Wi-Tribe Promotion Offer – No Activation Fee

Wi-Tribe, a Wimax Broadband Operator, came up with excellent promotion offer for the consumers for limited time only. We have came to know that they have actually waived off Activation Charges on Wi-Tribe Modems and reduced Activation Charges on Wi-Tribe Wi-Fi Modems and Dongles.

Campaign will start today i.e. 20th Nov, 2009 and will end on 31st Dec. 2009.  Additional 2GB volume offered on all packages for 3 months only.


For any more details, dial 111-187-423

  • Umair

    It’s not very “bright” of Wi Tribe to cap Bandwidth when 1 mb Wateen Unlimited is for Rs. 1620/month.

  • wimaxer

    Wateen has waived off activation charges also. Wi-tribe’s tariffs are higher than Wateen. Wateen also offers an unlimited package where there is no limit on downloads unlike Wi-tribe which has limited downloads.

    • Tariq

      Wateen has not Unlimited Pekage
      Its a Virtual Unlimited (Fair Usage Policy Applies)

      • Umair

        Have even read Wateen’s Fair Usage Policy?

        It does NOT cap the bandwidth in any way. It asks the user not to violate PTA’s regulations, which don’t talk about bandwidth limitations. PTA regulations does not allow reselling or commercial use of bandwidth. That’s it!

        Have look at it here

        That’s fair usage policy. I have averaged 30 GB/month for the last three month and they have not been bothered by them.

        It’s disappointing when people don’t get their facts right.

        • Umair

          Sorry for the English Mistakes. Atta, please let the commenter edit their OWN comments.

          • I have edited your comment – right now, there is no option to update/edit comments, let’s wait for the feature to come.

  • eAhmadNawaz

    monthly charges must be reduced… :-)

  • Fakhre Alam

    Good offer but still too expensive as compared to ptcl.

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Nice offer but they should uplift the Volume limitation, At least for 256Kbps Connections :D

  • Taha

    Qubee is much better then wi-tribe.. Wi-tribe dont have an option on web to check account how much volume used..Qubee having a great customer support…Qubee RockS.

    • AD

      I want to tell you that yesterday wi-tribe launch this service to check how much volume used? PEHLE JAANO PHIR BOLA KARO. because wi-tribe is best…

      [Comment Edited]

    • Usama

      wrong u can check that how much have consumed volume in witribe from ur account!!!!!!

  • Tariq

    Witribe also starts My Account Menu From Yesterday That is 19/11/2009.
    WiTribe send email only to its Account Holders.
    The Link of My Account Menu is not available on the site.
    & Not Access Able from another Internet connection.

  • Ahmad

    For Aamir Atta Bhai
    Who is best broadband service provider in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore, connection quality wise. I desperately awaiting a comprehensive post on this topic since long.

  • Taha

    witribe and wateen even dont have signals in sum places of karachi…Qubee Rocks…

    • AD

      Wi-Tribe have great coverage area better than WATEEN AND QUBEE. Just shut up.

  • Muhammad Ali

    plz tell which usb net company is better… worldcall??

  • m.h

    qubee is a very good internet service provider. i am a customer of qubee and till now i am very happy from their service

  • Taha

    Wi tribe is now cheap net packages i admit now on as 7gb on rs 750.

  • Majeed

    7gb jo hai wo sirf 2,3 mahenay k liye hai,warna asal mai 5gb he ab tak offer ker raha hai..coverage ache karain ye loag to baat hai wi tribe ki,customer support bhe bekar hai wi tribe ki..

  • Amir

    Wi Tribe is good for browsing and Video Chat, but sux for Gaming, really!

  • ahmad huseen

    plese lanch in kohat