Telenor Revises International Call Rates

Telenor_InternationalTelenor has revised its international calling packages, with special offering of 99 paisas per 30 seconds (without tax) for selected countries. Moreover, send SMS or MMS to UK, Canada or America for as low as 99 paisas (without tax) – for all Telenor prepaid, postpaid and Djuice customers.

This offer is for limited time though, however, Telenor has beaten Warid’s latest International call offering with this promotion. Lately we have seen Telenor acting aggressively against offerings from competition – this aggression is fanning the fire for price war.

All countries are being divided into groups, 99 paisas call charges applies only to Group 1, and 99 paisas SMS and MMS only applies to USA, Canada and UK.

30 seconds charging applies on the following price plans:

  • Persona Postpaid
  • Talkshawk 30 seconds
  • Talkshawk Har second
  • Talkshawk 63
  • Djuice
  • Djuice Jaagtay Raho
  • Djuice Din Raat

And per minute charging applies on the following:

  • Talkshawk Har Minute
  • Talkshawk A1

More details about groups are below

Note: In below Table ‘L’ means Landline and ‘M’ means Mobile – rates are given accordingly

(Tip: Can’t find your desired country? Please Press Ctrl+F and search for your country on this page)

Group 1
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
USA (L & M)0.991.98
Canada (L & M)0.991.98
China (L& M)0.991.98
Singapore – L0.991.98
Singapore (M)0.991.98
Spain – L0.991.98
Germany – L0.991.98
Norway  – L0.991.98
Italy – L0.991.98
Greece – L0.991.98
Group 2
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Ireland – L1.492.98
Denmark – L1.492.98
France – L1.492.98
Netherlands – L1.492.98
Portugal – L1.492.98
Taiwan – L1.492.98
Austria – L1.492.98
Switzerland – L1.492.98
Belgium – L1.492.98
Australia – L1.492.98
Group 3
Countries Rs./30 secRs./60 sec
Thailand – L3.496.98
Thailand Mobile3.496.98
Malaysia – L3.496.98
Hong Kong (M)3.496.98
Hong Kong – L3.496.98
India – L3.496.98
India mobile3.496.98
Sweden – L3.496.98
Japan – L3.496.98
South Korea – L3.496.98
Malaysia Mobile3.496.98
Germany Fixed Voip3.496.98
South Korea Mobile3.496.98
Group 4
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Bangladesh – L4.999.98
Bangladesh (M)4.999.98
South Africa – L4.999.98
Turkey – L4.999.98
Kuwait – L4.999.98
Kuwait mobile4.999.98
Saudi Arabia – L4.999.98
Cyprus  (M)4.999.98
Bahrain – L4.999.98
Bahrain  (M)4.999.98
Iran – L4.999.98
Iran  (M)4.999.98
Group 5
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Saudi Arabia (M)6.4912.98
United Arab Emirates – L6.4912.98
United Arab Emirates (M)6.4912.98
Group 6
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Qatar – L7.9915.98
Qatar (M)7.9915.98
Oman – L7.9915.98
Greece (M)7.9915.98
Oman (M)7.9915.98
Poland – L7.9915.98
Norway (M)7.9915.98
France (M)7.9915.98
Afghanistan – L7.9915.98
UK (M)7.9915.98
Turkey (M)7.9915.98
Spain (M)7.9915.98
Australia (M)7.9915.98
Sudan – L7.9915.98
Syria mobile7.9915.98
Syria – L7.9915.98
Taiwan (M)7.9915.98
Sri Lanka – L7.9915.98
Sri Lanka (M)7.9915.98
Group 7
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Afghanistan (M)8.9917.98
Albania – L8.9917.98
Algeria – L8.9917.98
Algeria (M)8.9917.98
American Samoa (L & M)8.9917.98
Andorra – L8.9917.98
Angola – L8.9917.98
Argentina – L8.9917.98
Armenia – L8.9917.98
Austria (M)8.9917.98
Bahamas – L8.9917.98
Bermuda – L8.9917.98
Bolivia – L8.9917.98
Bolivia (M)8.9917.98
Bosnia & Herz – L8.9917.98
Botswana – L8.9917.98
Brunei  – L8.9917.98
Bulgaria – L8.9917.98
Burundi – L8.9917.98
Cambodia – L8.9917.98
Chad (M)8.9917.98
Chile – L8.9917.98
Colombia – L8.9917.98
Colombia (M)8.9917.98
Congo – L8.9917.98
Costa Rica – L8.9917.98
Croatia – L8.9917.98
Cyprus – L8.9917.98
Czech Republic – L8.9917.98
Denmark (M)8.9917.98
Dominican Rep. (L & M)8.9917.98
Ecuador – L8.9917.98
Egypt – L8.9917.98
Egypt (M)8.9917.98
Estonia – L8.9917.98
Finland – L8.9917.98
Finland (M)8.9917.98
French Guiana – L8.9917.98
Georgia – L8.9917.98
Germany (M)8.9917.98
Ghana – L8.9917.98
Gibraltar – L8.9917.98
Guam – L8.9917.98
Guatemala – L8.9917.98
Honduras – L8.9917.98
Honduras (M)8.9917.98
Hungary – L8.9917.98
Hungary (M)8.9917.98
Iceland – L8.9917.98
Indonesia – L8.9917.98
Indonesia (M)8.9917.98
Iraq – L8.9917.98
Iraq, (M)8.9917.98
Japan (M)8.9917.98
Jordan – L8.9917.98
Jordan (M)8.9917.98
Kazakhstan – (L & M)8.9917.98
Kenya – L8.9917.98
Kenya (M)8.9917.98
Kyrgyzstan (M)8.9917.98
Laos – L8.9917.98
Laos (M)8.9917.98
Latvia – L8.9917.98
Lebanon – L8.9917.98
Lithuania – L8.9917.98
Luxembourg – L8.9917.98
Macau – L8.9917.98
Macau (M)8.9917.98
Macedonia – L8.9917.98
Malawi – L8.9917.98
Malawi (M)8.9917.98
Maldives – L8.9917.98
Malta – L8.9917.98
Martinique – L8.9917.98
Mauritius – (L & M)8.9917.98
Mexico – L8.9917.98
Moldova – L8.9917.98
Monaco- L8.9917.98
Mongolia- L8.9917.98
Montenegro- L8.9917.98
Mozambique- L8.9917.98
New Caledonia (L & M)8.9917.98
New Zealand- L8.9917.98
Niger- L8.9917.98
Nigeria ( L & M)8.9917.98
Panama – L8.9917.98
Panama (M)8.9917.98
Paraguay -L8.9917.98
Paraguay (M)8.9917.98
Peru -L8.9917.98
Philippines (M)8.9917.98
Puerto Rico-L8.9917.98
Reunion Island ( L & M)8.9917.98
Romania – L8.9917.98
Russia (L & M)8.9917.98
Rwanda -L8.9917.98
Rwanda (M)8.9917.98
Serbia – L8.9917.98
Seychelles ( L & M)8.9917.98
Slovakia – L8.9917.98
South Africa (M)8.9917.98
Sudan (M)8.9917.98
Tajikistan ( L & M)8.9917.98
Tanzania ( L & M)8.9917.98
Trinidad & Tobago (L & M)8.9917.98
Turkey North Cyprus ( L & M)8.9917.98
Turkmenistan( L & M)8.9917.98
Uganda – L8.9917.98
Uganda (M)8.9917.98
Ukraine ( L & M)8.9917.98
Uruguay – L8.9917.98
Us Virgin Islands ( L & M)8.9917.98
Uzbekistan (L & M)8.9917.98
Venezuela ( L & M)8.9917.98
Vietnam – L8.9917.98
Vietnam (M)8.9917.98
Yemen ( L & M)8.9917.98
Zambia ( L & M)8.9917.98
Zimbabwe – L8.9917.98
Group 8
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Andorra (M)12.4924.98
Angola (M)12.4924.98
Anguilla ( L & M)12.4924.98
Argentina (M)12.4924.98
Armenia (M)12.4924.98
Aruba ( L & M)12.4924.98
Azerbaijan ( L & M)12.4924.98
Barbados ( L & M)12.4924.98
Belarus ( L & M)12.4924.98
Belgium (M)12.4924.98
Belize ( L & M)12.4924.98
Benin( L & M)12.4924.98
Bhutan( L & M)12.4924.98
Bosnia & Herz (M)12.4924.98
Botswana (M)12.4924.98
British Virgin Islands12.4924.98
British Virgin Islands (M)12.4924.98
Cameroon ( L & M)12.4924.98
Cayman Islands ( L & M)12.4924.98
Chad – L12.4924.98
Chile (M)12.4924.98
Congo (M)12.4924.98
Croatia (M)12.4924.98
Czech Republic (M)12.4924.98
Dominica( L & M)12.4924.98
Ecuador (M)12.4924.98
El Salvador – L12.4924.98
El Salvador (M)12.4924.98
Ethiopia -L12.4924.98
French Polynesia ( L & M)12.4924.98
Gabon -L12.4924.98
Ghana (M)12.4924.98
Guinea -L12.4924.98
Guinea (M)12.4924.98
Haiti ( L & M)12.4924.98
Honduras (M)12.4924.98
Ireland (M)12.4924.98
Ivory Coast ( L & M)12.4924.98
Jamaica -L12.4924.98
Kyrgyzstan -L12.4924.98
Lebanon (M)12.4924.98
Lesotho -L12.4924.98
Lesotho (M)12.4924.98
Libya -L12.4924.98
Libya (M)12.4924.98
Lithuania (M)12.4924.98
Maldives (M)12.4924.98
Mali ( L & M)12.4924.98
Mauritania ( L & M)12.4924.98
Mexico (M)12.4924.98
Micronesia ( L & M)12.4924.98
Moldova (M)12.4924.98
Montserrat ( L & M)12.4924.98
Morocco -L12.4924.98
Mozambique (M)12.4924.98
Namibia -L12.4924.98
Namibia (M)12.4924.98
Nepal -L12.4924.98
Nepal (M)12.4924.98
Netherlands (M)12.4924.98
Netherlands Antilles -L12.4924.98
Netherlands Antilles (M)12.4924.98
Nicaragua -L12.4924.98
Niger (M)12.4924.98
Poland (M)12.4924.98
Portugal (M)12.4924.98
Romania (M)12.4924.98
St Kitts & Nevis ( L & M)12.4924.98
Saint Lucia ( L & M)12.4924.98
St Vincent & Grenadines ( L & M)12.4924.98
Senegal -L12.4924.98
Senegal (M)12.4924.98
Slovakia (M)12.4924.98
Suriname ( L & M)12.4924.98
Swaziland ( L & M)12.4924.98
Sweden (M)12.4924.98
Group 9
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Albania (M)14.9929.98
Brazil (L & M)14.9929.98
Bulgaria (M)14.9929.98
Burkina Faso(L & M)14.9929.98
Cape Verde(L & M)14.9929.98
Dem Rep Of Congo (L & M)14.9929.98
Equatorial Guinea -L14.9929.98
Equatorial Guinea (M)14.9929.98
Eritrea -L14.9929.98
Eritrea (M)14.9929.98
Estonia (M)14.9929.98
Ethiopia (M)14.9929.98
Faroe Islands (L & M)14.9929.98
Fiji (L & M)14.9929.98
Gabon (M)14.9929.98
Gambia (M)14.9929.98
Gibraltar (M)14.9929.98
Guadeloupe -L14.9929.98
Guadeloupe (M)14.9929.98
Guyana (L & M)14.9929.98
Haiti (M)14.9929.98
Iceland (M)14.9929.98
Israel -L14.9929.98
Israel (M)14.9929.98
Italy (M)14.9929.98
Liberia  (L & M)14.9929.98
Luxembourg (M)14.9929.98
Macedonia (M)14.9929.98
Madagascar -L14.9929.98
Malta (M)14.9929.98
Marshall Islands14.9929.98
Martinique (M)14.9929.98
Mayotte Island ( L & M)14.9929.98
Montenegro (M)14.9929.98
Morocco (M)14.9929.98
New Zealand (M)14.9929.98
Palestine -L14.9929.98
Palestine (M)14.9929.98
Reunion Island (M)14.9929.98
Serbia (M)14.9929.98
Sierra Leone (L & M)14.9929.98
Switzerland (M)14.9929.98
Switzerland (M) 3g14.9929.98
Uk (M – Png)14.9929.98
Uk Premium14.9929.98
Uruguay (M)14.9929.98
Group 10
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Djibouti -L19.9939.98
Djibouti (M)19.9939.98
East Timor -L19.9939.98
East Timor (M)19.9939.98
France (M) Globalstar19.9939.98
Gambia -L19.9939.98
Jamaica (M)19.9939.98
Latvia (M)19.9939.98
Madagascar (M)19.9939.98
Monaco (M)19.9939.98
Myanmar -L19.9939.98
Myanmar (M)19.9939.98
Slovenia (M)19.9939.98
St Pierre & Miquelon -L19.9939.98
St Pierre & Miquelon (M)19.9939.98
Togo ( L & M)19.9939.98
Tonga ( L & M)19.9939.98
Tunisia (M)19.9939.98
Turks & Caicos ( L & M)19.9939.98
Vanuatu ( L & M)19.9939.98
Zimbabwe (M)19.9939.98
Djibouti -L19.9939.98
Djibouti (M)19.9939.98
East Timor -L19.9939.98
East Timor (M)19.9939.98
France (M) Globalstar19.9939.98
Gambia -L19.9939.98
Jamaica (M)19.9939.98
Latvia (M)19.9939.98
Madagascar (M)19.9939.98
Monaco (M)19.9939.98
Myanmar -L19.9939.98
Myanmar (M)19.9939.98
Slovenia (M)19.9939.98
St Pierre & Miquelon -L19.9939.98
St Pierre & Miquelon (M)19.9939.98
Togo ( L & M)19.9939.98
Tonga ( L & M)19.9939.98
Tunisia (M)19.9939.98
Turks & Caicos ( L & M)19.9939.98
Vanuatu ( L & M)19.9939.98
Zimbabwe (M)19.9939.98
Djibouti -L19.9939.98
Djibouti (M)19.9939.98
East Timor -L19.9939.98
East Timor (M)19.9939.98
France (M) Globalstar19.9939.98
Group 11
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Ascension Island  ( L & M)34.9969.98
Cent. African Rep -L34.9969.98
Cent. African Rep (M)34.9969.98
Comoros  ( L & M)34.9969.98
Cook Islands  ( L & M)34.9969.98
Falkland Islands ( L & M)34.9969.98
French Guiana (M)34.9969.98
Greenland  ( L & M)34.9969.98
Guinea Bissau -L34.9969.98
Guinea Bissau (M)34.9969.98
Iceland Mobile Nova34.9969.98
Iceland Mobile Null Niu34.9969.98
Kiribati -L34.9969.98
Kiribati (M)34.9969.98
Liechtenstein ( L & M)34.9969.98
North Korea ( L & M)34.9969.98
Palau ( L & M)34.9969.98
Papua New Guinea ( L & M)34.9969.98
Samoa -L34.9969.98
Samoa (M)34.9969.98
Somalia -L34.9969.98
Somalia (M)34.9969.98
St. Helena  ( L & M)34.9969.98
Tuvalu -L34.9969.98
Tuvalu (M)34.9969.98
Group 12
CountriesRs./30 sec Rs./60 sec
Antarctica (M)74.99149.98
Austria Personal74.99149.98
Belgium Personal74.99149.98
Belgium Premium74.99149.98
Belgium Special74.99149.98
Bulgaria Premium74.99149.98
Christmas Island  ( L & M)74.99149.98
Cocos Islands  ( L & M)74.99149.98
Cuba  ( L & M)74.99149.98
Czech Republic Premium74.99149.98
Diego Garcia  ( L & M)74.99149.98
Diego Garcia Prem74.99149.98
Estonia Premium74.99149.98
Finland Personal74.99149.98
Finland Special74.99149.98
France Premium74.99149.98
France Special74.99149.98
Germany Personal74.99149.98
Germany Premium74.99149.98
Hong Kong Personal74.99149.98
Indonesia Satellite74.99149.98
Inmarsat Satellite74.99149.98
Ireland Personal74.99149.98
Israel Premium74.99149.98
Jamaica Premium74.99149.98
Group 13
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Australia Satellite149.99299.98
Australia (Sat) Optus149.99299.98
Globalstar Inc. Sat149.99299.98
Onair Satellite149.99299.98
Group 14
CountriesRs./30 secRs./60 sec
Australia (Sat)Mobilesat224.99449.98
Cameroon Satellite224.99449.98
Ellipso Satellite224.99449.98
Garuda Satellite224.99449.98
Gns Satellite224.99449.98
Ico Satellite224.99449.98
Iridium Satellite224.99449.98
Mexico Satellite224.99449.98
Oration Tech Sat224.99449.98
Visionng Satellite224.99449.98
Voxbone Sa Satellite224.99449.98
Wallis & Futuna  ( L & M)224.99449.98