Security Measures Enhanced at Telco's Head Offices and Service Centers

Cellular companies have raised the security level of their head offices and major service centers in the major cities of Pakistan. Rightly so, as the current volatile situation of the country, especially in the country demands that every company should do the same and enhance the security measures for the employees and office premises for a little while until the situation improves in coming days.

Even service centers are asking for original ID card before the entry, and those without original ID card are not entertained with any service. By the way, no one can do any transaction without original ID card at any service center, unless any bill payment thing. But whatever the case is, security guys are strictly asked to not to let anyone enter without original ID card.

On other hands, service centers are witnessing record high customers these days due to introduction of 668 SIM Verification system, as customers are eager to get SIMs blocked which are not in their name.
One thing is certain that every citizen and employee is determined to win the war against terrorism and encouraged in the presence of our armed forces.

We all believe that this battle cannot be fought alone by our armed forces but the whole nation shall have to stand by them and build their morale who is sacrificing their lives for our future.

This is time for the nation to stand and stay firm against all those forces who are eyeing Pakistan because of its nuclear capability. No enemy can divide us unless we are separated internally.

“A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits”

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