Easy Internet Shopping with UBL Wiz Teen Prepaid Card

image006We have discussed before on how UBL WIZ card is an easy way of doing online transactions. Good thing about UBL WIZ card is that you don’t need to have a bank account, rather anyone can simply walk in to selected branches in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan and ask for a UBL Wiz Card (Don’t forget to take your original ID card with you).

UBL had been offering internet shopping with WIZ cards but that came with a fee of Rs. 100 per 24 hours session, after which session expiry (of 24 hours) you had to re-activate the card with additional fee .

Here is the solution, this UBL Wiz Teen card comes without any activation fee or the session limitation, it comes with

  • No session charges
  • Session Activation not required

So you just need to get a UBL Wiz Teen card and start using it on internet, maybe for buying a web hosting plan or a gift for your friends.

UBL_Wiz_TeenOne may think that that this limit of Rs. 10,000 per day is too less, for those who want to spend more than 130$ a day – but let’s start with this, because with time we hope this limit will get increased.

It merits mentioning here that UBL Wiz Teen card come with similar attributes of other Wiz Cards, meaning that you can withdraw cash from ATMs, reload card from UBL branches and so on.

So go for UBL WiZ Teen Internet Card to enjoy all this. Here is a list of other UBL Wiz Card with their details

All other UBL Wiz Cards (Ladies, Teen and Travelers) are still going to cut the session charges. Only UBL Wiz Teen Internet becomes with the said facility.

For more information call: 111-825-888

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Nauman

    good to se Pakistan is also adopting the trend of Prepaid Cards, In company 9www.i2cinc.com) where I am working right now is engage in Prepaid processing and in Europe people dont like to keep money in thr pockets they prefer to have a prepaid card. and there is huge market of prepaid cards… finally its good to see that some one from pakistan has adopted the new trend like UBL, and Chenone offering giftcards.

  • Sumair

    hi Aamir Bhai! I have two questions regarding UBL Teen Wiz Card.

    1. What is the initial amount required to get this card?

    2. What is the “LOWEST” amount to recharge this card??

    Please answer them!

    • You will have to pay Rs. 616 at time of getting the card
      Rs. 500 as initial balance in card and Rs. 116 as one time fee.

      You can reload multiples of Rs. 500 (500,1000, 1500 and so on)

      • Haris

        UBL’s Best Product To Date !!

  • omerfarooq

    If you want more limit then go for “UBL WIZ LADIES CARD” OR “UBL WOZ TRAVELLERS CARD”.
    They have more limit.

    • but there are session charges with Wiz Ladies & Travelers

      • Rutaba Niazi

        is it also available in multan??

  • Yasir

    Can we make payments in £ and $ using wiz teen ?

    Like on ebay, etc

    • yes – you can pay in dollars, euros anywhere on internet, i.e. ebay amazon etc..!

      • amir bro just tell me about this card i want to get this card and my budget is 5000pkr so can i get this card just having 5000pkr in it

      • but ebay only requires paypal and not wiz card. How can we load ubl wiz card on ebay?

  • Nouman

    are we required to activate shopping sessions in TEEN card also?

    • bahi upper likha howa hay – its pre-activated

  • Nouman

    thanks man :P

  • imi

    amir is it available in peshawar?

    • i think it is available in all big cities.

  • malik

    aamir bhai i have tried ubl wiz teen prepaid card but transaction failed, when contacted ubl they said they transaction was declined as i haven’t requested for session activation to ubl.

    im using ubl teen wiz card from almost 6 months and every time i call ubl to activate session for me.

  • njm

    good one to know, few more questions (and advance apologies if ooper likha howa hay to :p)

    1-How many cards can be issued per NIC ?
    2-does the activation charges of Rs.116 same on all cards?
    3-Any fee for reloading / depositing the card?
    4-validity / expiry of card ? (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 years?)
    5-what if it’s stolen?(duplicate card charges?) and what about the number of duplicate card (would it be same as previous ones or different? )

    • Nouman

      1. Three (3) cards per NIC (1 from each category i.e, ladies, 1 traveller and 1 teen)

      2. Yeah, same charges BUT if initial amount is 10,000 or more, there won’t be any activation charges

      3. No fee on reloading card


  • Nouman

    1. Three (3) cards per NIC (1 from each category i.e, ladies, 1 traveller and 1 teen)

    2. Yeah, same charges BUT if initial amount is 10,000 or more, there won’t be any activation charges

    3. No fee on reloading card

    4. Valid for 3 years

    5. There ain’t any duplicate card, you ‘ll have to buy new card, you can block the stolen card immediately by calling 111-825-888 BUY you can transfer the balance in the stolen card to the new card by requesting in the branch from which your stolen card had been issued.

  • asad

    yaar kia hum is card se dish tv ko payment kar sakte he.

  • anila aslam

    i have made account for UBL Wallet But haven’t received my Debit Card yet it has been 3 weeks now.

    And one more thing:

    I have $400 USD in my PayPal account. its regional country is India, so its “PayPal India”. is their a way of taking out my money from it??

    it has been stuck in PayPal for last 3 years now.
    Please help if you can.

    • AOA Anila,
      Kiya apkay pesay abi tak atkay hoye han, ager han to me apko pak rupies me pesay ofer kersakta hn or apko mujay wo $300 dany hongay, I am from pakitan too.

      Ager apko manzoor hay to oper metnion site k trough mujay contact kar sakti ho ya is message per reply karo me contact email day donga. Thanks

  • Sherjeel Ahmed

    @Anila Aslam
    Are you a verified PayPal account holder?

    If you have an honest and trustworthy friend/relative in any PayPal supported country, only he/she can help you out in this situation. You simply need to transfer your money to his/her PayPal account.

    If PayPal had been in Pakistan, it would have been much easier to transfer your money to your Pakistani PayPal account. Alas! we are not going to see PayPal in Pakistan even in far future due to severe economic crisis.

    Also be careful of scams where someone offers you to transfer money to his/her PayPal account first and then he/she will send the money to you later.

    There are also so many so-called exchangers which transfer your money from one money processor to other. Beaware that they are illegal; neither PayPal nor AlertPay permits it. Here in Pakistan, a lot of people already scammed by them when they tried to transfer money from PayPal to AlertPay and never got their money in their AlertPay account.

  • anila aslam

    @ Sherjeel Ahmed

    thankx for informing but, i send or withdraw money.

    i need an Indian bank account. when it links with an Indian bank account only then money can be transferred or withdrawn.

    any help on this?

    • Just read your problem right now, if your problem is still not resolved contact me personaly, I will try to help you out. you can have my email address by visiting the websiting / clicking on my name here on this comment.

  • Bilal Naeem

    I`m using “UBL Wiz Traveler” They are not giving this offer on traveler…. They should offer this for all type of cards

  • Haseeb

    yaar tell me what is the difference b/w wiz traveler n wiz teen internet i mean both of them sounds same at features?
    n wiz teen internet kab launch hua koi add bhe nai challi?

  • bruce

    Wow! i am about to get my wiz card tomorrow..

  • Taimur

    Allah karay ab jaldi say sab cities main aa jaya :( its available in 3 or 4 cities only…

  • SalmanAbbas007

    hmm i am getting a Payoneer card instead.
    This card is of nouse with tons of limits and also cant expect much from a pakistani bank.

  • Abdul Majeed

    I was fascinated upon reading abt UBL wiz teen internet card on propakistani.I went to a branch and asked to get one..they gave me a form for wiz teen prepaid VISA card..long story short, i had the card activated and running within a week..it was when i called to get a session activation that i was informed that I got the WRONG card..so i advise all people seeking UBL wiz TEEN INTERNET card to ASK for it from the branch..many employees didn’t even know that it existed and confused it with ACCA card…

  • Abdul Majeed

    I got the “correct” UBL win teen internet card last week but after 7 days(thats 4 and a half business days)my card hasn’t been activated..thats not good as they promise to activate the cards after 2 business days..

  • Abdul Majeed

    My card was activated today(13 days after purchase) and it works..!!! thank u propakistani for giving me the useful info..

  • Nadeem

    For online transaction:
    Which name i have to write?(card name, or my name)
    What will be the expiry date? (mentioned on card, or 3 year later from date of purchase)
    Unfortunately ubl help line staff and bank staff is not cleared about it.

  • Ch

    I want to transfer money from my google adsense account to My UBL Wiz internet card.i have also a ubl current account.can i do it without any charges or with chanrges??? Please Reply if anyone knows…..

  • waheed

    I want to transfer money from my google adsense account to My UBL Wiz internet card.Please Reply

  • Faizan haroon

    wht rubbish!! im dieing to get one wiz card but i think its just a fuzz.. im from karachi.. nd went to ubl garden branch but they said that this card is not available at a movement.. i ask him that when will they have it.. they said tht they dont knw.. then at a same day.. i went to another online branch nd it was at tariq road near norani kabab house,, then they said that this is out of stock..then I call ubl nd told him the story.. nd he said that i should visit to the branch which is located in tariq road at liberty chawk.. today i went their but they also said that it is out of stock…:( can anyone help me??

  • UBL WIZ Card, a Horrible & Terrific Experience
    What I gone through was shocking & with every passing moment it converted into a terrific experience.
    Story started a Year & a Half back. I came to know that UBL is offering Wiz Card for Online Shopping.
    I went to the nearest branch & after being ensured that it could be used for Online Shopping, I fulfilled the requirements & got my card. I was happy to have that. After 4-5 days, when I tried to use that Card Online, Bang…. my palace of expectations come down to the earth because I was unable to use it online.
    “You must call the helpline to get it activated” was the answer to my question. “But, I filled out the form as per requirement at the branch” I insisted. “What I can do Sir, Its not my fault” was the answer again. I called the helpline for 2-3 times, but I wasn’t guided properly. I thought it to “Matti Pao” (damn it) and started the required purchasing (of domains & hostings etc) through a Pakistani Company.
    I almost forgot the stupidity & non-professionalism of the UBL staff, management & helpline, but …. !
    Now, after Year & half, I gone through a deal on internet, where I can buy domains on 50% sale within a week. All the dreams & expectations awoke at once & once again I decided to get my UBL Wiz Card activated.
    I visited the UBL Main Market Branch, after a wait of 20 mins in queue, I was told “Visit the Liberty Branch if you want to deposit amount in your wiz card”. “Why” I asked but the answer was “Next, please”.
    I drove to UBL Liberty market branch, got the token & after a wait of 40 minutes, I was successful in depositing money in my wiz card. I asked the Teller how I can activate it for online shopping. “Online Shopping….hmm….seems good….hmm…activation….I don’t know” he answered. “Why? You are sitting in the bank, man” I asked but I was astonished to hear his next answer “I have never used Wiz Card. How can I tell you?” Instead he asked me. “You can call on helpline” another genius answer was granted. What else I could have said despite “OK”.
    I called the helpline, 021-111-825-888. They told me the you have to fill a simple form & facility is Online. I was again about to be happy, but again…..! Now see, what this Online means :-
    • Download the request Form
    • Print it
    • Fill it by hand
    • Scan it
    • Email the request form OR Fax it
    Now if this is Online, than we need to change the meaning of Online. (Come on MIS Manager UBL, For God Sake, You can make this form Truly Online in 1 hour. Visitor Comes to site, fill the form & you’ll get the details in DB in 10 sec)
    Also, if one needs to shop online, he/she has to call the helpline, they would take full time verifications, and then activate your session. Each online shopping event would cost you typical sort of Call-wait-approval-shop sort of thing.
    I googled a bit and came to know that there is another product of UBL, i.e. WIZ Internet Card. Once again I decided to “Matti Pao” (damn it) the previous & start once again.
    16-5-2012, a bright sunny day. In the way to my office, I stopped by UBL Garden Town Branch, bank staff was around 15 minutes late. I asked the person sitting behind the table that I need UBL Wiz Internet Card.
    Astonishingly, he started starring me, very soon composing himself he asked his colleague about the Wiz Card. Busy in the files, she didn’t even bother to lift her face from files and an intelligent answer was given “We Dont Have”. “Great” I continued “Where could I get it ?”. “You may try any other branch”. Remember, it was UBL Garden Town Branch. I was astonished by their non professional attitude, but I didn’t knew that This was just the beginning.
    I drove to Liberty Branch, Teller treated & answered the same “Try some other branch”. “Can you please confirm via helpline or any centralized system, where exactly can I get this card ?” I asked but the answer was brilliant with taunting smile “We dont have Satellite, so that we could track where the cards are”. “Bravo” was my answer. Remember this was UBL Liberty Market Branch.
    I moved to Main Market branch. After entering the branch & spotting the teller, keeping in mind what could be the answer, I asked “You must not have UBL WIZ Card”. “Yes, you are right” Teller proudly answered. “Where is the next branch ?” I asked and before his answer I continued “else than the Garden Town & Liberty Branch”. “Jail Road branch near Kinniard College” was the answer. So this was UBL Main Market Branch.
    With lot of hope I drove to Jail Road Branch. “Stock is finished” was the first answer to my question. “Any other branch please ?” I asked. “No, because all the cards came here to be made. I process them & issue afterwards”. The lady was if doing any Ehsaan on me. “We have just 2-3 Cards, and that too are for ACCA Students”, she continued.
    I was so fedup with the service, still I asked her, “OK, if the stock is finished, I understand. There could be lot of issues, no problem. But can you please arrange me a call back or give me some contact number, any email adress, through which I could come to know when cards are available without visiting your branch again.”
    “You should have taken the contact number of liberty branch” she read me my charge sheet. “The customer services there is as great as here is” was my answer. However, she wrote me a contact number on a piece of paper.
    What I gone through was literally shocking & with every passing moment, as you’ve read, it became a terrific experience.
    I came to my office and decided to write this all story down.
    I would like to ask some questions from the MIS/Operations Manager of UBL, please :-
    1. Do you have any idea, how many thousands of people use Online Shopping via internet, and how many millions are still looking forward for it.? If you have designed a product, why aren’t you guys serious in selling it ?
    2. Cant this process of issuing card made easy for citizens, including this so called Online process ?
    3. Credit Cards are made & delivered at door step of customers, and for UBL WIZ Card, customers are treated this way. Is this fair ?
    4. Can’t an online CRM/ERP could be made to atleast inform the customers, where & when they could get the card ?
    Also some questions from Manager Customer Services, please :-
    1. With all due respect, have you ever conducted any Customer Services workshop/session with your employees?
    2. Do you value your walk in customers a single bit even ?
    3. What would you feel, if you are treated like this ?
    The way you people treat customers is worse than an illetrate “Rafeeq or Bashir” runs a Pan shop, for God Sake !
    I would also like to request the senior management to please Start Tracking down how many requests were received for WIZ Cards, how many of them were entertained, how much more production is needed.
    And also please, consult some good company & get your Tellers trained in basic customer services at least !

  • Umair sario

    Amir Bhai.. i have used this card on Forex Trading Site.. can i withdraw funds back to this card? ?? ?? ? ?

  • hamza

    can we use this card for ebay and amazon?????