Setting Up Call Center for Large Sized Businesses

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We earlier briefed some tactics about setting up call center solutions for small and then midsized businesses. Today, we will continue our discussion to find out service providers (vendors), which can help us set up large scaled call center solution, scalable to thousands of calling agents, spread across the globe.

First, let me mention you, there are two types of solutions for large scale businesses,

  • Hosted Call center Solution
  • Premises Call Center Solution

As their name describes, a hosted solution is usually a web based interface, provided by call center application provider. Your call center agents are simply supposed to have an internet connection plus mic and headphone, and they are done. In this formation, agents can work from anywhere in the world to serve your company.

In premises bases application, service provider will install you a system on your local computers, and no internet will be required as far as accessing the system is concerned.

Just another point that should be cleared here – If you want to setup this call center to serve western audience, then there is no problem. Service providers will setup trunk lines for you to keep it going. However, if you are setting up this call center for Pakistani audience, then you will have to check with the vendors if they can get the application working with Pakistani carriers or not.

We are providing you a list here, with comprehensive comparison of world’s most reliable call center solution providers.

We have given an estimated cost, which may vary than the actual one, but as you see, contact numbers and contact emails are there. Communicate with them to get the lowest possible quote.

As said earlier, this list contains top of the rank solution provider and their solutions are quite sophisticated, hence spare high budgets for the project if you go with any of these. Budget may range from 50$ per agent per month to 100,000 dollars for setup.

Download Comparison chart here

In next phase, we will dig out how to get call center business from local and international markets.

We welcome any input from experts, and invite you to spread the knowledge you have gained through years if experience.

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