PTA Removes CNIC Copy Condition for SIM Data Correction

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in order to facilitate mobile users, has removed the condition of providing CNIC copy by the consumers seeking correction in their SIM data.

According to the PTA, presently, extensive monitoring of the SIM Information System — 668 is being carried out after its successful deployment throughout the country.

In view of difficulties faced by consumers of far flung areas in approaching Customer Services Centres (CSCs), designated franchises of each mobile company were permitted to only receive complaints pertaining to ‘668’ and forward the same to the company concerned for correction/deletion/regularisation of SIM data, as the case may be.

However, in order to facilitate both CSCs/franchises and consumers to handle and process maximum number of complaints in a short span of time, the condition of providing copy of CNIC by the consumers has been removed. Consumers are now required to fill the undertaking form prior to which they have to show their original CNIC to the representative of CSC/franchisee.

Irregular SIMs registered against complainant CNIC shall then be immediately removed from his/her name.

Furthermore, with a view to facilitating mobile companies to cope with the rush at Customer Services Centres/franchises and to effectively handle and resolve the complaints pertaining to the SIM Information System, an optional permission to mobile operators is being given to allow online facility to correct the customers antecedents and get the SIMs registered in their names through the procedure of ‘Activation of SIMs After Verification 789’ by calling the helpline of respective mobile company.

However, this facility is only meant/valid for those SIMs on which at least one warning SMS for correction of antecedents has been received, whereas all other users would visit CSC personally for correction of data.

Via The News