"4 Say 7" Warid's Half Hourly Package


Warid introduced this new package, for its prepaid users

  • For all on-net calls, between 4 PM to 7 PM call at Rs. 2.50 (plus taxes) per 30 minutes
  • Daily line rent is Rs. 4 (plus taxes)
  • If a call continues beyond 30 minutes an additional Rs. 2.5+tax will be deducted
  • Off-net calls, and calls other than 4 PM to 7 PM will be charged as per ZEM 30 LCR tariff plan
  • For ZEM LCR Tariff visit: http://www.waridtel.com/consumer/zem/zem_tariff.php
  • SMS bundles are not available with this package.

How to Activate this Package:

To subscribe, send RH in an SMS to 5060

Note: Standard package change charges of Rs. 10 plus tax apply. A daily rental of Rs.4+tax will be applicable.

How to deactivate this Package

At the end of Ramadan you will be automatically shifted to ZEM 30 LCR. For package change during Ramadan send “Help” to 5060 or if you know your required package code then simply SMS that to 5060.

For e.g. to change package to ZEM 30 LCR, 60paisa or Zem1 sec send ZEM30FNF, 60P, ZEM01 respectively to 5060. Standard package change charges apply.

  • It is a limited time offer.
  • Standard Package change charges are Rs. 10 +tax.
  • All charges are exclusive of government taxes and levies including 19.5% Federal Excise Duty on usage & 10% withholding tax on recharge
  • Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Totaly an new idea 30 min plus good always different from rest of the market.
    Iike Prepaid GPRS bucket

    Always an inovative idea ….

  • this z simply useless package during this time all the people l be getting ready for iftari. I think warid z playing with its customers nd i think warid has the expensive rates in the market

    • True! Nothing new in this ofer… Just to make its customers happy with hourly pkg now tht mobilink and ufone are advertising theirs.

  • well i am using warid and telenor. what i think telenor has better rates and service too.. warid is playing with consumers and making them fool

  • Warid iz great and best service and network warid iz expensive nothing iz free in world and warid iz not expensive just they r not marketing

  • What the heck again daily chrages and no sms bundles. What were they thinking this should have been a Ad-on package not a seperate for it to succeed.
    Warid is really making fool of its customers no doubt they have a Great voice network but this package is useless.
    Its better to use their happy hours its a lot cheaper as u can also make conference calls.

  • yeh sahulate tu serf aik ghanty ky lay hay aur daily charges…….baat kuch sumaj nahi ai

    anian chaioa kay k yeh sahulat pehlay kam se kam 6 bghantay kerian pehr meza aiaga……good opetion for those who can use it.

  • Not exactly warid is trying to make customer fool. 4 to 7 is available in ramzan only. And its other packages like Glow is remarkable . You have 10 fnf numbers call rates are cheap and special offer off pea rates 2.25 rs for first minute onward free and also applicable at saturday and sunday. And sms bundles are superb specially introduced GPRS buket and i think in prepaid such GPRS facility not given by any network.

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