Warid Launches 'Comedy Corner'


Warid has launched yet interesting service “Comedy Corner” for its prepaid & postpaid subscribers. By accessing “Warid Comedy Corner”, subscribers can enjoy standup comedy sessions & laugh their heads off by listening to hilarious jokes in both Urdu & Punjabi.

The service allows the customer to surf through an extensive library of jokes by famous Urdu and Punjabi comedians simply by dialing 420 from Warid SIM.

Urdu Artists:

  • Shakeel Siddiqui
  • Rauf Lala
  • Sikander Sanam
  • Shakeel Shah
  • Zakir Mastana
  • Shakeel Siddiqui

Punjabi Artists:

  • Iftikhar Thakur
  • Naseem Vikky
  • Sakhhawat Naz
  • Tahir Ncushband
  • Allah Rakha Pepsi
  • Tahir Jackson
  • Nausheen
  • Afshan

Dial-in Number:

The dial in number to access this service is 420 This service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid


Charges for Warid Comedy Club are Rs. 3.00 + tax per minute, with taxes charges would be: Rs. 3.58 per minute

  • zubair

    Not a creative thing

  • Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui

    Country is in danger aur inhen comedy ki parri hai

  • Usman Ali

    gud job :)!! entertainment shud b given sum incentives so tht dese news channels get less traffic as they r makin us depressed ppl

  • Ammar Saeed

    Another nice try to rip off people.

  • Usman

    Warid is a comedy by itself – no need for a corner !!! :-)

  • i love usman’s comment :)