Politics Reaches Facebook Ads Too


Surfing across Facebook and browsing videos, I had my utter sheer of disappointment when I found one Facebook ad of someone condemning some government agency for some deed. Well, it’s not that I belong to that group that I was disappointed but it’s the nature of the ad that made me feel bad.

Facebook gave this option to users to let people know about the products and business that they are having. But thanks to our narrow mindedness, we only focus on blaming and using web for political massacre of the opponents.

If you really read what’s written on the wall of Facebook Advertising, you won’t go with such kind of ad but alas we only go for what we think is right!!

The wall clearly says “Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business”. Folks, come on. It’s plain and simple English. If the creator of the ad didn’t know the exact meaning, then let us know in comments and we will try our level best to explain.

Truth is, it’s really disappointing. Isn’t it?