Jazz International Call Discount Offer

Mobilink announces special prices for selected countries, which are as low as Rs. 1.36 per minute against a weekly subscription charge of Rs. 10 per country.

Meaning that if you subscribe for one country, then you can call Rs. 1.36 per minute to that specific country for one week.

Customers will have to subscribe to their desired destination once a week. One time Subscription Fee will be charged at the time of Subscription. Subscription Validity period will be 7 days. User can opt for maximum of 9 destinations at one time (separate fee per destination will be charged).

* For Canada and USA (L+M) the subscription charges have been doubled since 2 destinations get opened through the country code of 1.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe?

For subscription you have to type the name of the country and send an SMS to 424.Once the SMS is sent, a USSD string will be sent back to the you for further subscription for a particular country. you will dial the USSD string on mobile screen and press send to avail the discounted rate for that country.


You type ‘UK’ and sends it to SMS short code 424. You will get a message like, Type *104*1*44*01# & press send to avail this offer for UK (Landline)

To Un-Subscribe from a particular country, you have to type the following USSD string and press send
* 104*4*<<xxxxx>>*<<yy>>#
xxxxx: Complete country code (can be of any number of digits)
yy: Can be any of the values:  (01:Landline      02:Mobile     03: Landline Mobile)


  • Charging pulse for all calls is 60 seconds
  • The above discounted rates are not applicable for users on international roaming.
  • Max 9 countries can be selected at one time, with multipl subscription fee deductions for different destinations
  • In case of multiple selections, the validity of previously selected destination will remain intact
  • Weekly subscription charges: Rs. 10 per country
  • Combined charges for USA and Canada: Rs. 20 per week
  • 19.5% Federal Excise Duty applies on usage and 10% Government Tax applies on recharge
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Limited time offer only