it’s capped at 2gb.

  • Rs. 35.85 inclusive of tax

    The way to calculate the amount including tax is to multiply the amount with 1.195 .e.g. 30 x 1.195 = 35.85

  • Yeah, this is great offer by Warid and also be used in GLOW. I have GLOW and I am using this facility. Total Cost of activation (including taxes) Rs. 35.85

  • Zong gprs packages
    100rupees=don’t know
    999rupees=true unlimited

    • yes you are right adnan, I’m a GLOW subscriber and I’m using their 10mb gprs bucket, the speed is good too good if you are talking about using net on your cell phone.
      keep up the good work Warid Telecom

  • Thank you friends ashi news he.
    Warid sim hamen bhi use karni pare ge.
    kya warid ka easi load hota he?

  • I had moved from Telenor to Zong for their unlimited internet package. But they deceived me as the speed was sooooo slow. Opened a page in 5 minutes. I used it for more than 8 months and wasted 8*600=4800Rs. Most I had used was 500 Mb or may be more in a month. Speed was 27 kbps in Gujrat but in my city, Bhimber 0.2 kbps. I had long waited for other companies to bring such packages. Ufone is also slow in our area. Now, finally I’ve found the one i was looking for. Using bucket with Glow. Perfect for calls, messages and even internet. Still waiting for unlimited package from Warid and Telenor.

  • I’ve just come to know that the gprs charging unit has changed from 1kb to 100 kb. This means once you connect to internet, whether you use 1kb or 99kb, ur 100kb unit or 0.1Mb unit has been consumed. I condemn this act by Warid. I mostly use internet to check feeds. Average size of my feeds is 24kb. Previously I was able to check feeds 4 times then my 0.1MB was used but now only checking it once causes me to pay 0.1mb as after checking it, I disconnect.
    Propakistani.com , I am looking forward to you to raise my voice. I don’t know for what reason they’ve done it as it is sheer loss for us consumers.

  • well this 10mb package is already avail with sms craze package i think … but its gud just for mobile users!
    u pay 150 for sms craze package … get 5k sms mms etc and also 10mb of gprs …

  • its best but i hate one thing of warid. if u will ran out of balance then u cant use any of its services. your all packages will be of no use untill you recharge it.

  • Dear friends,please tell me about warid packages with internet speed.i shall be very very thankfull to all you.Please please please

  • hi
    actually i wanna know how to check the remaining gprs bucket of warid………i have seen on some connections it shows the remaining bucket when we are disconnected………but not mine…………………kindly tell this to meee……….as sooon as possible.
    regards Abdullah

  • guys pls tell me what is the charging unit of this bucket? 1 kb or 10 kb?? and i m using nokia 6630 and when i disconnect then the balance show only for 1 second and then done sign is apper on screen with right sign… so, how can i show my remaining balance??

  • hey plz tell me kitne din main internet activate ho jata hai aur 35 rupees k baad b roz ka kitna tax hota hai….

  • Hello.mobilink ka internet free ha mgr boht slow ha ufone ka internet bhi thek ha lekan you tube k lia thek nahi.

  • How many times I can Connect internet and check my gmail and yahoo emails in this package ?

    or how many hours I can use just facebook in this package

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