Ufone's SMS to Email Service

We know that Ufone has this SMS to Email service which is very simply, and one way. Procedure is as following

Write an SMS:<Email Address>space<Email Body> and send it to 120, this SMS should not exceed 160 characters.

However, now Ufone is going to introduce a sophisticated and feature rich SMS to Email service, where a user will be able to send / read emails using SMS. its purpose is to facilitate and support both GPRS and non-GPRS users, enabling them to stay updated with their official or personal emails.

Users have the ability to register to the service through SMS or Ufone website. After registration, users will be required to configure via website up to three (3) different email accounts on a single Mobile connection.

Users shall be able to receive emails from all email addresses, however only one email address can be chosen as a default account to forward, reply to or send new emails.  The following functionalities have been extended in SMS to Email Service.

Users can:

  • View emails
  • Compose new emails
  • Delete emails (Only from Ufone Inbox)
  • Reply/Reply All to emails
  • View attachments in emails
  • Forward emails

Registration & Account Management:

There are two methods to register to SMS to Email Service

  1. User can SMS ‘SUB’ to a designated short code ‘437’
  2. User can sign up through the below web interface link

After registration users will have to setup their email accounts. These details will be shared by Ufone with the launch of the service.

Unsubscribing to Service:

Users can unsubscribe to service by simply sending ‘Unsub’ to 437. They will shortly receive the following SMS:


Each SMS sent by user shall be charged at Rs 0.50/- plus tax.
User will be charged Rs 1/- plus tax on daily basis for availing the service.
Regular GPRS charges shall apply for all GPRS access.

Every day at mid night user will be sent a SMS updating him of the number of emails n this inbox and will be charged Rs 1/- plus tax.

If user does not have sufficient credit in their account for deduction of daily charge, their account will be suspended for next 24hrs and an SMS will be pushed to him / her to inform him about insufficient balance.

For more information: http://www.ufone.com/mobpro_smsToEmail.aspx

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  • It is probably already introduced by today bcuz i received sms from ufone regarding starting of this service .

  • Good service, But I will not use this kind of non free services where I can already read send email and attachments with my GPRS enabled mobile in about 15paisas to 20paisas per email without attachment(Zong’s 8KB GPRS)

  • I would rather go the other arround,

    Is there any service of sending SMS on any number in Pakistan using email? any help ?
    Forexample if i want to send SMS to 0321XXXXXX and 0300XXXXX , i would type [email protected] and [email protected] , ( assuming pakcell is a private company providing “SMS to EMAIL” service to send SMS on any network in Pakistan). By using this method, i would simply pay a minimal monthly amount to pakcell.com and will keep sending SMS’s to any cell-number through my email account.

    This seems little trickier to me, and can be a good idea for a new company to launch this service.

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