SensibleTicker – Desktop Gadget from Pakistan for Live News Feeds

SensibleTickerSensibleTicker is a free application or let’s call it desktop gadget for getting latest news updates categorized by topics, latest products, bumper discounts and more right over your desktop. Looks like an interesting idea, especially when news items are latest and are of public interest.

Advertisement is a project by Syed Rehan, from Karachi Pakistan. The inspiration has been taken from News Tickers (slides) which we see on almost every television channel all the times. SensibleTicker is primarily aimed at Pakistani audience, with news and products are largely from local market.

As mentioned above, SensibleTicker is free for download, and very easy to use. Ticker can be settled down at the bottom, just above the task bar, which can be further minimized when you are not reading the feed.

Apparently business model of SensibleTicker looks fine, as far as it gets readership – because money will come from adverts, and product broadcast.

By the way, you can win prizes through lucky draw, if you enter your information while downloading the application.

Margin of Improvement:

  • You cannot add RSS feeds to SensibleTicker right now, however, if it allows you to add RSS feeds (which I am sure will be incorporated in upcoming versions), it can be a Feed Reader plus News feed application for masses
  • News items that are broadcasted by SensibleTicker should be very update – there should be a mechanism of voting the news items, so that less attractive news items go down the line automatically. This way, SensibleTicker team can also learn customers’ behavior as well.
  • Design of Application and website can be improved..


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Nice post Aamir and thanks for the suggestions. Yes, RSS feeds can be added in the upcoming version, which will be launched in the next few days. I will keep you updated.

  • By the way, Sensible Ticker can be placed on any four sides of the screen by using the right click of your mouse – top, bottom, right and left.

  • this product to provide you to information on your desktop as like mini mart information in your sensibleticker provide you i think world is begin in future convert in mini mart information becuase time is runing fast and people want mini mart information in there hand so i hope syed rehan weldone job interducing of better product in future more then amezing product for world requirement thanks and regards.

  • Very soon sensible ticker provides you more interesting features includes custom tab, auto Minimize, instance updates message etc features.

    Best of Luck ST team.

  • Realy a nice post and nice application but one thing that lacks is CPU usage.i download and run this application but the result in terms of cpu usage is not good enough as it takes 70-100%. and as i quit this program my cpu usage comes down to 2%.

  • Sensible Ticker has an ssue, it doesnot connect via wifi accesspoint, generates error that you are not connected to internet whereas I am surfing and posting this feed.

  • Dear Tariq,

    It works fine if you use it in pause mode (don’t play it), it requires heavy configuration to run in scroll mode (play mode). I tested it over Core 2 duo 2 GHZ several times and it works fine with 1 GB RAM or over.

    If you want to use it in scroll mode, Keep the FPS to low, slides speed up to 50-60. But I would recommend that you should use it in pause mode if system configuration is not high.


  • Dear Rehan,

    I use it via access point on my laptop, but I did not face any problems in it. If you receive a message of No Internet Connection, simply click on Retry. It works!!!


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