How to Send/Receive Money through Easy Paisa 'Money Transfer' – Complete Guide

Telenor recently launched a service called ‘Money Transfer’ under the banner of Easy Paisa, through which any Pakistani citizen can transfer Money across the country through 4,000 outlets.

This post will brief the process and steps involved in sending/receiving money through Money Transfer.

To Send Money through ‘Money Transfer’

The Sender needs to bring and provide the following for a Money Transfer:

  • His/her original & valid Nadra CNIC along with 1 Photocopy (Mandatory)
  • Receiving person’s valid Nadra CNIC Number (Mandatory)
  • His/her own mobile phone number (optional) & receiver’s mobile phone number (Optional)

If you have above mentioned three things, simply go to any authorized Easy Paisa outlet and do following

  • Tell retailer the amount of money and provide up-mentioned 3 things
  • Retailer will do the transaction using his/her mobile phone (just like easy share), and will ask you to enter a pass code or secret code to enter. Do not tell this secret code to everyone.
  • Once transaction is done, you will be given a Transaction ID and a hard copy of receipt.
  • Pay retailer the money + service charges (chart about service charges is given below)
  • If the Sender and Receiver mobile phone numbers are provided, Both the Sender and Receiver will be able to receive transaction information via a SMS message. You will not receive pass code in SMS, just the transaction ID, amount and CNIC numbers.

Important: Please do not waste/dispose of receipt, as it is going to be your only proof that you sent this money. Also note that Pass Code should not be given to any one…

Now give this Transaction ID and pass code you entered to receiving party, and that’s it. You are done with sending money.

Service Charges


How to Receive Money Through ‘Money Transfer’

If a friend or family member has sent you money through ‘Money transfer’, then do following to collect your money
Make sure you have following things before you go to Easy Paisa outlet

  • Original & valid Nadra CNIC along with 1 Photocopy (Mandatory)
  • Transaction ID – that sender has told you (Mandatory)
  • Pass code – that sender has told you (Mandatory)

Once you have these things, go to any authorized Easy Paisa outlet, and do following

  • Tell the retailer your Transaction ID
  • Provide him/her with Original and photocopy of CNIC
  • And enter the pass code on retailer’s phone when he/she asks you
  • Take the money – and that’s it.

Important Note: Expired Nadra CNICs will not be accepted for the sending or receiving of Money Transfer transactions.

Here is a Demo Video for better understanding of whole process…!

Where to find Easy Paisa Outlet: For Money Transfer, a customer can approach any Telenor Sales and Service Center, Tameer Bank branch, Telenor Franchise or any easypaisa shop. Complete list of Easy Paisa outlets is given here:

Further Information:

  • You can send or receive maximum of Rs. 10,000 or maximum of three transaction per month per CNIC
  • Anyone with a CNIC (even non-Telenor customers) can send money through Money Transfer
  • There is no requirement for the sender or the receiver to be registered.
  • Money transfer will be done in seconds, so one done, receiver can collect money instantly.
  • As per State Bank’s Regulations, all un-claimed amounts (transactions sent but not received) will be surrendered to the State Bank of Pakistan after 10 years. However, Customers are encouraged to receive their transactions at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience.
  • To report any fraudulent activity or about any unauthorized easypaisa agent, please contact 111-345-100 immediately.

Help Line: In case of any query, or if you have forgotten your passcode, or for what ever Call 345 from Telenor or 111-345-100 from any landline/non-Telenor numbers.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • So we can receive money from any Easy Paisa retailer anywhere, without any concern of from where it has been sent and to where it has been sent?

    Means there is not geographical restriction as far as within Pakistan. we just need the Trns. ID and Pass, that pretty handy.

  • I feel the charges are quite high for money transfer. Imagine, expatriates can send money in seconds to Pakistan by paying nominal amount and without any taxes etc etc.

    Telenor charges are quite high and they are charging more as amount is getting high… otherwise process and service time is same for small or big transfer (I think no one can send more than 10000).

    Post Office is doing this service (although not speedy) but charges 30Rs approx for 5000 transfer of money and no deducts any charges. Govt should not apply same Telecom charges for money transfer on Telenor because Telecom taxes are more than other industries. It is not fair at all.


    • They are not charging Telecom charges on this money transfer. They are charging regular GST i.e 16%

  • Great concept, but the video seems like it’s been made by an amateur. The storyboarding is average (not bad), but the voiceover and music is awful. I’m glad to see them trying to use the ultra-popular approach but the weird accent, horrible dialogue and annoying background music creates a truly painful experience. They would have been better off scripting in Urdu – simple, fluent, localized. Telenor, if you’re reading this – please rework the video, and get in touch for feedback!

  • But Transaction Cost is tooo high its even higher than Online Bank to bank transfer in Pakistan
    Transaction charges should not be more than Flat 50 Rs for any amount

    • Its difficult to approach Tameer Bank branch because rarely people heard this before and for easypaisa shop retailer we never believe him for such amounts.

  • I gave my photocopy of nic to mobilink and they issued 7 fake numbers on it..why do you expect me to give it to telenor again………

    • so true the cnic copies has put us already in a lot of trouble by the issuance of the sim on behalf of our cnic to other persons …what guarantees that it won’t be misused again..the system should be changed the copies of cnic should be removed only the examination of original cnic should be made compulsory.

  • Hey Aamir,
    I am Sadia, currently studying in SZABIST. I am working on a thesis ‘the impact of social media on conventional PR Practices in Pakistan’. So can you help me in my thesis by filling up a questionnaire?
    Please acknowledge.

  • hmm everyone knows that CNIC is only issued by NADRA i think using the working nadra again n again with CNIC is useless..

  • Not being a pessimist or anything, but I believe this EasyPaisa Money Transfer will not work! WHY? well, the biggest challenge is to convince reatailers to become EasyPaisa member!


    For one simple reason! looking at the current law and order situation of the country! and recession atmosphere! WHY ON EARTH would anyone agree to collect money on Bank’s behalf! and in the day take it to the bank, or even if they have to just keep it until TAMEER BANK rep comes to pick it up, its a RISK!

    XYZ RETAIL SHOP is an easypaisa retailer. Dacoity takes place, who covers the damage? the retailer? or Bank? Insurance Company!!! RIGHT? it’ll be a big hassle still to arrange insurance for so many retailers! and if so, what’s the guarantee that a retailer does not himself arrange a dacoity and takes all the money putting whole loss on Insurer? and then who’d pay the Premium INCASE insurance cover is there?

    DO U really think that for Rs 300/10,000 a retailer would bind his 10,000 for a day? I dont think so!!! this whole idea is made in an airconditioner office with probably some foriegn university graduates who doesn’t know S**T about local scenario!

    I dont mean to scare away people, but since its inception, i was thinkin on these flaws of the system, and unless and until TAMEER BANK or TELENOR address all these issues, i don’t think I’d trust EASY PAISA with my money! not even 10,000Rs!

  • @ Usman

    You should ask an easypaisa shopkeeper this question.

    I mean they said 2500 easypaisa shops when they launched Bills Payments in October and now they say 4000 shop. Are these shops signing up at gunpoint or voluntarily? What is the process?

  • let me share my experience of this service, i live in Islamabad and have a car that is leased by a bank in multan, i need to send installments of around Rs7000 every month to Multan to my relative who then submitt it, i send it through bank draft. I cant send it all the time through the bank that i have account as where i work is far away. Bank takes Rs650 as bank draft charges to process the draft of Rs.7000 whereas through easypaisa Money Transfer i only paid Rs.290 extra

    so all those who are saying that this is expensive should check the rates again.

  • anyways a good service. very user friendly even for illiterate ones. it removed monopolies of banks and their complex system of drafting.

  • I appreciate this service of easy paisa launched by the Telenor Pakistan.


    Rizwan Ahmed

  • sir,
    its very good service plz sen detail in my mobile via SMS 03004949582

  • i am very thankfull the company for this service
    Plz sen all detail in my Email and mobile SMS
    03004949582 Faisal
    Thank you

  • i am very thankfull the company for this service
    Plz sen all detail in my Email and mobile SMS
    03422261514 Masgi
    Thank you

  • money transfer charges are extraordinary high. please do look in the matter. It will definitely enhance ypur business.

  • easy paisa is actually a great blessing for the people.its not a big deal to pay two or three hundred extra coz it is time saving, easily accessable and to me economical as well. in this age every one is so engaged and there was a dire need to launch such a useful service.i appreciate telenor and tameer bank for this speedy and convenient service. thanks

  • good serves but big interest Means there is not geographical restriction as far as within Pakistan. we just need the Terns. ID and Pass, that pretty handy. giving response peoples

  • Bookmarked*** Well! I found it the best Post that I have gone through. This is something really interesting. thanks For Sharing

  • easy paisa have branch here in trece martires cavite city ???wht place here if have easy paisa money transfer here??

  • its too much expensive and located only big market not every where.not good service also

  • well,the video guide is great…i think their official site should buy this from you.gr8 job!

  • krachi se is id card pr 3520112735606 pr 6000 rupee aye thay jo mein ne racieve nahi kiye kisi or ne racieve kr liye hein ye kesy ho skta hai mjhe btaingey plz

  • muje ye pta karna he ke jis shop se pesy transfer ho rahe hn ya jis recive kar rhe hn us ko kitna munafa hota he mujhe shop kholna he

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  • Some sent me money on my NIC details and I want to collect it on my own easypaisa account, How it could be done?

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