Weekly Telco Gossips

Since, we are not seeing major developments in telecom sector these days so we have thought of compiling some small developments and happenings under one subject – The Bits & Bytes

  • SingTel reported take over of Warid has been declined due to low price quotation
  • Warid is still open for buy out and they are looking forward to some change in price quotation from SingTel
  • Wateen is also looking forward to a buyer as The Group which owns Wateen wants to focus on core banking business only
  • Infinity – Mobilink Wimax – is also in doldrums as Mobilink is not funding the Wimax project
  • Telenor 3G setup is on the roll – NSN which has the contract of 3G deployment is installing Nokia equipment in BTS and taking out SIEMENS equipment.
  • Flexi BTS is on the roll from NSN for Telenor as Telenor is now looking forward to outdoor BTS unit only. Flexi BTS is energy efficient and takes less area. Earlier BTS needed a separate air conditioning unit, which is now eliminated in new network design.
  • We have earlier reported about people getting fired from Wateen but fly has reveled that their will be more in the future as Wateen officials say that Wateen is heavily over employed
  • Friday’s are consistently doing bad for Mobiliners, It Managers were the victim this time.
  • NETKOM, a third party contractor of HUAWEI, has fired 50 of its personnel due to slow down in network deployment. NETKOM is also facing problem in payment release from Telco companies.
  • NRTC, a semi-government institution having expertise in Radio Equipments, has fired 120 personnel.
  • Ufone is launching SMS to Email services this week, an enhanced version of what Telenor is already offering, however, Ufone’s solution would be rich in features and easy to use.
  • PTCL’s HR department and Engineers are not happy with each other these days, the tussle is building up with time, and doesn’t look like ending up in near future.
  • Wi-Tribe has been challenged in court of law for installation of wimax tower in residential area. We already have seen that PTA has cleared GSM operators towers installed in residential area due to no-harmful effect on human life. In comparison, Wimax tower emit very low frequency waves.

Stay tuned for next episode of The Bits & Bytes : – )