PTCL Introduces Unlimited Local and NWD Calls (Bundled with DSL) [UPDATED]

1 week ago we reported about PTCL’s Double-Up Unlimited package, under which PTCL was secretly offering unlimited local and nwd calls (bundled with DSL) to its selected customers. Now, on the occasion of Eid, PTCL has announced this package for all residential customers with PTCL land line and broadband DSL service.

According to this package, now, customers can make unlimited PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone calls, local and nationwide, bundled with Broadband at a fixed monthly charge. To utilize this offer all customers must have landline and dsl service of PTCL.


On the launch of this service, PTCL SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said:

This package is based on our unique position in the telecom market as the only fixed line operator with nationwide presence and being the largest and fully integrated broadband network of Pakistan.
We are confident that with the launch of this package, we will be able to bring a new dimension to offering converged telecom services in Pakistan.

Tariffs are as following:

Unlimited On Net Calls + 1 MB Broadband (unlimited downloads) = Monthly Rental Rs. 1,999
Unlimited On Net Calls + 2 MB Broadband (unlimited downloads) = Monthly Rental Rs. 2,999
Unlimited On Net Calls + 4 MB Broadband (unlimited downloads) = Monthly Rental Rs. 5,999

*Above prices are exclusive of GST tax

PTCL has been offering 1 MB broadband connection for Rs. 1,200, so those customers who want to enjoy this service, would only need to pay Rs. 799 more.

How to activate “Double-Up Unlimited package”:

This package can be activated by calling PTCL helpline 1236.

Note: All off-net calls (local, NWD, Mobile and International) & other services will be charged as per the existing tariff.

Update: Subscribers of student DSL package can also avail this offer. For more details on it, call PTCL helpline 1236.

      • Even though this price may currently be inclusive of taxes, there is no guarantee that it will stay that way. Given PTCL’s history of fraud, we can safely assume that they might change the price so that this Rs. 2000 will be the prices without taxes (means it might become actually Rs. 2600/month). Moreover, they wont even have to reflect this fact in advertising.

        Remember what they did with Vfone’s packages? In the beginning they were advertising their unlimited package as Rs. 20/day, including taxes, so that a load of Rs 100 could get you through 5 days. Later, they were able to silently increase the price by simply putting an asterisk in front of the figure and including this typical sentence (in very tiny print): Taxes are applicable on all prices. Thus the price was increased by 30% and they most people were not even aware of it till they got their first rude shock. I wonder where they get such ingenious ideas to from!

        • that’s very true
          it’s not ptcl only, every company is doing the same with their valued customers….
          it’s trend now, as companies believe in “HYPOCRISY” now, at the start tariff would be different and when it get’s popular among people, prices touch the sky

  • Though this is a good package yet now a days, everyone needs to call mobile so this package becomes useless for that prupose.

    also many of people has problems regarding ptcl numbers as they usually get line problems and so on.

  • They should clarify the meaning of “Unlimited” calls because in their dictionary, unlimited=limited. Remember their fraudulent Pakistan Plus Package which started off with 5000 minutes/month, was later reduced to 2500/month and last month reduced further to 1000 minutes/month. So reduction by a factor of 5 is not something to be taken lightly. I got a bill of Rs. 1000 over normal because of this fraud. This time all consumers should make clear that “Unlimited” should mean no less than 43,200 minutes per month (which is the number of minutes in a 30-day month). If they can’t provide this capacity to each and every of their costumers and try to limit usage by some so called “fair” usage policy, then they have NO RIGHT to advertise this as “Unlimited”. Mr. PTA, please keep an eye and take useful action if and when required!

    • ur mentioned billing fraud by PTCL also happened with us and dear there another bundle fraud charged approx 2300 zardari taxes and other politician taxes includes
      well let the PTA enjoy big bribery amounts frm these companies
      and let be empty the pockets of pakistanis

  • Hello every one mere tarf se All muslums ko Eid Mubarak ho Allah app ko Koshu se navaze.
    every one is spesial .
    Bast of luck Pakistani Team.
    Best of luck Pakistan.
    me appni mother and Father ko Eid wish karta hon.

  • i am using opera min5 beta but found that is have to many bugs uploading files is not supported there was no option to delete or edit speed dial slow browising and many more so i come back to 4.2final

  • nt be victim of Pee-tcl. Activation might be easy but deactivation might be not. I apply for broadband deactivation and after 3 weeks despite several tries noone came. Than i submitted modem to local exchange. I saw my bill and they charged me for 2 months. I asked and they told me that i did not get receipt (they did not tell me at that time) and neither CNIC (they asked for cnic number (not copy) at that time in exchange (office). Khul k luto.

  • Tax is not included in 1999 andRs. 156 tax applies. I agree the ptcl has a history of changing terms mid way.

    However, it was anti competitive as well as commercially absurd to sell 5000 mins for mere 200 Rs.

    It wasn’t sustainable from day 1. But from consumer perspective even 1000 mins per month give u a rate of 20 paisa per minute which is still a lot more cheaper.

    This time I feel the price has been set at a reasonable point and shows that the organization is learning how to price its services.

    The package is amazing and I would want to see those cribing about it to review there comments after a year.

    I believe if ptcl remains consistent and starts improving its QoS then it will prove to be the most viable telco in Pakistan.

    • you have to pay 1999 to avail this package for 1mb connection. the value proposition comes if u want to surf as much as u like and have a few family members who cumulatively make more than thirty minutes of ptcl to ptcl calls on daily basis…

      if you are making more usage out of the unlimited calls you compensate for the student discount that is not available on this package…ptcl siyaani hau gayee hai :)

      I think in a family of 4+ talking over the telephone for more than 30 mins daily is not a big deal and that is why we opted in for this package

  • I think the package has been made for those who want to use the ptcl line for voice calls as well and not just for’s just Rs. 626 in addition to what they charge for dsl so it offers a lot of value.

    I guess it makes commercial sense for ptcl to delink this package from any discount as Rs 626 per month translates into about 10 local calls eqvt. So anyone who dials more than 10 calls of 3 mins duration each a day would find this package to be of greater value and i guess ptcl’s phone is a family phone so making more than 10 calls is not a big deal ….

    i would actually now talk more comfortably with my friends over the landline without worrying about reduction in my mobile balance….

    perhaps the advantages of this package will be realized with time :)

  • I guess this package will be evaluated by the decision makers who are interestingly not the students availing student package.

    Seems like students don’t find value for unlimited free calls but I guess their elders would…’s an interesting package and there is an ongoing debate in my friend’s house about applying for this package as they will have to forego student package. His mother likes the package as she feels now she can talk to her relatives without worrying about the bill for local calls….

  • Do you know if they will give this package to customers who can not get dsl at this time. I would pay for this package even though I cannot get dsl b/c I need to make a lot of calls home on a ptcl number.

  • Update: Subscribers of student DSL package can also avail this offer. For more details on it, call PTCL helpline 1236.

    not a nice update amir bhai you should be mentioning that students have to give up using dsl at 30% discounted price in order to have this service activated.

  • When i checked it with PTCL people, they said students can avail it with their already discounted package. But let me re-check it. I wonder why they are doing this. Thanks for telling by the way.

  • This is a separate package for Rs. 1,999 per month. Any one who is using DSL whether on 1,999 per month DSL for 1 Mb Speed or availing 30% discount as student package will have to opt in for Double Up Unlimited @Rs. 1,999 per month to avail unlimited calls on PTCL Network (Local +NWD) and 1Mb DSL speed with unlimited download. As per my info there is no discount and the package is only for residential users.

  • I have applied for PTCL connection on 11th june in karachi. They say that connection is given in 1 week. till 29th september they are not able to install a connection for me because I am not paying Rs:4000 bribe to their employ. Its all lie that PTCL give You connection in 1week on one call

  • The whole amount as confirmed by PTCL authorities will come to 2155 including tax. But ptcl has a history of cheating public in such a way that it in the past month she charged even
    – unattended numbers
    – Numbers without any subscribers that were given from 1217 upon enquiring
    – miss call for tracing our own cell misplaced at home
    – even the formula to charge more than 1000 mins per month given in Pak Package are not calculated fairly
    The package is no doubt good but it should cover student concession. I’m sure that if ptcl remains consistent and starts honoring its committments then it will prove to be the number 1 in Pakistan.

  • I have applied for PTCL new connection on 11th June 2009 and its October now and still they are not able to install the phone as some people are asking for me and there seniors are saying that they dont have a cable what a shame although they have issued a PTCL number to me and am receiving monthly bill as well. I dont understand whom to contact.

  • Surraiya I agree with you about the consistency required from PTCL. However, i saw a lot of advertisement from PTCL in advance regarding reduction in pakistan package. This was something nice to see in a marke where cheating is rightly associated with all telcos including the prestigious telenor.

    The formula for calculating 100m minutes is the same as an ordinary NWD call is measured.

    I have never heard about missed call being charged by PTCL but may be it’s the cellular company that accepts the call while taking the caller to the IVR

    I think the point mentioned by Asif is very important and ProPakistani must write about non availability of PTCL services in developed areas. It just reflects that the company is not realising the potential and opportunity even now when its voice share has been eaten up by cellular market

  • GOD oh GOD, how many times will PTCL miss the boat.
    In June 2007, This tariff structure was proposed by the 1st commercial team namely me (Tariq Qureshi), Zafar Usmani, Zeb Ayaz & Shabbir Hussian, all people who were called the ‘outsiders’ by Old guard PTCL top brass.

    It took PTCL management 2 years to understand the logic.
    Well, times have changed. Had it been implemented then the numbeer od subscribers would have gone up and revenues would have been stable. BUT THEN when finance rules in PTCL……least said the better.
    Lets hope logic prevails now.

  • hellooo
    yar aap main sy kisi ko pata hay k dsl ka link ly kar agy deny sy koi masla to nahi ho ga…
    replay me…please

  • First of all. there was no secret about this offer. It was fully advertised in media a few months back. Furthermore it is not inclusive of taxes. So far this package is being run as committed by ptcl i.e. all on net calls are free.

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