Mobile Phone – A True Terminator!

Life is going so fast that we can’t feel or sense so many things, which are disappearing gradually from the scene. Technology has been replacing the older and less productive equipment thanks to very fast evolution of new products.

In the beginning of this century, we had PCO industry growing very rapidly throughout the country. One could easily find PCO, not only in big cities but in far flung areas of Pakistan as well.  Even some Mobile companies including Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone tried to share their role in PCO industry, and they introduced specialized handsets for the purpose.

However, today you can’t find any such PCO; in fact they have become obsolete. Question arises, where did they go? What happened to those PCO operators, how are they earning their livelihood now?

And answer to this question is that all those PCOs are now converted to easy load centers, which are busy sharing loads for mobile consumers.

This change was gradual; we can’t say all this happened at once. However, today 99 percent PCOs have become load sharing centers.

Let’s talk about another industry – before the popularity of mobile, although landline phone was working well but people used to write letters to their relatives. However, now all the post offices are used or let’s call they are alive to send registries. By the way total share of letters is just 2 % of the postage of Pakistan Post, every day.

More interestingly, even these 2 percent letters are mostly from students, and job seekers. The traditional letters are almost out of business like telegraph in the country. SMS Zindabad, millions of SMS are (happily or on need basis) being sent (forwarded) on every network and the companies are offering bundle SMS packages. It may be possible that after a time of five to ten years our new generation may not know about the traditional letters.

They may take it as cultural heritage at that time. At that time Post Office department may be called as the billing department of the utility services or money transfer point for the citizens.

SMS is so advance and fast that there is no need to rely on the old fashioned letters. Those letters are obsolete now.

Another thing, which had been our pride and privilege, wrist watches, which are actually now disappearing from our society. Before the arrival of Mobile phones, almost everyone used to wear watch – it happened to be the status symbol. Rado and Casio watches were the most popular brands in the 90s when digital watches, which were inexpensive and more accurate.

Anyway, you know the rest about what happened to wrist watches.  Even a time has come (now) when the Pathan vendors were offering a watch for just 20 to 30 Rupees.

We used to have Timepiece for the sake of alarm. They were being used in our country for the last three or four decades but now there is no need as almost every mobile has this facility and consumers are using Mobile Phones as their alarm as well.

Other then this mobile device has the option to use as a calculator, music player, radio, TV and as a computer (blackberry). It looks that after some time we will have one thing very popular and essential in our daily life.

Even your mobile will be a good guide in the future where we will use Google pathfinder. These are only few uses of mobile set, which are now very common. It looks that it will be a total cultural change for our modern societies and the terminator mobile will eat up all its competitors easily.

Now we can say that mobile is a wind of change and a True Terminator.

  • Ah! Such unnecessary articles is making Propakistani a bore tool.
    Abu Usama, most of your articles are like ESSAYS. Hardly there was/is any Juicy article from you.
    If writers can’t find anything to publish then why give these NOT-SO-WANTED articles?
    It was simply like 5th Standard Student writing this for essay competition-What a Blah!

    • Little correction bro, its Abu Asma,

      lol – So you like only those hot cakes? They are in plate too. About your feedback, we have noted – let’s see if others want the same, we will divert the policy accordingly.

    • I think it was a good article, while I agree with you that most of Pakistani mentality is to get some ‘juicy’ material. I believe such articles are eye openers.

      Frankly & IMHO its dilemma of our society that they require to hear a ‘juicy’ conspiracy and to build on it, unfortunately missing on the big picture!

      Good articles – plz keep them coming.

  • I wont call it a terminator. It is a device which we rely on. It has become an integral part of our life.

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