Telecom Advisory: Things to Remember During Current Security Situation

Islamic University Students informing their FnF about their safety after twin blasts. Pic via Daily Jang
Islamic University Students informing their FnF about their safety after twin blasts. Pic via Daily Jang

Pakistan is currently in state of War, and we have been witnessing very unpleasant situation throughout the country.

In this crisis, cellular phones happen to be the most crucial communication channel during any mishap.

Please consider following things when you leave you home, just in case… (Allah Maaf Karay)

  • Make sure that your cell phone battery is fully charged
  • Make sure you have sufficient credit in your account, at least for a dozen text messages
  • Make sure you know and remember the method of getting Uload/Jazz Advance/911 Balance, in case you are out of credit, to avail the advance balance services from your cellular provider.
  • Try using cell phone casings to hold it tightly with your jeans/trousers. This will help you not to lose your phone while in the rush
  • Make sure that Police (15) and Ambulance Service (115) or emergency (dial 911 even if you don’t have credit in your phone) are informed about the incident.
  • In case of emergency, use text messages more than of voice calls – to avoid network congestion
  • Don’t communicate excessively, meaning that voice calls to long list of friends, as mentioned above, send text messages to all of them about the situation.
  • In case of network congestion, don’t give up – keep sending text messages to your friends and family. During network congestion retrying the service is the only way out to get the service.
  • If there is anyone without cell phone, let him/her use your cell phone to communicate with his/her family about the situation – but make sure that the person you are lending your phone is innocent and not a part of terrorists. Avoiding giving cell phone can be one of the options in such a situation.

Please add further needful suggestions in comments

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Also avoid crowded places.
      Do not make unnecessary travel plans.
      Keep your distance from security persons & places as they are the main targets of militants.
      Listen news carefully as intelligence is providing reports on daily basis
      Keep eye on your surroundings & in case of any strange activity inform nearest security or 15

    According to my info there is a huge threat for a

      All food places
      Dco house
      Pc hotel
      Fatima jinnah university
      Bara bazaar rwp
      Lalkurti rwp
      Metro cash & carry
      Naval head quarter
      Paf colony

    Please avoid these kind of places
    God may bless you all

    • this totally a dis info and this message is circulating
      why not other places mean liberty market makro hyperstar which is in cantt area
      totally rubish SMS

        • There are people who take advantage of the situation and start circulating their own messages, to see them spreading everywhere. I have also received this message have the number of places written but not forwarded to anybody.

          If an attack is next, no one is going to tell you that where it will struck.

  • last point i disagree it may be dangerous only give your cell phone to whom you know it can be very dangerous

  • yup agreed… specially last point is very important because if u give your cell we must listen him/her what he/she saying.

  • there is a possibility of threats till sunday according to high place sources thats y gov has given off to edu institutites.. but u never know ..KHI is very peculair place agr kuich hu tu business aur downside ho jai ga.. but first anf foremeost ALLAH T’ALLAH ki taraf se ye imtihan ka waqt haii we should all think and analyse what went wrong in our life… V HAVE FORGET ALLAH! abi b waqt hai REMEBER ALLAH !

  • It’s wiser to call than to text. For starters, text messages aren’t _always_ delivered instantly, and secondly, it’s quicker to talk than to text and then send. You’re wasting valuable time this way (although it is imperative for one to have enough credit to text, just in case).

    And secondly, 112 is the general emergency number on all GSM-based cellphones (I’ve never tried talking to someone on it, but I do know a bell rings – cause that’s when I hung up).

    08 and 911 are the other alternatives, but not sure if both work in Pakistan.

    Otherwise, good tips.

    • I have been near the blast area in past. While the blast took place in Marriott hotel Islamabad, I was near and to talk back to my family, on that time network was so much congested that I was left with no other option than to text.

      • I’m not saying don’t text at all – but be prudent in your choice. If the situation calls for you to get a quick word out, do what can be done quicker (and I leave that to you to figure out).

        Both have their pros and cons. I was in NUST (H-12) (which is approx. 5-7 minutes away from Int’l Islamic Uni.) when the blast took place, and naturally, if you can’t attend calls, a text would do – but then – who would send a text and wait for a reply? Or who would call if they aren’t in a position?

  • well…. we are’nt really capable of controlling this situation. so always recite AYAT-AL-Qursi before leaving home. Trust me u’ll be safe. Believe in Allah. May he keep us all safe. (Ameen)

  • you maintain IT and telecom blog, and you even dont know exact service names. I pity u! its not 911 advance… it is Zong Rescue… and you forgot telenor, its Auto-Advance…
    and that is the biggest fault in tlenor auto-advance u wont even know and ur balance and loan, both will finish off… in other networks, atleast u know when ur call is disconnected that u r short on blnc…

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