Google Mobile Maps Now Give Turn by Turn Directions for Pakistan

We have covered before how Google Maps works, and then also reviewed when Google Maps started giving driving directions for Pakistani audience.

Now, widely considered as a big breakthrough, Google Mobile Maps also offer Turn by Turn navigation directions for Pakistan.

Google Mobile Maps are community driven maps, through Google Map Maker. We know that Pakistan netizens posted more localized information and data to the Google’s ‘map maker’ than the web users of any of the 160 countries which are using the leading internet search engine’s experiment.

How to get Turn by Turn Navigation Direction on Google Maps

You need to have Google Mobile maps installed and working on your mobile phone. (Be informed that GPRS data transfer charges may apply).

Download Google Maps for your Mobile device from here

Install application and simple open Google Mobile Maps, from menu, select “Get Directions”

Here you need to select

  • Start Point
  • End Point
  • Travel by (Car, Public Transit or Walking)

Hit the search button – If found, you will get a detailed suggested path as a result of your query and enjoy the turn by turn directions on your mobile devices.

Paid mobile navigation service providers must be worried with Google’s this move.

Post via Basitj’s Blog

Screenshots Via Saad Hamid

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Its just Bullshit , Garmin Mobile XT is far better than this one

    because Google has to load images of map from internet whereas Garmin already has image file in the memory card , so Go for Garmin Mobile Xt on Symbian handsets

  • what ever the service is (i know its cool) but who will guarantee it will not be abused or used by terrorist … why we wont think that how come Pakistan has more data on google maps than any other country? who is uploading? and for what ambition? i think we should codemn on this and ask the government to put a check on it…

    i hope you all understand what i want to say ….

    • To kya tum moot ky khuf say jeena chur do gy…….
      geo aur jeenay do….
      if u r not interested dont use…….
      make life simple

    • mmm lets block internet and mobile phone service as well…people with bad intentions can benefit from this :(

  • I wish I never bought Garmin gps nav. for my car
    :( Could have a waited a bit longer and make travel plans for free through this ultra awesome serivce

  • originative
    dont worry they dont need google to hit.
    these bloody terrorist are among us. they know all the routs more than we know.
    government is fail.
    ALLAH help our nation.

  • Its a great service.
    Does it work on nokia 5530 ?
    Will this service work in Bahawalpur ?
    I am using Ufone pre paid connection will anyone plz tell me what are the monthly charges for getting unlimited gprs package and also if i converted my post paid then what will be the unlimited gprs charges ?


    • No, for Nokia 5530 u hv only 1 option OVI Maps, see nokia site for further details but unfortunatly they don’t hv maps for Pakistan.

  • AOA All ,

    It is good and also bad .

    Good in the sense of navigation at our hand but on the other hand , i feel that one day our communications will not be safe .

    Today i they are accessing us thru google maps then tomorrow they wil be having the access to our personal data and information which is the only right of the security agencies of this land .

    In other words , the foriegn intelligence agencies will be having the access to our personalised information and our locations , even our homes addresses .

    • No tomorrow any more they are doing it right now, and the irony is this we gave them all the information they want, Using Facebook,twitter and many such sites

      Now they can track all are activities by providing easy to use authentication services like the one you see here “f Connect ” button ….

      its already too late the only i think we can do is to avoid these services …

      i know its difficult but not impossible

  • i think in 5530 u can easily use google map but u have to activate gprs or adge plan because it use ur gprs or edge to determine ur location

    • I also think that we can use nokia maps on nokia 5530.

      Will this service work in Bahawalpur ?

      I am using Ufone pre paid connection will anyone plz tell me what are the monthly charges for getting unlimited gprs package and also if i converted my pre paid to post paid then what will be the unlimited gprs charges ?

      Also which company gprs is fast and cheap ?

  • great news.
    If we had name our streets properly, navigation would be so much easier. We should all contribute to naming our streets on google maps or better on Open Street Maps (because its not copytighted)

  • I have a BlackBerry which I normally use but GPRS on it is very expensive. I have another set Nokia 6288. Will Google Map reasonably work on it ?

  • Terrific … Mind blowing … Great
    I’ve neva seen such accurate mapping of Karachi, The New Google Map izZ the Best!

  • Just a correction.

    you wrote:
    “We have covered before how Google Maps works, and then also reviewed when Google Maps ‘started giving driving directions for Pakistani audience’.”

    Directions/turn by turn directions is the same thing. When you covered google maps back in April 09 directions HAD NOT BEEN enabled as yet but your post from that time said that it did.

    Directions turn by turn were enabled in the first week of Jan 2010 and not earlier. Before that you could only search for places etc.

    This was you earlier article:

    and it says ” Detailed directional path from one place to another”.

    As i explained above it was not the case back then.

    Had directions been enabled back then, this new post of yours would have been redundant!

    For all others,

    Directions work in ALL cities and towns of Pakistan.
    If you think your town/city/village/locality/mohalla is not properly mapped and has bad directions and lacks other information, you can directly go to Google MapMaker and help improve the maps!

    • momers, earlier, as i said what we covered was directions from Google Maps – but that was PC/laptop browser bases navigation. Now it is Mobile Maps navigation… hope its clear

      • No difference Aamir, directions became available on both PC/Desktop and the Mobile Maps in the first week of Jan 2010. They were not enabled for either of the platforms prior to that. Directions for PC/Browser and Mobile maps use the same basic maps data and hence you cant have it on one and not the other. Either its on both or its not available on either. Simple.

        The official Google Announcement is here:

          • It never gave directions! Thats what im telling you!

            Can you give an example of it doing so back in April 09? I don’t think you will be able to find any!

            Only Google MapMaker used to give directions prior to this because Google MapMaker is the site where all the map data is being added. It also acts as the testing ground for directions and other features.
            So it is impossible that you would have been able to find driving directions IN PAKISTAN, ON GOOGLE MAPS AND MOBILE MAPS before Jan 2010.

  • thanks for updating us for this great news my question is that weather am i be to use default google maps application in some smart phones eg nexus one and some htc mobile phones ?

  • hello, yeah this is very good software i personally used on my i phone . you must try this thanks.

  • Hi,

    It is good software but still didnt cover all cities of Pakistan.We hope that Google will upload other maps also.

  • slaam all broo… keese hain sab plz koi mere help kr sakta hy … mere pass nokia simbian set hy 6630 koi mjhy bta sakta hy k mn es softwre ko kese instal karoon or kese use karoon plz………..thnx to all aslaam-o-alikum

  • navigation feature still doesnt work , does anyone know how to make it work , later versions of google maps do hv navigation features for worldwide countries but i cant get it installed on my galaxy y can anyone help me

  • close